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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    a free tank of gas as part of the appearance package?? i think a full tank of gas is standard.

    nice color,that green
  • MSRP $23,295 with Dest. Charges
    Invoice Price $ 21,171 with Dest. Charges
    Price Paid $20,369 with Dest. Charges (802 below invoice)
    NJ Tax 7% $ 1425.83
    Waste Tire fee 12.5
    state inspection $10
    Dealer's optional fee for registration $45 (i didn't wanna pay for this but thought not to argue for 45 bucks)
    Transfer plates from old car $69
    Total OTD 21931
    No Trade in. No add on accessories. Dealer promised me no doc fees but on the order had this registration fees.
    paid 100 bucks yesterday to book it.. will be getting the car tomm evening.
    What say guys? Howz the deal?
  • I'm going to post my details but for a quick reply I just bought my Basque Red (rare) '08 V6 4dr EXL w/Nav for $27979 in AZ. I'm sure someone will post a better deal down the road but for now I think I got a really good deal.
  • Hi,

    I am looking to purchase a 2008 Honda Accord EX-L 2-DR Coupe. Automatic Transmission/4Cylinder in the Houston area. I have seen quite a few posts in the forum, saying that they are getting different 2008 Accords at invoice, or below invoice between 400-1000 below invoice. I wanted to know if this was more common for Sedans, or if this is the case for coupes as well?? The lowest price I have been able to get so far is 1000 OVER invoice on the car, so I wanted to see what the market is! Can this coupe atleast be had at invoice??

    MSRP: 26,595 including Destination charge
    INVOICE: 24,193 including Destination charge.

    Let me know what a good price to shoot for will be, on the coupe!

    Thanks for all of your help!
  • jkgnujkgnu Posts: 1
    I just got a Coupe, LX-S, AT, Belize Blue, base $19,943 + appearance $595 (which the dealer would not budge from, even though it only consisted of mudguards and wheel locks) + freight/processing + TTL = $22,332 OTD. I live in Northern Virginia. I don't really know if that's good or not, but the dealer would not play ball, and swore on his children's lives that was as low as they could go.
  • tudiutudiu Posts: 24
    Hi Kguenth
    I think this is a very good deal. I copied this deal and sent to my local dealer in Pittsburgh PA. and they said they can not lose $. The best they can do is $23762( including destination charges). Your deal is $22810. That is $920 less than what they offered me. For that $ do you think it's worth to go to your dealer? lol . Can you give more info on your dealer?
  • tudiutudiu Posts: 24
    Just got an 08 Pilot EXL. and want to sale my 2000 Odyssey EX. Only 32000 miles. Researched on national price most are over 100Kmiles and they want $10999 for it. I am asking $11995 for mine ( only 32k miles)
    Anyone knows whoever is in market for used Honda van, please let them know. Thanks

    Email address:
  • tudiutudiu Posts: 24
    Does anyone knows if Honda is having some kinda incentive going on for the Accord? Coz it looked like everyone got their vehicles for under invoice. Dealers will never sale you a car and lost money unless they are having some kind of CASH BACK TO DEALER that we did not know? I am talking a my dealer in Pittsburgh PA now, and they offered me $23762 for a 2008 Accord EXL I4 which is few hundreds under invoice ( EDMUNDS invoice is $24063 for EXL I4).
  • beslcbeslc Posts: 7
    I purchased the same vehicle you are considering on March 17(EXL i4 Auto Coupe w/o Nav), I paid 24389.00 + T and L and $ 75 Doc which was actual invoice. There is a regional advertising charge from Honda in my region,verified(Utah),which is the amount above the 24193 price you noted.

    I question some of the prices I have seen on Coupes. I verified invoice on my car not only by seeing the Honda invoice, but further called a good friend who is Manager at a multi-line dealership , including Honda to verify my invoice. My friend is in CA, and indicated I could not buy it any cheaper from them, than the deal I made locally.

    If anyone is paying less than invoice on a Coupe..way to go. I would love to see your purchase agreement and know your skills.

    As for pricing, buying at invoice should be your target price, if you can do better, again my hat off to you as well.

    I have found many times someone will show an invoice or below invoice price on the car, then get hammered with high Doc fees and add-on's. So in the end it was not a good deal. Doc fees and add-on's are profit to the dealership in most states unless you live in a state where there is a cap on Doc fees. The dealership will make a profit at invoice with holdback and possibly volume of sales incentives, but doubtful they will ever lose money to sell you a car.

    Shop around, talk to several dealerships then make your best deal and enjoy the car. I love mine!

    OH!! I stand corrected, there is situation where the dealer could show a lower than invoice price. That would be to steal a trade-in. If the dealer can steal your trade they will make far more on reselling your trade than on the new car deal. 99.9% of the time if a trade is involved , that is where the dealer sees profit.

    I had no trade in my deal.
  • nickwoodsnickwoods Posts: 13
    2 dealships otd 31,575 and 32,619 any comment folks, san antonio, austin, tx appreciate your imput
  • dreamcar5dreamcar5 Posts: 69
    It is about that range for OTD, it is hardly to make any as most are preordered. The gas mileage is about 25 in city and 31 on free way. It is the most powerful car in all 2008 vehicles. My wife drives it in the city and a very nice car indeed, like Acura RL for $31K.

    I recently bought a 08 Civic LX for about $18K OTD, the MPG is about 40 @ 55 mile/hour. It is the car for my commuting.

    I have to say Honda makes the most popular yet fuel efficient cars. Enough said, no other brand can compete! :P
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Agreed 100% with Dreamcar5. Go for it Nickwoods. It's very peppy. I got exact same one and have enjoyed it very much. Please give it a BIG TEN, Parviz, Johnmcpd, Hank, etc., owners of the '08 Accord X-L V6.
  • Got a EX-L V6 AT Nighthawk Black Coupe for $26,000.00 even + TTL

    OTD $28,450

    Rock Honda in Fontana

    PM me for the salesman, he's GREAT!

    They beat down Norm Reeves Honda without a question, I got a free pro pack in it too by accident, the shop forgot to take it off when they were prepping it.

    Love this car, best value for the money by far and is extremely well built.
  • erdocerdoc Posts: 10
    thats a great price! if you can buy the car at that price, you absolutely should. i bought mine for 26,650 + dest + TTL. this would be the lowest price ive seen for the EXL V6 with Nav. please post if you get it.
  • mstyladymstylady Posts: 19
    Got the following yesterday (didn't receive until this morning though).

    "The selling price of the 2008 Honda Accord EXL Manual Sedan is $25,695. If we can do business before the close of business today, Monday, March 31, 2008 the starting point of our conversation will be $22,340."
    OTD I'm figuring $24,300

    Also got an offer of $25,784 2007 EX-L V6 6-Speed.

    Thoughts on both offers?
  • gleen6191gleen6191 Posts: 80
    erdoc - what state do you live in please

  • hp6130hp6130 Posts: 49
    I agree , not enough people mention if they have a trade in. This is so important, because some people want the big discount on the new car, and others want it to look like they are not losing a lot on their trade. We bought our 08 accord ex-l 4 cyl. no nav at invoice (straight sale), 6% pa. sales tax, $55 doc fee, plus license and tag, this also included wheel locks and trunk tray liner. When their is no trade involved, just get the dealers selling price, learn if there are inflated doc. fees, and see if they add any B.S., you don't want or need, such as pin stripes, door edge guards, rustproofing, scotch guard fabric protestion, special wax etc. Compare the quotes and make your deal.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Your best bet to sell your van quickly is probably to place an ad on Craigslist.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • tishka72tishka72 Posts: 5
    I've got an offer for 2008 Honda Accord LX-P. 39 mos/10,000 mi lease for $245/month (tax included) with $850 total out of pocket. Is it a good deal for New York?
  • tudiutudiu Posts: 24
    Hi Kirstie,
    THanks for the info. I will try that.
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