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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • njandynjandy Posts: 15
    Got a 2011 EX-L w/Nav for 26,500 in the poconos PA
  • Just got a 2011 Honda Accord EX-L for $24700 + TTL in Louisville, KY
  • EX-L comes in V4 and V6.. What model is yours?
  • mihaispencer1mihaispencer1 Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I'm guessing it's a V4. Then he would've paid ~750 below invoice including destination fee (cancelling out the destination fee). If it was a V6, then it'd be a sign dealers are getting VERY desperate to sell that low.
  • mihaispencer1mihaispencer1 Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    This is a sick deal if it's true. 2200 below invoice for a 2011?!?! (22.5k for a 24,794 invoice) Just cause of your post that's what i'm going to be shooting for when I'm dealing tomorrow instead of just 900 below invoice... Going for a LX-S Manual Coupe... Will let you guys know if it works out.
  • My friend just bought an Accord LX A/T (no other options) at $18800 with 0.9% special financing. Plus fees (298), Tax (6.25%) and Reg. (100). OTD around 20373. Is the deal good?
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    It is very good price for 2011. I got similar quotes for 2010.
  • tlnmdxtlnmdx Posts: 4
    edited November 2010
    Just worked out the price and put a deposit on a 2011 for $24,359. I refused to take what's in stock caused they had the $699 dealer prep (mud guard, trunk tray and wheels lock). I can install them myself for less than $300. Comes with no charge maintenance 3yr/36K miles from the dealer (whatever that means). This is in NJ (outside of Philadelphia)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,995
    A reporter wants to interview a recent carbuyer who considered new and used, and decided on new because the deal was better. Please email by Nov 17, 2010 with your brief story and your daytime contact info.
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  • What would be the best price for 2011 Honda Accord SE- 4cyl
  • 2011 Accord SE black on black was $21,500 plus TTL. I also got 1.9% and all rebates available. Sticker was $25,147 with dealer add ons. How did I do?
  • 2011 Accord SE black on black was $21,500 plus TTL. I also got 1.9% and all rebates available. Sticker was $25,147 with dealer add ons. How did I do?
  • tamilnadutamilnadu Posts: 13
    edited November 2010
    Looks like deal is pretty good. In this what about the pro package ..such as mud guard, scratch protector like in the door edges and wheel lock. All these included in this package?
  • Just wanted to let you guys know that a lot of you are being taken advantage of. The accord and altima models are about the same in price, I'll leave the options, engine, and what ever to you, but 2010 Altima 2.5 S equivalent to the 2010 Accord LX is being sold for a much lower price. A lot of customers are paying about 18k otd for the 2.5s version meanwhile I'm reading a lot of you are paying in the 20k+. And I went to inquire myself about the LX model and was offered the least price, around 19kotd. The year is also coming to a close which means that dealers have to bring in the new 2011 versions. So a lot of you guys are getting ripped off. Just wanted to inform you...Btw I did my research and shopping at several dealerships in the heavily taxed Jersey area...HAPPY CAR SHOPPING! ;)
  • accordguy0325accordguy0325 Posts: 169
    edited November 2010
    Considering that this room is for Accord pricing, your comments in regards to the long in the tooth Altima (usually finishing last or near last place in comparison tests) are irrelevant.

    I believe there is a room for midsize car comparisons, I suggest you try there. :shades:
  • Yes, it included all the wheel lock, mud guard, etc...
  • Thank you.
  • In case it helps...I just bought a 2006 Honda Accord EX-L from Carmax for $16,100 with 30K miles on it. I feel pretty good about the deal. I know I could have paid a little less from a private owner, but I knew exactly what I wanted (beige leather interior, wood grain on dash, sunroof, black, etc...) and just wasn't finding it through ebay and craigslist. I was a little miffed at the $200 transfer fee (car was in north Indiana), but it worked out well. The Carmax experience was pretty easy, too. I had secured my own financing. Carmax offered me a 6.2% rate, and went on about how great that rate was. I managed to find a 2.99% interest rate at my credit union (for 47 months). I'd probably go back again. It was pretty cool to find what I wanted through their website and then just go pick it up. You must have all your ducks in a row, though. Saved myself the hassle of dealing with car salesmen, and traveling the region visiting different dealerships to find what I wanted and to wade through the BS. I opted to NOT buy Carmax's extended warranty. It was about $2000 extra. The point of buying the Accord was that I would not have to worry about it acting up. I'm pretty convinced that they don't offer you the warranty so that they can lose money. If my car needs $2000 worth of work over the next several years, then so be it. I'll drive this car into the ground. That's my two cents.
  • Dealer offered $26,612 which includes my basic accesories, destination charge, taxes, fees, etc. But it has 1,100 miles on it. Doesn't feel like a deal yet. Any thoughts on price that should be paid?
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    The invoice on that car (with the dealer cash) is about $25,900. Depending on how much of that is taxes, you can decide how much below/above invoice you are willing to pay for a leftover car that is essentially a year old as you drive it off the lot. Are there a ton of them sitting on the lot? If so you might be able to get it for below the invoice, I would at least try.

    I am looking at the same car and would offer $25.5 to include all fees, adding only tax and tag, and see what they say. I certainly wouldn't go any higher that $26.0.

    Keep the negotiation on the price of the vehicle (include all "dealer fees" in that negotiation). Then worry about the taxes and such (which you can't really control and are different in every state) after you have settled on a price.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for the feedback. They do have a few 2010's on the lot. He quoted the 2011 for $27,100, so it didn't seem like much of a deal to buy the 2010 for $26K. :-)
  • Bought 2011 Accord V4 SE on the road 23,800 ( including CA tax, license and fee etc ). Hope this is good price.
  • Got A 2011 EX-L Coupe 4 Cylinder Polished Metal for 23,620 plus TTL no destination no dealer installed mud flaps ect.
  • Let me know whether it as good price. This price is without Taxes.
    Hugh White Honda
    1360 Auto Mall Drive
    Columbus, OH 43228
  • Is your price out the door price ?
  • yangsyangs Posts: 1
    How do you like the SE model? I wanted to buy one too. Which dealer do you use? 23,800 seems to be a good price. Any add-ons?
  • Additionally they added another 400$ for the karr alarm ( security system). I accepted that one.
  • Just got a new Accord for 22,500 OTD. Hope that's a good price :)
  • I just leased a 2011 Accord SE with floor mats and paint/fabric warranty and protectant for $198.17 /mo - $0(down,due,1st payment). The kicker was a free 50" plasma tv for buying on Thanksgiving weekend. My lease agreement says this...

    Agreed amount for vehicle 19,690

    Amount due at signing $599.17
    I don't understand how they finagled the paperwork, because I had ZERO
    out of pocket
    1st month pmt 198.17
    Title 115
    Registration 18.50
    Tax on DOC fee 17.50
    DOC Fee 250
    Gross Capitalized Cost 20750.80 - Residual Value 14688 = 6062.80
    Rent Charge 1071.32
    Total Base Pmt 7134.12

    Awesome deal. I chose black on black leather and just tinted the windows to 20% (really dark). It looks awesome for the price. People won't believe my payment with zero down.

    Also, I am selling the tv to the first $500, so I will get 2.5 more payments for free, plus the first month free, so I will be driving this car for FREE for 3.5 months. What a deal. Then I only pay $198/mo for the next three years.

    I feel so lucky to have received such a great deal in southern OH.
  • sailor22sailor22 Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    Just bought last night the 2010 Accord LX for $17,600 (including destination) with OTD price (tax, title, everything) for $19,200. 0.9% financing.. Good deal?
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