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Removing stickers, labels, decals, glue, sap...



  • To get wax off the car I would recommend a cirtus degreaser - it's great for removing any goo or adhesive (the stuff that smells like oranges).

    If you want to remove a decal from a car or car window, I would recommend a wonder wheel. it's made from soft rubber so won't affect the paint and is much quicker than using a heat gun (also takes off most of the adhesive or goo).

    You can see a video of the wonder wheel at

    Hope this helps
  • There are a few options to remove a decal / sticker from your neon car. They are:

    1) heat gun: works fine, though does leave residue afterwards. (I would recommend citrus degreaser to remove this. You can get this from most hardware or supermarkets
    2) metal blade: definitely not as can scratch the surface
    3) plastic wonder balde: generally okay, though can be hard to find an edge to start it. Better for smaller / more delicate ares
    4) wonder wheel: definitely works and removes most of the goo aswell. You do need to have a drill to use with it (it's basically a rubber wheel that attaches to a drill and strips the decal away without affecting the surface)...

    i saw a video demo at
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