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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • where did you buy in NC and was this a 4cyl or gcyl EX...I was quoted $25,500 OTD in Durham NC on the 190 hp 4 cyl EX....I knew they could do better than that price but it was waht they tried
  • sorry I meant 4 cyl or 6cyl
  • Purchased my 08 EX-L V6 Sedan almost a month ago and have only favorable impressions of the experience. Bought from Lundgren Honda in Auburn,MA and from the knowledgeable salesman to the actual delivery I can think of nothing negative to report on. Initially I was told I would be waiting about 3 weeks for my car to be delivered right from Honda Ohio but 3 days after I put a down payment on the car I received a call saying they located one identical to what I had ordered in Connecticut and it had already been delivered and they were preping it and I could pick it up in 24 hours. Paid around $1,200 below sticker. This is my 5th new car purchase and the least stressful of them all.
  • I've worked hard to get the best deal in the Atlanta area and it looks like $28,538 (inludes only Destination) is the best I can do. Sound about right?
  • The 08 Accords are a trifle overpriced. The remodeled Civic and CRV got expensive and so did the 08 Accord. I think Honda has mispriced the Accords in an economy that is on the brink of recession. Honda messed up with pricing the Ridgeline a bit too high too.

    Just my two cents from a Honda observer.

    PS - I bought my 05 CRV new.
  • 36 month lease 12k/yr.....5 oil changes included
  • I have completed the paperwork tonight and I will pick up my new 2007 honda EXL V6 tomorrow. The total price is $23,800 OTD including 6.5% Tax.

    Could somebody share a pick-up checklist with me or tell me what I should pay attention to when pick up the new car? Thanks.
  • ncruzerncruzer Posts: 18
    RE:08 Accords are a trifle overpriced

    Agreed, That is why even here in the Bay Area there is none on the road and we even have a good economy.

    Unless Honda starts discounting they're just going to sit on the lots, people here just won't pay MSRP for anything,
    there is just to many other choices to do that. :shades:
  • agie1agie1 Posts: 23
    If you are looking for 2008 accord sedan, please email me.
    I just purchased it at invoice price. I will give you the salesperson name by email.
  • jillejille Posts: 6
    I was just about to buy a 2008 Accord at 2% over invoice. Who did you purchase from and what model did you buy? Thank you!!
  • eyedrbeyedrb Posts: 4
    Are you guys quoting the invoices supplied by dealer or one found online somewhere? Dealer invoices are usually marked up. If you all know of a place to get the invoice please let me know.

    I agree on them being a bit overpriced. Noway Im spending 31k for a honda accord.
  • 2007 Accord SE V6 Auto 20k OTD, tax 6.5%, transfer tag, how is this deal?
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    Please give me that dealer's name. Thanks.
  • Looking to purchase a 2008 Accord EX-L V6 w NAV in the Washington DC area. Any recommended dealers would be greatly appreciated!!
  • :D I was quoted 22,044 OTD for a 2007 Accord SE I4 in AZ.
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 216
    You can get a V6 OTD for that, including tax? I'm not quite sure the way your post is worded. Please clarify.
  • Hey, I got a blast email today from Herb Chambers Honda in MA, thought i'd share.
    Looks like some pretty good prices:

    2008 Accord LX Auto $18,888
    2008 Accord LX Premium $19,988
    2008 Accord EX Auto $21,888
    2008 Accord EX-L Auto $23,488
    2008 Accord EX-L Nav Auto $25,388
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Are you guys quoting the invoices supplied by dealer or one found online somewhere?

    The actual invoice prices are posted on

    Just go to this link and select the Accord style you're looking for:
  • I bought a new Accord on Fri. 10/19. When I was driving to work on Mon. 10/22 the car started sputtering and lurching. It had 50 something miles on it. When I turned the car off and restarted it, the engine check light came on and the ECO light would no longer come on, though the car was driveable at that point. Brought the car in and they are working on it.

    I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar problem and also what people recommend I do. Should I be happy if they fix this? Will my car be as good as new? I'm pretty sure lemon law doesn't come into play (in California) unless I give them 4 chances to fix it. Can I push for a refund or exchange? Is this problem even something I should worry about? What do you guys think?
  • gjagja Posts: 25
    If you are looking for 2008 accord sedan, please email me.
    I just purchased it at invoice price. I will give you the salesperson name by email.

    I'd like to know too.
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