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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    Very few 07 's left in Denver, but I share your misgivings about the 08 model. Still, $24,000 seems a bit rich for last year's model, especially given a quote for an 08 EXL-I4 for $23,800.

    Would welcome any thoughts. Thanks.
  • i just paid $21500 otd for 08 lx-p sedan. is this a good deal? bought this in southern california.
  • msuwmsuw Posts: 5
    I need help in determining a fair price to pay for a 2006 Honda Accord EX-L with 20,300 miles. The dealer is asking $19,800. Your help will be greatly appreciated as I feel like a novice when it comes to buying a car.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Please read the previous message. With $20K you can buy a new '08 Accord via negotiation. Check with various Honda Internet sale managers.
  • msuwmsuw Posts: 5
    I really would like an Accord EX with leather. I think a 2008 EX with leather would cost quite a bit more than $20,000. Does anyone have any advice concerning what I should offer for a 2006 Accord EX with leather?
  • Thanks iu_gary.

    I was able to negotiate 23,800 including destination. I have not asked about other fee's...title/reg(dmv), doc fee, tax.
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    hey lambu,
    You posted that you got an 08 Accord EX Auto for 23,800 OTD, can you give me some information on it? Like which dealer and what was the price before TTL? I'm in Tampa Bay Area too and looking to get one. Any information is much appreciated.
  • boe_dboe_d Posts: 66

    I'm looking for a good deal on a EX-L 2.4L WITH NAV in the Los Angeles area. I've gotten quite a few quotes of $26500 without all the additional fees. Anyone seeing better? PLease let me know.

  • lambulambu Posts: 16
    send me ur email address and I will forward it..
  • redvwredvw Posts: 40
    Does Honda offer an HD Radio option? If not how easily can it be added to the 2008 Accord?
  • Anyone lease a 4cyl exl coupe...Id like to hear what rates are out there.

    Also, first time leasing--would a manual tranny hurt the residual? Wouldnt mind getting this car in a stick but not if the loss on residual would outweigh the difference in price of the car.

  • Your deal looks good to me. I'm looking for a EXL V6 w Nav

    I have a few questions for you.
    1) Can you please give a break down of the price that you paid and the OTD price

    2) How much did you pay as down payment to get the 0% financing? I heard we never get 0% with hondas or toyotas.

    3) Did you get the financing with the dealership (Kay Honda) itself?

  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 89
    I asked for quote from 3-4 dealers in seattle. Best price quote was from Renton Honda in renton. He is beating all the prices in Seattle area.

    DON"T EVER EVER go to hinshawshonda in Auburn. Those guys are un-professional and don't know how to speak to customer.

    My other friends also got good deals on Pilot from Renton honda beating all other dealers.
  • I read in the newspaper that honda finance will give 0% on 2007 models. But they will give 0% on 2008 models if the finance amount is lower than $10,000.
  • "i just paid $21500 otd for 08 lx-p sedan. is this a good deal? bought this in southern california. "

    I'm looking for an LXP in area. May I ask which dealership you got this deal from?
  • guys, need your input on the following price quote:

    635.00 - Destination
    250.00 - Documentation fee
    1,277.64 - taxes (assuming 6.5% tax)
    25.50 - title/registration fee

    is this a good price quote? should one seal the deal with $20,960 OTD price?
  • Norm Reeves Honda of West Covina. don't deal with manager Henry though. gives too much attitude.
  • I got my black on black 2008 Accord Coupe EX-L Auto (4Cyl.) without Navigation for $24,700 + TTL in January at Lute Riley Honda in Richardson, TX. This included splash guard, wheel locks, moonroof visor, trunk tray and pinstripes.

    The negotiating went OK -- I was there for a good 4 hours -- although I was a little disappointed that the main guy I dealt with didn't come through on his vow to do his best to get me $26,000 OTD.

    I was happy with the deal, though, and I'm extremely happy with the car.

    One other note: Before purchasing, I phoned John Eagle Honda to see if they could beat this price. I wish I could remember the salesman's name. He laughed at the price, saying, "We're another $4,000 away from making a deal."

    Sure, pal.
  • Norm Reeves of Cerritos quoted me today LXP Auto for $20900 (incl Destination, before TTL). That comes out to almost $23,000. How did you push down another $1300 or so to get 21,500 OTD? I'll definitely give the West Covina dealer a call!
  • i was shooting for $20500 OTD to begin with. then the salesman went to speak with the manager, then the manager came back with the offer of $21500 OTD. i told him i'll think about it, then went back 3 days later and bought it. that price was for any LXP and if they didn't have the combination, theyll get it from another dealer for me.
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