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GMC Envoy Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
edited March 16 in GMC
Please share your purchase experience here.

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  • aleasealease Posts: 22
    I have ordered an Envoy and it has become my obsession to check these boards to see what everyone else is saying about them. I ordered a pewter 4wd slt 1SF w/Moon Roof and running boards. The dealership offered 500 over invoice after hearing that we knew all about the invoice price and dealer holdbacks. I really think we could have hashed out a better price but we figured what is a couple hundred dollars when you are spending almost 33,000. My build date is 6-11, I can't wait...
  • suv18suv18 Posts: 11
    I ordered an SLT Envoy with premium towing package, running boards, sunroof, engine block heater for about 200 under invoice from a fleet manager in LA. Price paid was $33,700.
  • edtassedtass Posts: 4
    on a SLT stickering 36,000 with freight. Getting local area wholesale on the tradein (5 dealers offered similar allowances). Probably somewhat of a screwjob, but the rig seems geniune and very nice.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    After 3 1/2 hours of negotiation on a SLOW Saturday night, I got my Envoy SLE for approx. $1000 over dealer *COST*. Received GMS pricing(GM Employee Rate+ 4%) Thanks to my employer, minus a $1000 GM loyalty check (Thanks GM!) and $500 dealer incentive that was mailed to me, (Thanks Don Massey GMC!) and a little bit of finesse for an effective total price of (approx) $27500 + TTL (36 mos lease, residual value of approx $16K. $500 down plus first mos payment) Traded in a fully loaded, leased 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (which is where they'll recoup any loss when they sell it). My payments are only slightly higher than what I had on the Jeep. I also think I was just lucky to catch them on a slow night where they were willing to cut a deal -- these are popular vehicles that usually don't get discounted much, (and not many folks are eligible for the GMS pricing either) Other dealerships didn't want to work w/ me for a trade in... go figure -- it was their loss. I'm very happy w/ my experience at the dealership tho. If you're shopping in the Denver/Littleton area, go talk to the folks at Don Massey!
  • amasseyamassey Posts: 1
    My neighbor, who is a Canadian citizen but lives and works here in the US, purchased his surburban in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Can a US citizen do that? Any downsides, besides having to switch the speedometer? It's much cheaper there. I know that Acura will not honor warranty in US from a US citizen only Canadian.
    My neighbor also didn't have to pay taxes, or got a refund since he no longer lives in Canada.
  • I got the SLT 4x4 with cassete & seat heaters for $31900 or so (excluding *tax* - eech - $3k for tax!)

    My advice to those of you buying in California:

    Go to Oregon. Or somewhere else. Ugh. California tax.

  • Onyx Black SLT with every option (except DVD player) in Orange Co, Ca.
    Went in on last day of the month around 5pm with info (including invoice pricing) from Dealer looked at my info, said he wanted to try and match the $$$ and needed to make his (end of month) numbers.
  • Paid 33,946 (minus $2002 rebate) so 31,944. Might have gotten better price but auto show killed my bargaining leverage. Dealer sold _4_ Envoys while I was haggling that afternoon. Since he had exactly what I wanted I bought it before some one else did. Why hate myself for a couple of hundred? :)

    Locking Diff, Sunroof, Load Leveling suspension and SLT Enhanced package.
  • Sandlewood SLT Enhanced Package, CD Changer, Running Boards, Polished Wheels for $31,501.08 + 3.08% tax. $150 over invoice.
  • mmorgmmorg Posts: 1
    When you guys list the price over invoice that you paid are you talking the invoice listed on the Edmunds site or the invoice on the site plus other fees such as advertising etc. The reason that I ask is that every dealer that I have gone to so far gives a different invoice price even though they are giving a price on the identical vehicle and of course it is always more than what is listed on this site. Please offer some insight.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    The invoice prices should match, unless it's several months old. The dealer should show you the invoice, if you ask. If they add $$ for advertising, it will be clearly stated. Not all dealers participate in advertisements, so check around. But, if you find something on their lot that meets all your wants, it may be worth the extra couple hundred dollars.
  • We bought an Envoy SLT all options (sunroof instead of DVD) and paid about $33,000 from $38,000.
  • sbindleysbindley Posts: 28
    I just bought my SLT with every option, including DVD for $32,500
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 128
    Looking at buying one.

  • techman2techman2 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2002 Envoy XL, in May, loaded, for 35K, including extended warranty of 5 years, 100K miles.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 128
    2002 May purchase "Loaded" - what option package is it? I have a quote for $34,900 (inclusive of the $1000 rebate but no extended warranty) on a SLT with 1SK package.
  • mlpcamlpca Posts: 6
    I have seen the total prices paid, but can you tell me the lease payments, term of lease and mileage?
  • besos7besos7 Posts: 4

    I just leased a 2002 Envoy (I live in Jersey). I paid $1500 due at inception and $375/month. It is the base model SLE, but it has so many ameneties that I didn't need the upgrade.

  • stachie1stachie1 Posts: 1
    I AM IN PA.
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