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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zswxzswx Posts: 55
    Thanks for sharing it with us! $4k below invoice is amazing. Since you are still in college, I think it's a memorable experience for you and well worth the time you spent.

    I do have a question. What is the $50 finance charge? It is because you used a credit card?
  • I am getting an offer for $6000 cut on the EX-L V6 from their MRSP. My Price will be around $23900 OTD. MD tax is 5% and $350 max for title registration and couple of hundred for extra options. Is this a good price? I was looking for a V4 but these guys are trying to sell me V6 which I also like. Their reasoning is that we are selling you same price as the v4 EX-L car. They have $6000 off for all V6 only. I would get a Se V6 for $19400 OTD but I did not like that car's interior as much as EX-L. Is this a good deal ?
  • That's what I am being offered in MD but our Tax rate is 5%. So that means your deals is better than mine. I should be able to bring them down further. By the way I am assuming you are talking about EX-L V6 right ?
  • zswxzswx Posts: 55
    What is the base price? It is hard to compare the prices with OTD.
  • I am getting a price of 23900 for EX-L OTD. What is your Tax rate. In MD, it's 5%. It seems that you got a good deal. I am going to try to bring this dealer down to match yours.
  • hey myodyssey1,
    My deal is for 23900 (21,700 + (9.2%)tax + lic) for 4 cyl. Any one got better deal in bellevue please let me known.
  • It was $22K and something. I did not write it down so can not remember the exact figure. The only number I remember was OTD price which included 5% Sales, Title/Reg. and could of other charges.
  • Anyone knows what is difference between Accord V6 EX-L AT and V6 EX-L MT models ?
  • AT = automatic transmission
    MT = manual transmission

    Or did you mean is there another difference besides the transmission?
  • Ooops, now I understand. AT is for AUTO and MT is for Manual Transmission. :)
  • I was just wondering what an Accord LX is going for in dealers around the central jersey area?
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    No deal is worth this much hassle. I would have left a long long time ago!!
  • jweston1jweston1 Posts: 15
    Others on board have paid $22,700 including destination plus taxes and fees for a EXL V6 sedan.
    Been a discount off MSRP of $27,995 to $22,700. Save about $5,300.
    A great deal if you can save $6000.00 off sticker.
  • armosuarmosu Posts: 3
    Can someone help me with what I should pay for an 07 Altima fully loaded and an 07 Maxima with leather and the technology package.

  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    armosu... you won't get much help here in the Accord section.

    The Maxima is here: Maxima Prices Paid

    And the Altima is here: Altima Prices Paid
  • mjk5mjk5 Posts: 43
    So after months of getting fed up with salespeople's BS I try negotiating via email. After requesting a quote on an EX-L coupe V4 I send them an offer of $22K OTD which is what people on here seem be getting. This morning I get emails from both dealerships, but they are both we don't want to pressure you into buying a car please respond to our email form letters, so I respond back asking if they received my emails. Still no response from one, other one responded within an hour that they didn't, resent the email and nothing from them. Considering the fact I believe they have in their email that they will respond within 1 hour on a business day, do they both feel they are getting lowballed or something and just not ignoring me? Ugh, I hate buying a car.
  • grant2grant2 Posts: 30
    Last Friday I got a ex i4 sedan accord @ lisle honda for $18950, ask for their internet sales (erik) and you should be able to get this price
  • everblueeverblue Posts: 27
    Does that price include destination? Is that manual or automatic?
  • grant2grant2 Posts: 30
    yes the price included destination and at. for the new 07 accord ex sedan i4 at. My deal included splash guards too, for 18,950.
  • I just picked up a Accord LX sedan AT from philly PA area for 18,800 OTD. Willis Honda in NJ were giving it to me for 18,700 OTD, but I had to get my own PA inspection and they wouldn't give me the first service free too, you might wanna try them.
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