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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    If the quote is plus TTL only, sounds like a great deal to me, way less than what I have been quoted here in Colorado - the key might be the "other fees" - total price + TTL is the best way to compare. Good luck.
  • amad1amad1 Posts: 123
    Hey man those Accura's cost a lot money. If had it like that, I would be considering BMW and also Lexus. 29000 is a lot of money for as base model. You could get a fully loaded Camry and Accord for that much. Hell, I can barely afford a Camry or Accord. All cars cost too much to me. All I want is a good car at a reasonable price. I'm not a kid so I don't car about how fun a is to drive. I'm going to, most times, drive at the speed limit and follow the traffic rules. Reliability and affordability means more to me.
  • amad1amad1 Posts: 123
    ONLY $2000 less than the TL

    I like that " only 2k less" this man has money to burn.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Invoice is $21,532 including destination. If your price includes destination and dealer doc or prep fees then that is a nice deal. If they are going to add the dealer fee on top of the price, it is OK as long as the fee is not too high. If they are going to add destination and dealer fees on top of the price, then run away - run far away.

  • amit3amit3 Posts: 5
    I emailed a dealership for a quote and they replied saying the invoice for a 2008 EX-L V6 without navi is $26,305. I replied to him saying that edmunds says that the invoice is actually $26,051. His response was "Those sources do not include the Honda Dealer advertising charge." Is this true?
  • amit3amit3 Posts: 5
    Also, is $28313 a good quote for a 2008 ex-L V6 WITH NAVI ? This includes destination charge.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    In some areas and regions they may have an advertising charge. If the dealer disputes the invoice amount, pick the car you want off the lot and ask him to pull the invoice for that car and show it to you - there could be an ad fee on it.

    BTW, a dealer told me that the leather models are in short supply right now and so he does not discount those as much. Could be just his dealership, regional, or maybe nationwide.

  • Amit3,
    I think the price you have should be considered good. there have been many prices quoted higher and i think invoice w/ dest is 28039. That seems like 1% profit (based off the 27404 car invoice) for the dealer. Not many of us are getting dealers to go that low. If it is the car you want then go for it! It's a good deal, My local dealers in Boise are not going below 30700 for this car. the best Web price i have recieved is from Anderson in CA for 28900.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "Also, is $28313 a good quote for a 2008 ex-L V6 WITH NAVI ? This includes destination charge"

    Try to get it for $29,000 OTD.
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    It's good deal. Go for it. I had to pay a little more. How many percent of TTL on top of it? What state/ city are you in, if you dont mind? I am curious about the car price in that locality. That car is a "super beast" that loves to rev up at times, I tell you.
  • i have a offer for accord coup ex-L v6 with nav lease with 2600 down 390. 42 m 12k. in NJ. is this a good deal or i'am being rip off....
  • Here in the twin cities we co-op advertising with all five (soon to be six) metro area dealers. Our advertising fee is $200.00 per car and is added to the invoice at the factory. It is a fixed, legitimate and non-negotiable fee -- just like the destination charge.

    However, outside the twin cities metro area there, is no co-op advertising fee.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Does not sound that good to me.

    What are you paying for the car?

    Rule #1 of getting a good lease deal is to negotiate the price of the car just like you are going to buy it.

    You want to be somewhere close to invoice including dealer fee, but I am told the leather models are in short supply so you will likely have to pay more.

    Once you have the price negotiated nice and low, then you simply plug that into a lease calculator along with the lease buy rate and you get your payment.

  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    Well it's taken me a week to get to the dealer so I have not been able to update this until now.

    The dealer was offering $26941 with Nav OTD but it turns out it was cloth interior and not Leather which was a no go for me. He also offered an EXL V6 4DR W/O Nav for the same price - OTD. This is what I was looking for the whole time. (As a side not, he quoted me an OTD price on the EXL V6 WITH Nav - $28138, before accessories) (VA tax is 4%)

    Dealer B was offering the same car but at 27689 OTD. (4Dr EXL V6 and no Nav)

    So I decided to go with Dealer A - 2008 EXL V6 4DR W/O Nav. After adding splash guards, wheel locks, sun roof visor, pin stripes, and door and fender guards, I had $27500 OTD. I went with Metal Metallic and grey leather.

    Since I know some here are interested in the actual car price, it was $25331 or $25966 including DEST ($635).

    If you want the 2 dealers and contact names, email me and I can provide them. Based on my experience, the car price was pretty much non-neg. They moved a little on the accessory prices but I suspect that is where they are making their money so not as much movement as I had hoped. All in all, it was a good experience and I drove it home this afternoon.
  • jophjoph Posts: 1
    After being in the dealerships we got these prices.

    Car: 23099.00
    Dest: 635
    Tax was like ~1616

    with tags, dealer fees etc...

    our OTD price was $25905.88

    Does this sound good?
  • bdeabdea Posts: 5
    Very Good Price! Very close to my purchase price of the same vehicle in Northern California. Here are my details: Message 18931

    Just purchased a EX V6 from Larry Hopkins Honda in Sunnyvale,CA, $23,620 +TTL
    Best Experience I've had in purchasing a car. Contact Habib,Internet Manager, the car was in stock,3 miles on the odometer + 2.8 miles for tech checkout drive. No Hassles. Price via emails = $25,855 OTD,
    No Extras thrown in! No financing.
    Honda of Serramonte could beat this price by $100 and Grace Honda could match it, but they did not have the car in stock and would have to Dealer trade for one. I did not want any extra miles on it.
    Thanks to everyone whose comments help me get a Good Deal !!!
  • Hi,

    I'm in my early twenties and buying my first car. I want to make sure I'm getting a good deal. My best friend happens to be moving to Asia and he wants to sell me his car (I drive a 1993 clunker minivan), he said he would give me a good price. I would be paying his price in full cash. Can you please tell me if this is a good deal in my favor? Or is this sale more in his favor? Perhaps should I try to negociate a different price, and if so, what price should I try for and what should I settle for? I've spent the last few days doing a lot of research and compared to all the online listings I've found his price was great...but I would imagine those prices can be negociated, so perhaps I'm not getting a great deal after all.

    I could not bring myself to spend so much money at this age unless I knew I was getting a great deal.

    Please help, any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    The Car specs:

    2005 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe, 5 speed Automatic, with navigation and XM sat radio.
    Full leather seats, driver power seats, power sunroof with tilt, premium sound, 6 in dash multi CD & mp3 player, power mirrors + locks + steering + windows, keyless remote entry, and all the standard other features you'd expect with a car that is loaded like this (not sure which airbags come standard and such). The interior had that metal trim kit I believe it's called, was all black otherwise. Looked sweet! :)

    No rear spoiler, mud flaps or anything special on the exterior.

    I noticed it said "Ultra Low Emission Vehicle" when I saw it, and a small ULEV logo on the exterior of the car on the side, not sure if this is a feature or not but I figured I would note it.

    Condition seemed good. The car bumper was cracked on the front, like it got hit by something, like a hockey puck, he is fully replacing it with a brand new original one from the dealership before selling me the vehicle if I buy it. Also the rims on the wheels were scratched a bit, probably from sloppy parallel parking or getting too close to the curb a few times, I bet he's not the best driver. He said the dealership would polish the scratchs up. The dealership will also be cleaning it up before the sale.

    Mileage: 26000 miles
    His special cash price for me, his best friend, is $18,000.

    Is this a good deal or a rip off? :confuse: Should I be negociating a lower price? I would be paying him in cash...

    I'm not sure if the location has anything to do with car prices as well, but I live in Southern California.

    Thanks all for your time!
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    Kelly Blue book price for that car @ 26K miles in excellent condition is $22,755. In real life, price is usually a little bit lower, sometimes a few thousand lower. Kelly Blue Book is only a guide.

    My '95 Accord 4-dr EX I4 @ 200K miles in excellent condition was priced by Kelly Book @ $5000+ But I sold it only @ $2,500.
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    The Edmunds site comes up with a dealer offer on a trade in of $16,398. A private party sale of $18,101 which includes a value of $1,075 for the navi.

    Frankly, I wouldn't give a "dime" for the navi as you can buy a portable one for less than $400 that is probably far better than anything in a "05 car.

    If your friend is off to Asia in the very near future he's sort of in a bind to sell...
    the car obviously is not in mint condition. And it won't be easy for him to find another buyer coming up with all cash.

    Was it garaged? You might want to check Carfax to determine if its been in an accident...considering the damage to the front bumper.

    Offer $15,000 with a max of $16,000....that's all a dealer would offer. But, to be perfectly safe, have a trusted mechanic look it over first.
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    Be sure to have a mechanic or an adult who is much knowledgeable about cars and knows how to check the car thoroughly inside out before you make an offer. $15K - $16K offer is best. Check engine oil, tranny oil, brake oil, coolant, chassis, body, DMV or Carfax's accident records, test drive it at different speeds & on different road conditions, etc. Tricky guy can overflow oil in car with higher vicosity, etc. that makes engine sounds smoother with less noises...while test driving it, etc, Honda Navi is excellent on market w/ voice recognition. It also controls climate, audio, calculates MPG, shows gas stations, restaurants, etc. Also, your friend prefers selling it w/ as-is condition including the navi. So many people said Honda/ Acura navigations are best on market.

    I dont think most $200 - $500+ portable navigations can compare with Honda navi. I have 2 navi on my '05 & '08 Accord and prefer them over the portable ones. My' 08 navi uses ZAGAT software that's one the best ones on market now. You get what you pay for. My cousin installed a navi on his C class Mercedes. He admitted his navi is inferior to Honda's navi.
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