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GMC Envoy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rbarrasrbarras Posts: 2
    Entertainment system and Sunroof are not available on same vehicle...unless it's a dealer installed (non-integrated) DVD.

    As for price, I got almost the exact same deal...except I also took the 0% financing. I shopped around alot.

    Hope this helps.
  • wwhc43awwhc43a Posts: 1
    2003 Envoy SLE
    Charcoal Metallic (the most popular color for this vehicle as per GM), dark pewter interior.
    Only options: polished alum. wheels, rear view defogger, bug guard
    MSRP $32237.

    final price including all taxes: $25224.

    discount+rebates+2000 GM card rebate.

    I'm happy. And LOVE the vehicle. A great value, as far as I am concerned.

    Buy the ENVOY...not the Trailblazer, if you want approving looks from others!
  • Interpreting the rebates on Edmunds, for instance the current GMC rebates, sometimes confuse me. Surely people get well under invoice deals, so when I see Edmunds stacking the possible rebates, I wonder if there are some rebates like that. The GMC rebates are $4000 and $4500 and edmunds adds them together. They are so accurate about everything about the rebates...anyone??
  • Purchased a 2003 Envoy SLT. Sticker was $39,200, after much pushing got it to $32,000 including all the rebates. Loaded SUV, with power. Bose stereo, sunroof, heated seats. I had looked at the Toyota 4 runner, but feel this was a much better value. Having had it for a month, no issues. Looking forward to the snow!
  • I am about to purchase a 2003 Envoy and I have read all the reviews but how much should I pay not including tax and after all rebates? The price I think I can get one at is $28500. Let me know.
  • Edmunds invoice prices are below.

    2003 Envoy SLE XL
    $28,005 Base
    $1,250 Options (Side bags,leather,run boards)
    $650 Delivery
    $29,905 Total
    -$3,500 Rebate
                    $26,405 Net Cost(+TTL)

    Is this a realistic deal giving the holdback to the dealer(3%)??????????
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 68
    2004 indigo blue gmc envoy sle 4wd (pep 3) w/ sunroof, 1SB, and trunk net. msrp was something around $33000. lease came out to $207/ month with tax. 24 months/ 30000 miles. its coming in 6 weeks.
  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    TRy 407 ot 507 per month....
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 68
    well i DO think so. its a gm company vehicle that will be driven by my father for 2 months (about 3000 miles). THEN i will get to start leasing it. i would NEVER pay 400+ a month for this, esp. when i can get a Saab for less.
  • Just purchased a new Envoy 4WD SLT w/1SD MOP Indigo Blue at the GMS price and $4750 in rebates! MSRP:$39,880; GMS: $34,853; less Rebates=$30103!! Too bad the GMS pricing is only for employees, but could be an effective negotiating tool for others. I have known others who have bargained at GMS price plus 4% which is pretty close to invoice. I'm new to this forum but will be here often!
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  • Traded in my 2002 Envoy this week. It sucked.

    Purchased the same thing:

    Black SLT 4X4
    Fully loaded except DVD
    $48,000 Canadian

    The 2002 Envoy had a multitude of problems that the dealer could not fix as they called them "normal vehicle operations":

    Battery problems, climate control, clacking engine, banging in the suspension, remote controls often didn't work, etc, etc.

    Chris Ross
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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  • boyboyboyboy Posts: 5
    i was preapproved for 25000 dollars on the gmc website and i have a downpayment of 10000. Does anyone know what a preapproval is good for? does it lock in a set APR? what power does it give me when I walk into a dealership? any help would be greatly appreciated.
    p.s. I'm trying to buy either a 2003 envoy if i can afford it
    p.p.s. i don't have great credit, so can i now use this preapproval for a lease?
  • Hi everyone, I just received a quote on a 2004 GMC Envoy SLE with option group 1SB, sunroof, power heated mirrors, cruise control, aluminum wheels, leather wrapped steering wheel, roof rail cross bars, and rear window defogger for $24,917 MSRP was $34,560 (I think...thats pretty close though) minus $4,500 in rebates and a $2,500 down payment. Plus, I have $800 in GM card earnings and a trade-in with Kelley Blue Book value of $ the total I estimated with taxes, title, and tags was $25,656 which sounds like an incredible deal to me. However, I was told I couldn't get 0% financing with those rebates and at a Ford dealership I visited, I was told that since I am a current graduate student and don't own anything I would need a cosigner and worst-case scenario would pay 5.5% interest on a 60 month financing. I guess my question is, is this an opportunity I should jump at? How can I better determine the interest rate I will pay...or maybe talk them into a lower one?? Thanks everyone, please help!!!
  • cwalker29cwalker29 Posts: 20
    I understand your frustrations as a recent grad 1st time new car buyer. I am the proud Texas Longhorn owner of a 2004 Envoy.

     You have to pick the %0 fin or the rebates, cant have both. I suggest you take the 0% for a lower monthly. They will come of the price a few thousand anyway, by taking the rebates they will rework the rebate amount back into fin charges. I believe that they take the rebate straight from the MSRP.
    Its extremely hard to get a college rebate from GM these days, it is still promoted & advertised, but not awarded. Stupid, huh? I was told I would have to buy a sub $20K car for my grad rebate and I couldnt get the good fin with it.???

    My deal: 2004 Envoy SLE 4X2

    MSRP 32,980
    Final Price 29,400
    + 0% for 60 months
    + $5000 down

    everything u listed, no sunroof, payments $461.

    You will be paying the extra $4000 in interest if you take the rebates. if you plan on keeping the truck for the length of the term, go 0%. If you will only have it 2-3 yrs, take the rebate.
    good luck.
  • Thanks cwalker29, that definitely helped to see someone in my kinda shoes. I have been shopping for an SUV (Explorer, Trailblazer, Envoy) for about a month and got that great deal I mentioned above, but I don't think I am ready to take advantage of that yet. I know a lot of these deals are ending at the end of April, is it a bad idea for me to put off buying now and wait til I am ready or jump at these great offers? I just dont wanna pass them up and lose out on these rebates.
  • roywingsroywings Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2004 Envoy SLE XL with a 3rd row for $24,300 out the door. I love the ride. What i want to know is what does the SLE stand for. Also it was on the sticker (invoice) but not on the body of the car. Only the XL. The only improvement GM should have done on this car would have been power mirrors.
  • mfahymfahy Posts: 2
    Owner 2003 GMC Envoy XL SLT (V8)
    MSRP: 43,000
    Paid: 30,500

    Purchased: 01/29/04 they were motivated to move this one, its the brownish color, not that pretty, but it was preety loaded so i bought it. It had 85 miles on the OD. i felt like a genius with this deal. But dont we all!
  • I just bought a new 2004 envoy slt that listed for 38k I got it for 27,098.00. it has sunroof, side steps, leather, bose 6 disk, travel note, onstar (of course), headlight washers, memory seats, heated seats, polished 17" rims, floor mats. NO sat radio tho'

    Got decent discount on sticker price to 35K - 4500 rebate - 1500 for fin thru gmac. The catch is that I qual for the 0% but took the rebate and they gave me a high rate of 7%, which I will refi thru my credit union down 4%.

    Did I get the deal of the year or am I an amatuer that got suckered...
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