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Removing stickers, labels, decals, glue, sap...



  • macman60macman60 Posts: 1
    how can I get LocTite glue off the plex-glass,black plastic trim around speedometer, and the blue vinyl dash as I tried to glue the black plastic and dashboard back together instead the sun has heated it and caused it to fog up my plex-glass and looks terrible on the dash and black plastic trim and it seems that the sun has backed it onto the surfaces. I have tried the solvent used to clean wax etc off the outside of your vehicle to prepare it for new molding and used goof off, orange hand cleaner, finger nail polish remover on the dash and black plastic not the plexi any ideas this is the only blemish to the 1997 Ford Taurus :cry:
  • carter4carter4 Posts: 1
    Several days ago I inadvertently ran over a can that had fallen out of a work truck. The contents of the can are unknown, but I now have splatters of a glue-like substance on the side of my car and tires. I don't care so much about the tires, but am trying to find a way to clean the substance off the paint on the side of my car. I've tried rubbing compound and WD-40. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    Do you know a good body shop? They deal with this kind of thing a lot. The problem is finding something that removes glue but not paint, so while I might try a few tricks on my own car I hesitate to recommend them to you.


  • lastc4lastc4 Posts: 12
    Bigfur - just purchased a 1996 C4 Vette. Previous owner put mirror strips on the gills. Looks like ther are on w/ epoxy. Will your 3M Stuff work for a condition like this.

    LAST C4
  • tarbabytarbaby Posts: 1
    New to the forum-
    Just bought a 05 Toyota Prius- LOVE IT - But seems impossible to get the UGLY air bag sticker off the visors. (Visors are cloth) I have tried hair dryer, attempted to peel it off, and then tried using damp white cloth on sticker and ironed on medium setting. Nothing has worked so far, and am scared I will damage the visor.- PLEASE HELP -----
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    find something else to cover 'em up, they put those stinkers on to stay now. look like they debossed the fabric and painted 'em all on that I've seen for a while. you could get a bumper-sticker printing kit for your computer and make up something like:


    How about a nice Sodium Azide punch? ( sorry, P&G hawaiian punch brand )

    SPACE FOR RENT. Lisa Visor, 888-666-0000

    whatever. they're on to stay.
  • frovsfrovs Posts: 1
  • xysterxyster Posts: 1
    I have removed the pin stripping from my truck using a pressure washer then used goof off to remove the sticky residue left over. It seems though that there is still something left looks the same as the paint just like the paint is a bit higher under where the pin stripping was, can I just sand it down and if so what grade sand paper or is there any thing else I can use??
  • Just had new tires installed on my factory 17" alloy wheels. Original wheel weights left what appears to be a heavy adhesive residue. :cry:
    Tar and bug remover did not touch it nor did WD-40. Any suggestions??
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    mineral spirits. it shouldn't attack any paint or coating
  • I have a plastic decal with an adhesive foam tape by ProMark on the back of it. It has my beloved Ohio State logo. I keep reading that taking these things off will be ok, but, is it realy ok to put one on yourself, and are there any tips, so, when it :confuse: wears off or I want to remove it, I will not damage the paint. Thanks.
  • The 3M paint safe adhesive tape, is it really safe for my car? :confuse:
    I have seen anything mentioned about this in the forum.

  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Looks like this is almost dead. Does that mean everyone has gotten the stuff off their cars? we can only be so lucky i think.
  • NOOOO!! I'm dying to find out how to get the half that didn't come off OFF for good. I called my Jeep dealer today to see if they carried those stickers. They said they are part of the whole visor which would run me $150! I have 11 months before my lease is up and I need to fix this. I don't think they will notice if that sticker is gone when I turn the car in but they will notice half a sticker. Help.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Where is the sticker? whats it of. Always a way to get it totally off.
  • I recently bought an '02 Civic from a young lady. I rec'd an excellent deal on the car, but the one thing I'm puzzled over is how to remove the Jesus fish on the back. Although I attend services, etc. I realized that I probably wasn't setting a good example w/ my driving habits.

    Is there any way to get this off without leaving a lot of residue?
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    heat it up with a hair dryer, then stretch out a piece of fishing line (one end of the line in each of your hands, and pulled tight), then slide underneath the plaque. The residue can be removed with a rag that has a little WD40 sprayed on it. If the residue becomes hard to remove, reheat it, the residue then becomes easier to wipe off with the rag. When done, wax over the area.
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    lots of alternatives like the "ixnay" or the "cat" at or if you mess up the Jesus-fish removal, you can hide it with another one ;)

    not all are polite, so use that criteria in deciding whether to view. none are really awful.
  • moto2moto2 Posts: 1
    Not sure how to remove them, but if anyone needs to know how to apply them, there is an article at
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
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