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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • theesirtheesir Posts: 5
    I am interested in a 08 EX-L 4cyl with a 5 speed and there are none to be found anywhere in Buffalo. Are there still cars shipping, or do dealers have their stock at this point to get them through until the new model year?
  • gleen6191gleen6191 Posts: 80
    I got an EXL wqith navi for only 24,350 so i feel you cando much better. is yours an 2008 V6??
  • yes V6 (I modified the post to indicate this)
  • rametramet Posts: 10

    I am in your area. I was excited to see your deal at 21,012 including the 635 destination fee for 2008 Accord EX 4 cylinder. Can you share with me which dealer and your paper work with quotes. I think you got a great deal. If I can get close to that, I would be happy. Thanks for all your help in advance!
  • far1far1 Posts: 1
    I feel obligated to post my experience as I think I got a good deal following these instructions.
    I just purchased a 2008 I4 Accord Sedan EXL Auto w/ Navi. I had no trade-ins or anything and no previous dealings with the dealer or the sales person. This was a new car, not a demo. The price out the door was $26,300 and they threw in wheel locks. The dealer said they had it on the lot for 60 days and had to move it costs to hold beyond so many days. This is Capital Honda in Okemos, MI (Close to MSU campus)
    Here is the breakdown;
    Base $23,975
    Dest. $635
    Invoice w/ Dest $24,610
    Doc: $180
    Subtotal $24,790
    Tax $1,487
    Title $15
    Transfer Licence $8
    Subtotal $1,510
    Net $26,300 ;)
  • yaupon2yaupon2 Posts: 18
    Hi Ramet [James]
    Yes, the dealer is Apple Honda in York, PA. Unfortunately, I cannot give you his specific contact information. The quote came from their internet sales section. From what they said when I went in to get it in writing, which I did, was that they were giving me all of their 2% hold back, plus $50 of their $400 dealer sales incentive. I'm sure that there is other money that they get that they weren't telling me about, but they were still the lowest by about $500. Keep in mind that this quote was for a new 2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan with a manual transmission. Their OTD was $22,885.62, which included 6% sales tax, $93.50 in nontaxable fees and $490 in options. There are no admin. or other doc. fees indicated on their written quote. They were a pretty easy going crew. Although I have yet to purchase a vehicle from them [I might wait for a 2008 leftover] I was comfortable working with them. Hope this helps. Post if you have other questions. Later.
  • rametramet Posts: 10

    Thanks for the info again. I am working with local dealers in the Philadelphia area for an Accord EX 4dr Sedan 4 cyl with Automatic Transmission. If Sussman or Conicelli can match your deal, I would close on it. If not, I might have to go to your hood. BTW, I think Honda hold back is 3%. I did find info on the $400 dealers sales incentive. I was on Piazza Honda of Drexel Hill's website, they have a page with "2008 Accord Spring Marketing Allowance of $400". I will print that out to show the dealers I am working with to see if we can close the deal faster.

    As far as the $490 in options, what does it include?
    So for your deal in MSRP:
    + 490

    I want find out what the invoice price for the $490 in options are, so I can do the above calculation with invoice to see how much you are below invoice on your deal.

    Can you e-mail or fax me you sheet? If you can, pls get my info from my profile. Thanks again!

  • Kep, I am in the bay area and thinking to buy Accord LX too. Could you email me the email-ad? or could you let me know how I can get such emails?

  • zdadzdad Posts: 12
    Just bought my EX-L I4 AT (no Nav) Coupe here in the Philly suburbs. Made my final purchase at JL Freed. Conicelli worked the hardest. They came in $500 under anyone else. It was a $100 under invoice offer. Gave my local guy (Freed) a chance to match and they did. Conicelli even came back one more time offering another $125, but I think they were bait & switching, as they had no San Marino Red Coupe on their lot.

    From what I found....
    -- Main Line Honda. Will deal but very begrudgingly.
    -- Conicelli. Very aggressive with price & hard sell. Good deal but watch your step.
    -- JL Freed. No pressure, but will make you work for the last few hundred bucks.
    -- Piazza. Was $1000 higher than any other offer.
    -- Sussman. No info. Didn't deal with them.
    -- Keenan. No response to on-line requests.

    I was $25667 OTD at the end.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    For whats its worth, I state dthis some where in one of my replys, Route 22 Honda in Hillside NJ is where I leased my 08 Accord LXP. The sticker price was $22,160 + $635.00 dest.= $22,795, this number was neg to $22,200 inc dest. Included in the car was wheel locks, mud flaps, Enviro /Guard protection for the int/ext,
    Go on line with them.
  • rametramet Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info!
    Can you break your deal out in more details? Price on the car and other fees?
    How you like your new ride?
    Seems like the dealers close by are not as agreesive as Apple Honda at York from yaupon2's deal.

    Anyone got below invoice in the Philly area? I am still waiting for Sussman and Conicelli to get back to me.
  • pk5pk5 Posts: 1
    bought a 4 cylinder 08 accord coupe automatic transmission today here in chicago. looked through a lot of this forum, and it def helps. didn't have my first choice in color (polished metal metallic), but i guess there aren't too many that color in the ex 4 cylinder unless i wanted leather...which i don't really need.

    $22,047 price
    $150 doc fee
    $143 new plates
    $1787.20 suburban cook county tax
    OTD price $24127.20

    i think i did ok......did i?
  • nonxnonx Posts: 2

    Any one here in the state of Indiana (Indianapolis area) know a good OTD price for an 08 Accord EX-L A/T w/out Navi. Accessories include Engine system starter, Fog lights and deck spoiler. Is 25K OTD acheivable?

    Chicago and Cincinnati areas you can also respond.

    Also please include financing details.

  • gleen6191gleen6191 Posts: 80
    excellent deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I agree with others who mentioned Apple Honda in York, PA as having good internet pricing. Whatever the current manufacturer to dealer incentive may be, it expires April 30th.

    I was quoted a price of $19,340 plus tax and tags for a 2008 Accord LX 4 door sedan with automatic transmission. That is $2,455.00 below retail. They even offered to deliver the car to me, as I am about a 3 hour drive from York.

    If anyone knows of a better price in this part of the country, please post! Thanks.
  • zdadzdad Posts: 12
    Let's see if I can do this without the sales sheet in front of me....

    EX-L I4 A/T (no Nav) in San Marino Red with Ivory Leather interior
    Sale Price = $24,056 (incl Destination)
    Tax (6%) = $1,449
    Tags Title & Doc Fees = 164

    OTD Price = $25,663

    Dealer threw in the wheel lock and mats.

    Drivien is for 4 days now. Aout $150 commuting miles. Have loved every second of it. The LEather seats are awesome. Loved the heated seats this morning ( a little chilly in Philly this AM). Engine performs seamlessly, even up and down hillls. THere are a couple of hair pin turns on the way to work in the morning and I drove them aggressively this morning. The car stuck to the road. No tire squeal at all. Firmly in control. The noise cancellation actually works. Sport supenson a little stiff than my 7 year old Impala, but I expeced that. The looks and head turns are fun to watch. People notice this car. I thought the buttons on the console would be too much, but they are quite intuitive, and easy to use.

    No complaints so far.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    Something is up with the "secret incentive". I was quote 20,334 for a LX-P auto sedan, about $2461 under MSRP........

    I think something is going on........
  • rametramet Posts: 10
    Thanks the the feedback! I will keep an eye out for an Hot San Marino Accord Coupe. I work close by your Dealer.
  • Is this a good OTD price 23075.00
  • kepkep Posts: 4
    Hi 08carfinding, I'm sorry for the delay. You should contact South Bay and talk to their internet guy to get on their mailing list. I was in contact with their internet sales manager. Unfortunately that sale ended on 4/15 but I'm sure more will come.
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