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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking to buy Honda Accord 2010 LX-P in Cincinnati area. The best price I got till now is 19,600 + 710(dest fee)+250(doc fee)+33.50(title) + TAX. Is this a good price? I am not sure what rebates you are mentioning above. Are there any valid rebates that we can use currently?
  • ^ accord-lxp fan

    Are you a current Honda owner?

    If yes, I am pretty sure that 19,600 includes $900 dealer cash and $900 Honda Loyalty incentive that is good until Jan 30, 2010.

    Using Edmunds invoice price of $21,437 (standard Accord LX-P auto without any options), you are getting approximately $37 discount from the invoice price, before any rebates.

    Invoice: $21,437
    Dealer discount: -$37

    Net before rebate: $21,400

    Rebate (Honda to dealer): -$900
    Rebate (Honda to consumer for current Honda owners): -$900

    Net after rebate: $19,600 (+ dest + doc fee + tax + title)

    I am not sure what the market looks like in OH, but if I can get a $500 discount in a busy metro area where Honda is extremely popular, I am going to guess and recommend that you try to get a greater discount (and also let other dealers compete with each other)

    Also, doc fee is nothing more than pure profit to the dealer. I would try to knock it down to $100-125 or so.

    Good luck
  • 21,437 already includes destination price for LXP AUTO so 19,600 should be including destination.

    19,600 plus doc fee plus tax plus title should be the right quote and based on market and stock you should be able to get some more discount.

    edmunds true market value itself is about $250 below invoice plus 1800 rebate for honda owner so $19,300 to 19,400 should be a good price before tax tag and title.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    Suppose I get an accord for 21.5k and my trade-in is worth 2.5k, do I need to pay tax on 21.5k or 19k?
  • jimex10jimex10 Posts: 14
    Just bought a 2010 EXL Coupe from Boch Honda - Norwood, MA. They are very motivated. Here's the scoop.
    MSRP - $27,590.00
    Less all rebates, discounts - $4,766.00
    Price of unit - $22,824.00

    Plus they gave me $9,000 for my trade: 2005 Accord EX, I4, Auto, sedan with 124,000 miles on it. (Edmunds says it's worth around $8k).

    Net price - $13,824.00

    The whole buying process took 2 hours...I'm really happy!!
  • jimex10jimex10 Posts: 14
    Depending on your state, but you usually pay tax on the net price...or the 19k
  • I was quoted the following from a local dealer:

    2009 Accord LX $18,158
    2009 Accord LX-P $19,062

    2010 Accord LX $19033
    2010 Accord LX-P $20837

    Seems to be about a $1200 markup on the 2010 LX-P, but only $300 on the LX ???
  • Hello...
    I am extremely interested in this thread, as I also live in the Cincinnati area, and will be taking the plunge next week to negotiate a price on a Honda Accord XL-P. I have decided to buy this model or perhaps the EX. I am presently involved in arranging finances and deciding on the right color....To say the least, your posts and the great responses to them have been very helpful in relieving some of my anxiety (I haven't negotiated for a new car in over 14 years) as well as providing me with practical and useful information....It sounds like you are probably about a week ahead of me in your quest...I wish to now thank you, and the other contributing posters. I will continue to monitor your progess, and hopefully be able to contribute information in the future.....Thanks again.
  • Depending on your state, but you usually pay tax on the net price...or the 19k

    unfortunately, in Ohio they changed that law. You pay taxes on the negotiated price of the car before trade in :cry:
  • kk26kk26 Posts: 8
    Has anyone used a Texas voucher from aircheck to purchase a 2009 or 2010 Honda accord V6 EX-L? The dealerships are saying that the car is not on the qualified list of vehicles which can be purchased with the voucher. I know that the car bought with it can only be max 25000 incl destination but b4 tax n title....but I had a dealer who was willing to make it work..but then someone else there said the car doesn't qualify.

    Please let me know if anyone has used the voucher or have any more info....thanks!!!
  • Hi all

    Who is eligible to get $900 Honda Loyalty incentive ?. I heared this program started on jan 22 and ending on jan 30.
    I have honda civic 98, but , I am a 2nd owner and not taken any finance from honda before.I bought another car honda accord lx 2010 on the road for 20600(include all), but not sure still am I eligible to get another 900 dollars because having another honda civiv car.

    Please advise.
  • Hello Folks-

    From what I was told, "Honda Owner Loyalty Program" applies to any existing Honda owners (doesn't matter if you are the original owner or someone who bought a used one) as long as you can produce the current vehicle registration card along with proof of auto insurance. To qualify for the extra incentive, you must purchase an in-stock 2009 or 2010 Accord or Civic.

    For example, if the vehicle has a $900 Honda to Dealer incentive, you qualify to receive another $900 (Honda to consumer) incentive.

    If you happen to find a 2009 Accord/Civic, note that some models have as much as $1500 Honda to Dealer incentive, which means you qualify to receive another $1500 (Honda to consumer) incentive.

    If you are in a market for Honda and if you currently own one, you may want to move up your purchase date before January 2010 is over.

    Hope this helps someone....
  • i m getting a quote of $20045 + other standard charges for accord 2010 ex. is this a good price?
    also is $2500 extra money really worth over base lx model? i dont see substantial differences between these two..
    appreciate any feedback.. thanks
  • There are lot of difference between LX and EX which might be useful or wasteful at the same time based on what you are looking for.

    the main features of EX is that it comes with 191 hp 4 cylinder instead of 177 hp (LX and LXP) and a moonroof and 6 cd changer, 17 inch alloy wheel, heated outside mirror.
    mainly if moonroof and 6 cd changer is not something you want then LXP will be a better choice than EX.
    my other honda has 6 cd changer but does not play mp3 cds nor it has auxilary input for ipod .
    Nowdays all LX, LXP or EX comes with auxillary input so 6 cd changer is not that useful if you use ipod for your music.
    just my thoughts as I am in the same boat like you and trying to decide on the TRIM.

    LXP is well equipped with useful features compare to LX like 16 inch alloy wheel, power seat, security system and is about $1000 expensive then LX.
    Those features in LXP are worth spending another 800 to 1000 dollar in my opinion.

    does your price quote of 20,045 include destination charges of $710?
    which area you got the quote? thanks
  • I got this quote from one of the dealer in NJ.. And no, it does not include the dest. charge, title fees, taxes and few other minor charges..
    It does include the loyalty cash discount as I currently own civic lx.
    You are right about 6cd changer.. i am not a big fan of that either..
    but do you think 20045 is a good price for EX model? if you dont mind me asking, what price quote are you getting for any of the trims?
  • If you can get EX auto 4 cylinder for 20,755 (including destination and all other minor charges ) plus tax tag and title, i think it is a good deal. you can try for another 100 to 200 less but even this is good.
    I have got a quote of 200 higher than yours plus i am still not decided between accord and altima.
    did you got a quote on LXP auto accord ? let me know how much it is?
  • Hi everyone, just wondering if this is a decent deal on a EX-L V6 Sedan in Southern New Jersey

    2010 Accord Sedan EX-L V6 with Navi

    sticker price: $32,000 and some change

    the deal offered in the email:

    $30,560 with all dealer fees, plates, registration and 7% NJ Sales Tax

    subtracting the Tax ($1908), Tags ($300), Fees ($700), Misc. ($150)

    price of the car: $27,270

    good deal or should i wait? Thanks.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    21500 + tax +title +doc = 24022.
    plus security alarm = 450.

    from South bay Honda Milpitas, CA.
    They got it from another dealer, whom I offered the same price but was rejected.
    This looks like rare color, only few dealers in the entire bay area, had for EX model.
  • plus security alarm = 450. ????

    what kind of security alarm. all accords except LX trim already comes with factory installed security alarm and engine immobolizer. it is not an option, it is a standard feature with EX trim.

    so what did the dealer charged you 450 dollars for?
  • Is $16936 a good price for 2010 Honda Accord LX + other applicable charges (dest., title, tax and couple of minor charges)
    And they offer lifetime free oil change + inside out car wash

    What do you guys think?
  • Is it auto?

    I only got invoice-$2000. 17824 + destination($710) + TTL..

    Can I know where are you?
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    please check post 24568. I am talking about this one.
  • has anyone seen any accord crosstour pricing yet? lots of debate over the asthetics, but the vehicle might fit our needs. one problem though--it seems wildly overpriced relative to the sedans...
  • bought accord lx sedan auto from princeton honda, nj for 17700 + 710 + 198 + 7% tax
    financed the vehicle for 4.79% for 60 months
    good luck all!
  • mtx32mtx32 Posts: 1
    Guys- the dealers in my area are quoting me 18,800 + TTL + accessories for a 2010 accord LX (auto). This already includes the customer loyalty rebate.

    Any good? or can I do better?
  • Is Royal Pearl Blue a hard color to find for the Accord LX-P ? I haven't seen one on the local dealer inventory websites. Wondering if they'd try to charge me a premium, and if so, is this legitamite, or will they simply find one and truck it in, covered by the destination fee. Thanks.
  • Contacted three dealers and found the best prices offered (including Honda Loyalty discounts):
    1. Dealer 1 (O'Daniel) - $23,828 + TTL
    2. Dealer 2 (Superior) - $24,000 + TTL but includes splash guards (~$90)
    Dealer 3 (Bellevue) says that he'll beat any price we bring from the other two dealerships by at least a couple of hundred dollars.

    I'm in a fix as to what to do...should I go to Dealer 3 and try to get the car for say $23,600 + TTL and be happy, or is there more room for negotiation?

    I haven't seen too many quotes for EX-L's in this forum. We are leaning for the EX-L since it has lumbar support (for my sensitive back) and bluetooth. Please advise.
  • Honda is offering leases on EX's at $219/month with a $2,599 capitalized cost reduction. I know "regular" leases are negotiable but I don't know if these special lease deals from the manufacturer are also negotiable. Could the $2,599 be negotiated down?
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 146
    I had heard there may be better deals in Feb & March. The Honda website shows a sign & drive on an EXL 4WD w/Out Nav for $429 + tax and the other associated fees.

    Seems like the 2WD version should be worth $1,000 - $1,500 more than the Sedan but thats about it. While the sheet metal might be a big different, the core of the car is still an Accord.

    BTW: also heard Pilot programs will improve in Feb Mar too.

    I asked the dealer if Honda only wanted them to sell / lease Crosstours at sticker price now and he kind of danced around the question. Now that you are seeing a few TV ads for it, perhaps they will loosen up a bit. '09 was a poor year for Honda and Jan in the auto business tends to be slow.
  • Hello,
    I just purchased a new Sedan EX-L for 22,800 Including destination of 710.00. We had a 93 trade that was worth 400.00 and they gave us 1,000.00. Our total was 21,800 plus tax of 1308.00 and fees for 412.00. We bought in NJ, total out the door for the EX-L was 23,512.20. I paid cash. You can do better than the 23,600.
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