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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    What kind of TTL are we talking about here? I don't think he said that was OTD and I do believe we are at least a couple of years away from getting an 08 V6 EXL for $25950 OTD. Speaking for CA with about 8% in taxes, of course.
  • misermiser Posts: 1
    Purchased 2 weeks ago from Duncan Honda in Christiansburg. $26,000 + tax. Best deal I could find anywhere. Thanks everyone for posting, it helped.
  • With Tax rate of 7%, My Brother got a written quote of just over $22000 OTD Price for 2008 Honda Accord LX-P 4-Dr Sedan Auto from CarLand Honda in Roswell. It was the lowest quote given. My Brother's target OTD Price is $21,500.

    What would be a reasonable OTD Price for Honda Accord LX-P 4-Door Sedan in Atlanta Area?
  • Yes, 19031 was inclusive of the dest charge. 20,800 was my OTD price, inclusive of everything.
  • That's an excellent deal. I'm in No. Ca, too. What dealer did you purchase from?
  • qqcaqqca Posts: 2
    It is Larry Hopkins Honda at Sunnyvale, North California.
  • Hi, Anyone purchased a 2008 LX 4 cyl Auto recently in Brevard County FL? Specially from Southeastern Honda in Palm Bay. Any advice on the price is appreicated.
  • rossm1rossm1 Posts: 13
    I would like to email dealers in Massachusetts about lease quote
    but having trouble to find email addresses
    Anybody can help

  • I have received a few quotes the lowest being $24,062+ TTL Does everybody usually discuss OTD price over email or deal this at the dealership. Does this look like a good price? This is in the Philadelphia area. Thanks for your help. I will post results after I purchase.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    I would like to email dealers in Massachusetts about lease quote
    but having trouble to find email addresses
    Anybody can help
  • Bought this evening Honda Accord EX 4D from Carr's Honda in Chicago at Invoice $22,255.71 + TTL. However I paid $1,040 for the 8/120/0 warranty that is $100 more than what I can buy online.
    Best car buying experience ever. No bargaining. I showed them the KBB Invoice price and they accepted it.
    Would highly recommend.
  • I got quotes $25,443 + TTL at a dealership. Drove down there last night to buy and they sold the car that morning (I was pissed - drove 120 miles roundtrip). How do I go about using that number at other dealerships?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If someone gives you a number on a car you want, then you should put a deposit on it and/or ask them to fax you some paperwork on it before you make the trip. I have purchased cars from dealers all over and unless "just looking" never make a trip without all the parts of the deal in place and a deposit on the car I am going after.

    Of course, a shady dealer can still sell your car to someone else with your deposit on it but putting "money into it" usually will hold the car for you.

  • kilnkiln Posts: 39
    Was $25,443 after destination? That's almost $600 under invoice. What a deal!

    What part of the country are you from?
  • I'm in So. Cal. No other dealer won't even come close. All the e-mails I get say the price is unrealistic. It did include destination.

    But it looks like I'm getting it tonight for $25,800 (including destination) + TTL.

    Here is a what one dealer sent me about the quote I got:
    "The price you received isn't realistic, it's below what we own the car for. Invoice is $26,305. and we will offer this car to you for $26,505. plus the cost of any accessories, about $100. We have this car in stock at this time!
    Please check with whoever sent that quote to you. They definitly won't sell the car for that."
  • pvd77pvd77 Posts: 11
    If your deal pushes thru tonight, could you please email me the name of the dealer in so. calif.
    Good Luck!!!
  • olegbolegb Posts: 3
    I am in Bay Area, CA. We were searching for a new car (replace my wife 1996 accord, side note: never buy from Carmax). I found 2006 LX from a private owner (1st) 10K miles, very clean, no damages, for $15K even (checked by mechanic). My Credit Union has a car buying service that located a new 2007 LX for $18209 today (before tax and other junk fees). I tend to go for 2006, since annual depreciation for these cars about $1700 does not warrant extra $3200.

    Help me decide. Thank for your input.
  • msuh27msuh27 Posts: 6
    hi guys,

    after reading up on this forum here, i bought my accord yesterday. paid $28650 plus TTL. i tried to get pariz's price from grace honda, but they won't get anymore in stock for 30 days. i ended up buying at hayward honda, got my price over the phone and picked up the car same day. boy, these cars are hard to get though. i'm happy, i like the car. polished metal on grey leather.
  • msuh27msuh27 Posts: 6
    a guy named david lied to me there. i called him and asked if he could match a price quote i got. he told me to come on in, because they are the largest dealership around they will match or beat any written price. he told me to come on in because they want to see that i'm serious and so i drove there. first of all, i was there at 12 as promised, but he wasn't. that's ok, even though i would never be late for a business meeting, i understand things come up. after meeting him i asked him to match $28650 beacuse that was the offer i had, (see above message) and he comes back with $32,890. our conversation lasted 1.5 minutes. i drove 48 miles to see him. he wasn't even apologetic about it. he kept on saying that he's not going to BS me. thats what pissed me off the most. people like him give car reps a bad name. he should be fired.

    on another note, a good guy to go to who won't BS you is habib in sunnyvale honda. he gives you straight up quotes over the phone and he will honor them.
  • So, I was in the market to buy a certified pre-owned Honda, but after seaching numerous dealerships, we happened to pass by one offering new Hondas at 0% financing.

    Although I hadn't intended on buying new, I wound up getting a 2007 Accord SE. We talked them down to $20,000, and the out-the-door price after all charges and fees came out to $21,729. There were only two other '07s left on the lot and it seemed they were really trying to get rid of them.

    This was my first time ever buying a car, used or new (I've had one other car and was fortunate to have family purchase it for me). Do you think I scored a decent deal? I felt I did at the time and still do, but looks like there are some seasoned hagglers here and I wonder if I could have done better. The 0% financing was really the icing on the cake for me.

    Thoughts, please :blush:
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