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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • scottrlscottrl Posts: 15
    Hi Deli1. Your lowest quote for 22,167 is that for an EXL-V6 sedan or couple? NAV or no-NAV? Thanks.
  • deli1deli1 Posts: 4
    It's for a sedan EX-L V6 w/o navi. I was mistaken on the quote, when I add dest charge, it is $22,762.

    Norm Reeves got back to me with $22,600, incl dest charge, just as the other poster received.

    Looks like they have the best deal so far.
  • terrypm1terrypm1 Posts: 63
    I have found 2 dealers with great prices. One in Georgia and other in Florida.
  • dd540dd540 Posts: 14
    I am looking for a EX I4 in Chicago. You got a great deal. Can you tell me what dealer and salesman you dealt with? thanks
  • could you please post the dealers that you found and if you could please include the salesman at both
  • 20,740 + TTL for 2007 Accord Coupe 2.4L EX-L
  • I've tried going to the dealerships and I've tried emailing. I've gotten ridiculously high prices. The Fairfax Honda was rude to me and tried to tell me that the Invoice price was $25,000 and I was crazy if I thought I could get a EXL for much less than $24,000. I told them about the prices I heard you all getting and he said that was not true. I would appreciate any suggestions of which dealerships you found that gave you a good price. Thanks
  • rrd008rrd008 Posts: 10
    I have agreed to buy a 2007 EX 2.4L sedan in the philly area for $20,500 and thats with going to all area dealers and negotiating prices. I think its a good deal considering all the dealers i spoke with didnt even want to go near $20K (which was my target price). I got all the BS about how they were doing me a favor by giving me $150 below invoice...thanks but no thanks. I guess if you want the color and trim you want , you have to be willing to pay a little more....or risk the chance of the car you've been eyeing buying bought from right under you (which has happened to me 3 times in the past few weeks). These cars are going fast and i doubt there will be much selection in September.....
  • r2refr2ref Posts: 1
    Price for VP Automatic - OTD $16600 + TTL from Open Road 3 hours from home, $17120 + TTL from Rahal 5 minutes from home. Any other dealers I should contact for great price? Opinions on Open Road? Thanks
  • Located in the mid-atlantic states PA/MD/VA area.. What prices are people geeting on the Accord V-6 EX-L with Nav?
    Anyone do any better than $22600 than the one person mentioned on the V-6 EX-L non nav model?? I would assume to add 2k more to the $22600 quote to be at $24600 with Nav; anyone able to do better than this?
  • $22,617(incl dest) + TTL for 2007 Accord Sedan V6 EX-L auto no navi in Twin Cities, MN. Used email to solicit offers until lowest offer received -- from largest dealer as it turns out -- and none would match/beat lowest. Offers varied quite a bit among 7 dealers. Must be variances in inventory or other factors unique to each dealership. Thanks for all the help from this forum on what to buy and then how to make the deal a fair one.
  • I have a written quote - Houston dealer - for $19,160 + TTL for SE V6 which is $2,000 under invoice. It seems to me I should be able to do better than this since the dealer has 100+ Accords left on the lot. Anyone's thoughts?
  • scottrlscottrl Posts: 15
    So what's the best tactic to achieving these great prices? Some posts here mention that dealers visisted won't go near $22.6K or so for EXL-V6 and yet some get the great deals. Is the best tactic to deal by internet and work a few dealers over? Any info appreciated. Thanks. Scott.
  • I think that is a good price. I got an quote of $20,000 for the same car. I am in Houston too. Do you mind share the dealership (dealer's name) with me? email: sevennine04 (at) yahoo dot com. Thanks a lot!!!
  • gjagja Posts: 25
    xjlee20, could you tell me what prices you got from which dealers on LongIsland? Email me at geeja at hotmail . com
  • The dealer is John Eagle Honda; however I think their internet price is too high. They have a lot of Accords on the lot and I am aiming for $1,500 lower than that. I don't need to buy a car, but a bargain is a bargain. What I am seeing in Houston is that while the inventories still seem high, there are not a lot of LX and SE models left.
  • Thanks so much. I will definitely think about this. It was really a helpful answer. :)
  • terrypm1terrypm1 Posts: 63
    What is your email?
  • 1293712937 Posts: 5
    Could you let me know the dealer in GA with great price?
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