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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We are looking at buying a 2012 Accord SE. We've visited several dealers in the area and they are quite hungry to get rid of the 2012's before the new 2013's arrive. We've seen a price as low as $20,700. Has anyone else seen something better? Even if you are not in Texas, give me your best prices on Accord SE's in your area. I need to know what my wiggle room really is with Honda's right now. We are cash buyers and are not in any hurry. We can wait until September if the prices normally drop. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • sidbsidb Posts: 26
    Whats the break up of the $20700?
  • vdam10vdam10 Posts: 3
    Hi, what's the name of the dealership in San Antonio that offered the 20,700 for the SE? I'm in the market to buy one myself and live in Dallas. Just wanted a starting point to work with the dealers around here. And is 20,700 out the door price? Thanks!
  • bear06bear06 Posts: 4
    Hi guys, got quoted $24,990 for a 2012 v6 coupe in New York metro area. With 0.9% financing sounds like a great deal. Anyone get a better deal? I know this particular dealership has lots in stock and are probably looking to clear room for the 2013 model.
  • Gunn has some good prices, but when I just called them their price went up. Gilllman Honda has the 20,700 price right now. I would think the prices would drop as we get to Sept. What are they going to do with the 2012's when the 2013's arrive.
  • northshore4northshore4 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I purchased a 2012 Accord EXL 4 cylinder with Navigation for $24,800. OTD it came to $27,300. How did I do? Was my first car purchase so would love to know if I got snowed.
  • srik1srik1 Posts: 6
    Can you please tell the location and dealership.
    Best I can get so far is $25,687 + ttl
  • Paid $20,000 excluding taxes for a 2012 SE two weeks ago in MA. Many dealers are leasing at a price of $20.5 up here. You should be able to do much better by the end of the month. Good luck!
  • After emailing every dealership within 200 miles, I managed to buy a new Honda Accord SE 2012 with tinted windows for a total drive out price of $22,166. From what I've seen, I think this is a pretty good deal. Paid cash, no financing. Will buy my extended warranty online.
  • Hi SAhondabuyer, I saw your other post and you can help me out. The OTD price is great price.....may I ask what kind of other options did you get (besides tinted windows)? such as floor mats, splash guards, body side molding, trunk tray
  • bob11bob11 Posts: 18
    I am getting 20,000 for out the door price for Honda accord LX auto 2012 new. Is that good price in CT? thanks
  • My price included tinted windows, pinstripe and floor mats. The car itself pretty much comes with what you need. We really like the SE. When searching for the best price most dealers in Austin and San Antonio couldn't even touch the price we got. I suspect the deals may get better as we get closer to the 2013's, but we were worried there wouldn't be many color options left by Labor Day. There are already very few SE's available.
  • sahondabuyer: Where did you buy your Honda? I am in Houston.
  • I think it is a good price. The SE in San Antonio went for $22,165. LX is about $800 cheaper.
  • where did you go to in ma?
  • I was quoted this price here in NY by Manhasset Honda. Just wanted to know if this is a legitimate deal or a bait and switch... ?

    Did anyone in NYC area or anywhere else for that matter score a deal similar (or whatever) care to comment?

    Would much appreciate it.
  • Just paid $21,336 OTD for LX-P @ John Eagle Honda in Houston. The car has standard mats, trunk tray and Body Side Molding.
  • I'm getting 12k, 35 payments at $208 and change after $1500 down on an LX model - essentially it is the advertised Honda leasing price but the dealer is absorbing the taxes on my payments. Any thoughts? First time car buyer/leaser...
  • bear06bear06 Posts: 4
    Hey Kpdadroid, did you pull the trigger on that deal from Manhasset? I got quoted at $24990 from Bay Ridge Honda in Brooklyn. Seems like a great deal...
  • Not yet, I need to see how I am going to terminate my lease. Do you know how much an issue would cost without navigation exl I mean, OTD.

  • Hello All,
    I am looking to get a accord sedan EX-L with navi in Florida. Just wanted to know if anyone has idea/experience about the OTD price for the best deal I can get here and from which dealership. I really appreciate it. Thanks">link title !
  • bear06bear06 Posts: 4
    Oh, gotcha. Probably looking right at 27K OTD for the EXL without navi. Good luck with whatever you do.
  • cls061cls061 Posts: 5
    I'm looking at buying and ex-l for an out the door price of $24,000. Doesn't seem too bad to me. Thoughts, anyone? Is there a better deal to be had?
  • owned3hondasowned3hondas Posts: 41
    edited August 2012
    Hey bear06 was that without Navi, I assumed. Can Did you make that deal? Sounds good. What was your strategy? I'm in Philly looking at Demo, with 1400 miles, they are asking 25700. I haven't negotiated yet.
  • arvai2arvai2 Posts: 7
    edited August 2012
    First I wanted to say thanks for all the info in this thread. I was very close to pulling the trigger on a Honda Accord SE at Hugh White Honda in Columbus OH.

    The terms were $20,300 at .9% for 60 months. Nothing extra although he was willing to make one of the final three payments on my Camry lease.

    This car is for my wife and although she liked the Accord, she liked the Optima better and at the last second, Byers Kia stepped up an made us a great offer.

    But this post is for the excellent servce provided by Jim Jeffers @ Hugh White Honda. A great guy to work with who was hassel free and gave a very competitive price from the get go. If you're like me and absolutely hate the typical salesmen BS and just want to cut to the chase -- you can't go wrong with Jim.

    This is my second great experience with Hugh White as I bought an 2009 Odyssey from them (although it a different sales person). Hope this helps someone out there.
  • any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
  • bill377bill377 Posts: 7
    I sent about 6 emails to surrounding dealers and this is the best I got.

    Anyone got better price than this? This includes destination and for auto transmission.

    This is internet quote and I have not negotiated with them. Looks like there is still room for negotiation once I get to dealership. Anyways I am waiting for 2013 and will make decision after looking at new version.

    2012 Accord LX $18868
    Accord LXP $19161
    Accord SE $20053
    Accord EX $21127
    Accord EXL $23057
    Accord EXL NAVI $24999
    Accord EX V6 $22792
    Accord EXL V6 $24963
    Accord EXL V6 NAVI $26926
  • Current sale price in DC area:
    ACCORD 2012
    LX Sedan Auto -$17,595
    LXP Sedan Auto -$18,499
    SE Sedan Auto -$19,189
    EX Sedan Auto -$19,664
    EX-L Sedan Auto -$21,789
    EX-L Navi Sedan Auto -$23,895
    EX V6 Sedan Auto - $21,748 (Sold Out)
    EX-L V6 Sedan Auto -$23,791
    EX-L V6 Navi Sedan Auto -$25,798

    Above price plus Freight ($770 and TTL)
  • These seem like great prices. I just paid $20,283 including destination for a 2012 Accord SE in San Antonio, Texas. I figured the price would drop as we get closer to Labor Day weekend. We were also concerned that color choices would drop as the inventory depletes.
  • bear06bear06 Posts: 4
    Hi owned3hondas, yes, I pulled the deal, the 2012 exl v6 coupe without navi. I really didn't have a strategy and kind of stumbled on the car by mistake. Originally the dealership where I wound up buying the car had a demo 2012 with 7K miles on it. They were asking $23,995 which I thought was a great price. I kept calling a point of contact person at the dealership to see if it sold and a week before I was going to buy it, the car sold. So I asked how much a new one would be and she told me $24,990. I'm guessing the price was so low since they had a lot of 2012's on their lot. They did charge me the destination fee so the total price came out to a shade under 27K out the door. Hope this helps, good luck with your search.
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