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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Accessories and Modifications

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
edited March 7 in Chevrolet
What accessories and/or modifications have you added to your Trailblazer?

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  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    I've thus far added a K&N filter in place of the stock one, the Bug Gaurd on the Hood, and rain shields for the windows.

    Pictures of all but the air filter at

    I'm currently retro fitting a cold air intake made from the stock filter box. Pics soon.


    02 LTZ, Black and fully loaded

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    for those intersted and who couldn't connect to the above link ....
  • What is your e-mail address?
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    For those who aren't already aware, there's multiple forums here for Envoy/TB/Bravada owners. It appears that this Parts/Accessories Forum does not have as many entries as the Envoy Parts/Accessories, so if you're looking for something that's not shown here, take a peek at one of the other boards listed. There are parts that are applicable for all three triplets on the Envoy Parts/Accessories board -- perhaps the HOSTS should consider making them all into a single site, like the main My 2002.... board.

    Links for all vehicles provided below: (remove the space in the url-- can't post words greater than 115 chars here)

    Envoys: WebX?14@@.ef00533

    Trailblazers: WebX?13@@.ef00521

    Bravadas: WebX?13@@.ef00528
  • I purchased a 2002 TrailBlazer LS about a month ago. I'd like to add to my TB a deluxe overhead console (typically found on the LT and LTZ models). Has anyone had any experience with this? If so, I'd like to learn what it will take to do this work myself. Thanks!
  • Does anyone know where I can get running boards for 2002 TB LS? Thanks
  • Go onto and type in SUV Accessories. You will find a huge selection of places where you can get running boards and so much more.

    Have fun!!
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    So far, I have a MagnaFlow 3" exhaust system, K&N air filter, Airaid throttle body spacer, a Lund wind deflector, Deflecta bug shield, Vent Visors, upped the tire size to 31's, and the best add on of all... Class 3 heavy duty trailer ball.. =) (nice chrome really stops those tailgaters.) BTW dont go 4x4ing w/ it, not high enough... =oP future mods include GoRhino Push bars, 1.75" laser cut spacers for a lift in front, full sound system, and another set of running boards.
  • what size rims and tires do you have now? I'm interested in changing my tire size too but I'm worried about how big I can go. Also, could you tell me more about these lifters for the front end as I'm looking into that as well. Any info would be appreciated.
  • m2icemanm2iceman Posts: 27
    Anyone taken apart the headlights to add Xenon? Just wondering if you know how to take them apart. Looks to be all enclosed, not too easy to get at.
  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    there are large rubber caps on the back of the lamp housings that can be removed to access the lamps themselves.
  • m2icemanm2iceman Posts: 27
    I saw the rubber caps, werent sure if they are removable or not. Ill have to take another look and take them off. Thanks for the advise.
  • tchdtchd Posts: 1
    i've already installed new bulbs in my 2002 trailblazer.first remove snaps out of place.first time it might be a little hard to do.then on the top of each headlight on the corners there is a lever which must be lifted up it's very tough the first time.then disconnect the lower outside plug that goes to the marker will be able to swing your headlight out a little.then remove your rubber backing that covers the bulbs.the bulbs turn out and turn back in. good luck!!
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    right now, i have the stock 16" alloys, and I have the Toyo Open Country A/T 245/75/16 tires. you can also put 265/70/16's on it, but cant go any bigget w/out about a 2" wheel spacer or offset rims(highly unlikely to find in 6x5 bolt pattern) on the front, you have issues because of the camber setpoint. the spacers were quoted to me by a laser machining shop for stainless steel. they would charge me about 200 to set up the dimensions, programming, etc for the spacers, and probably about 75-100 ea for the spacers to get cut. trying to talk the local dealer into ordering multiple sets to reduce the price... =P but any machining shop should be able to do it, just make sure that there is a lip to hold the spring on like the shock. The best guesstimate for the spacing a concensus of 3 different off road shops. one said 1.25, 1.5, and 1.375 spacing. i took the larger to preserve the driveline angles, brake lines, etc. with the angle, it should raise the front about 1.75-2.00 inches. Should level the truck front to back. Theoretically, it may increase the way the vehicle handles, making it less front heavy and transferring some weight to the rear...
  • So far the setup you have including the spacer is exactly what I'm looking to do, But since this being a new car I'm a little spooked about trying something unproven. I know I'm bein paranoid. Let me know how everything goes on the suspension mod and maybe I can get my chicken self to try the same thing. Thanx for the info, very helpful :-D
  • vgainesvgaines Posts: 5
    I'm looking into getting an upgrade to my sound system. Since the Bose wasn't in the model that I picked up, I decided to give it a trial and see what happened. Didn't like the sound, it was a bit muffled to me, so I'm going to get an upgrade at a local shop this week.
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    good luck vgaines. As far as i know, the wiring harness is not available yet, and will not be for some time. It is a relocation kit for the OE stereo because the databus interface wire that runs through the connector is very tempermental. apparently, your onstar, and airbags go through your stereo connections. I would only go to a reputable shop for this. And ensure they use the correct wiring set-up. good luck!
  • sildogsildog Posts: 50
    I hope I am in the right place! It sounds like I might add and learn here!

    Long Story!
    I had an aftermarket stereo system installed in my 2002 Trailblazer. At the time, the installing company told me that the vehicle would not "operate properly" with the factory stereo removed, so they charged me $85 for a wire harness so they could re-locate the factory stereo in the back cargo area, then installed the aftermarket stereo in the dash. I did loose things like door chimes and Onstar capability (which I never wanted anyway), since these things come through the factory sound system.
    Everything was fine, until somebody broke in and yanked the aftermarket unit out of the dash. In the process, they unhooked all of the wiring, so the factory unit was no longer "in the circuit". The vehicle appears to be working totally fine. I am driving it around with no stereo and so far I can't find anything that is not working. I tested the factory alarm, it works, the airbag light is not lit, etc. When I went back for an estimate, I showed the aftermarket installer that everything still worked, and he said that "the information they had said it shouldn't". I asked if they had some document so I could understand, but they didn't have anything. They quoted a new $85 harness for the repair install, but I don't really feel like paying it again if it is not needed. Anybody know the truth? The dealer doesn't know anything and didn't seem very interested in researching it for me. If anyone has info, please let me know!
    I personally think it is irresponsible for a manufacturer to link critical security and safety systems through a stereo system, knowing how many do-it-yourselfers install aftermarket stereos. It seems like a way to force you to buy their upgraded stereo! Isn't Microsoft in court right now for doing something like that?
  • rem038rem038 Posts: 2
    has anyone found a replacement shock for the 2002 trailblazer? my 2 wd/LT rocks and rolls down the highway.
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    rem038, no, havent found any new replacements yet. The main reason that I can find is that GM hasnt released the specs or no one has finished r&d on them yet. Have heard a rumor that all Bilstein shocks(OE) can be revalved to custom specs. I plan to look into this, but currently can't find anyone who does this yet. If you want to stiffen the ride a little, I have had a shop recommend putting "air bags" inside the rear coils to stiffen them up, but without new shocks, it probably will make the ride much more bouncy because the shocks will still be weak(IMO) and the springs will be stiff. hope this helps some, if i do find some, i will post it.
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