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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,597
    The worst thing a person can do is buy a car they really don't want just because of the price!

    You will quickly forget what you paid anyway.

    I'm afraid that those who waited and waitied, thinking prices would go down further have outsmarted themselves.

    The selection is now down to almost nothing.
  • :shades: I've been looking to purchase the Accord for some time. The best quote received during the Opportunity sale was 22,872 OTD in NJ. However, they did not have the car on the lot as they claimed so we left.

    We decided to give it another shot last week. Not too many dealers have the 4 cyc in stock, nevertheless the color we wanted. S0 long story short - We got the car!

    The details:

    2007 Accord EXL - auto, 4 cyc
    MSRP: 25,645
    Sale Price: 21,300
    Tax+Docs: 23,200 OTD
    Dealer threw in wheel locks, mud guards, trunk tray...

    Not too shabby for the "aftersale".

    No regrets here - we got exactly what we wanted!
  • In my case I didn't know that I'd need a new car
    until ealier this month. So it is a case of starting late
    rather than pure indecision. But in general your point is well taken. It would be a compromise between taste
    and price if I get a coupe. I do appreciate your opinion.
  • Your right. I bought a Hybrid around 8/11 and got an incredible deal. Bought another one on 9/13 and couldn't come close to the same deal. :(
  • Could you please tell me which NJ dealer you got yours from? I'm also interested in an 07 Accord EX-L. I have a feeling you got yours from Open Road Honda.
  • Has anyone had success finding this car at the price mentioned ($22375+destination charge+tax+title+doc.fee)in California? So far, the larger dealers are saying high 23K's is the best they can do?

  • everblue - No - I got the car from DCH Paramus (great service). However VIP Honda gave me the best quote.

    My issue with Open Road was they allowed us to test drive a SOLD car!!

    Good luck!
  • Tax + Docs = $1900? Pretty hefty doc fees.
    But overall the OTD (which is what counts)
    still beats the best quote I got.
  • I bought it from VIP Honda at NJ. You should be able to get even better deal in California.

    MSRP is $27400, internet price is $22375. This is EXL V6 Auto. color is desert mist, I like it!
  • You got good deal. I was looking to buy EXL, auto 4 cyc orignially. The best quote I got was $21400-$21500 (including destination charge). What color did you choose?
  • I disagree. I almost always buy a car based on price. To many times you hear people falling in love with one particular car and just gotta have it. This is when the dealers have you and flip you over upside down on a car. I buy on price realizing a car is just a method of transportation and I will sell it in a few years and get another one.
    I always remember the price I paid for a car and am sure everyone else does. If they get taken for a ride by a dealer the unpleasant feeling associated with the purchased car will be experienced every time they drive it or think about their car.
    Now if you get a car at a good price you will always think about the positive situation with the car, while your making the monthly payments and when you go to trade the car in on your new car, by not being flipped over in it.
  • lambulambu Posts: 16
    Curious to read 08 Accord buyer's experiances and it looks like 07 model still dominating the market.. ;)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,597
    Well, we disagree.

    If I buy a car, I want to like it and not settle for something else because of price.

    You remember the price you paid, but I sure don't and I think most people are like me. Buy something, and get on with life. If you got "taken for a ride", then you shouldn't have bought that car from that dealer.

    Someone who really wants a 4 door sedan is going to hate that coupe every time their rear seat passengers struggle and every time they have to deal with those huge doors when they are in a tight parking space. They will quickly forget about how they saved a few lousy bucks when they bought it.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,148
    I almost always buy a car based on price.

    I'm terribly sorry.

    But how is that Chevy Aveo treating you?

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • It's kinda funny that you mentioned the Aveo. This afternoon I just turned an Aveo in to the rental company after driving it for four days while my Odyssey was getting a dinged fender replaced. I learned one thing from that experience - However much one pays for an Aveo.... it's too much!
  • Try Tracy Honda.. 209 area code M. Bruckner.. very straight up operation
  • I did not say I bought the cheapest car I could find. I have never owned a Yugo. The price relative to be a good car and bargain priced is the direction I go. Buy it, drive it a while and then flip it and then look for another that fits my criteria.
    If I can not get it at a good deal I move on to another car.
    Many car dealers that have had a used car, or some new cars, on their lot over 100 days will sell it at almost zero profit to get it off the lot. They do not want stale cars on the lot. Whereas a car on the lot for only a couple of weeks they will try to maximize their profits on it.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,597
    Yeah, but consider this...

    If it's a new or used car that's been sitting for 100 days, it's probably something that's unpopular, an oddball color etc. So, perhaps you can get it for a bargain price but when you go to "flip" it, you will find that it's just as unpopular as it was before and you may find no takers.

    That is, unless you give it away for a distressed price, same way you bought it!
  • Last car I bought was an 2005 Accord LX, a one owner trade in, that I found at the local Cadillac dealer. I assumed not many import shoppers went to a Cadillac store. The salesman said the car ready to go to the auction because it had not sold. I think I got it close to wholesale price.

    Your right, since I got in it at a good price, I should be able to also get out of it at a good price for the next buyer.
    As stated earlier a car is my transportation not my paycheck that I have to sell at a profit to feed my family.
  • Special Edition V-6 4dr Sedan (3.0L 6cyl 5A)

    MSRP: $23,985
    Car was red tagged at: $20700 USD
    I told sales person (SP) I knew about the $2,000 incentive to dealer
    Upon beginning negotiation, SP said $20,700 excluded about $600 of destination charges. He offered $19,999 + $600 destination charge: $20,600. I didn't accept. He then offered to cover $400 of destination charges, so price dropped to $20,200 USD. I rejected and offered $19,999 (including dest charges). $19,999 is where we stand now. Anyone have any thoughts if this is a good deal? How much more do you think I can discount?
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