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'99 Silverado/Sierra vs. F-150



  • bigsnagbigsnag Posts: 394
    Nice try to count up recalls from three years. But the first two numbers in the NHTSA Campaign ID number designate the year of vehicle being recalled. Man, I knew this I.Q. would come in handy. Wrong again, eh ZBad.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    If you were as bright as you claim, you would know that those recalls rolled over to the 99's also. I knew when I posted those figures that you would try and pull that one off. What's really funny is that since they have rolled over to the 99's, whats up with Ford? Can they not learn from their mistakes to eliminate problems from the next model year? You just made a valid point AGAINST the Fords!

    About the I.Q. comments, slanders, etc. I am not usually the one to start such nonsense and again, I don't feel like I did here either. All you and your tag team buddies have gotten all worked up over comments I have made to support why GM builds a better truck than Ford. I have heard every "excuse" in the book why what I have said is not valid. I hear a whopping 2 very lame reasons you consider valid for the Ford being a better built truck than the Silverado.

    You rebute all the facts I have given you that are plain and clear to be technological advantages and proof of a more durable and rigid design. One comment that was made, "Jeep has had a similar Autotrac system for years". That may well be true. That just means that Chevy was good to follow that technology. Why is Ford not even a good follower then? They can't lead in technology and they aren't smart enough to take advantage of technology that is already available???????

    You guy's started all the heated conversation and name calling. I can go back and paste in all the posts that started this heated debate. You Ford guy's started taking things said about your Fords personally! Why?! Its a frickin truck for Gods sake! Do you put all your self worth and value in a truck? You all seem to think that I am the bad guy here, but if you want me to list the posts you made that started the heat and the sand to fly, I will be glad to do so!!! You guy's just got mad because I gave legitimate reasons for the Chevy to be a better built truck, it was supported by hard data, which you all seem to think is the only thing that makes it valid (Opinions and real life experiences don't seem to have value to you), the data I gave was also supported by other Chevy owners in this forum and when you could not deny the facts, you got all ticked off and started slamming me. Its not my fault you bought a second place truck!

    I bought the 98 Ford I had in spite of the no character exterior because, like I have said many times, I have always owned Fords in the Full size 1/2 ton trucks. I also have a 1 ton Chevy with 454 that I think has been tops compared to the Fords I have owned, but not having had any problems with the light duty Ford trucks in my past, I overlooked the undesireable exterior to buy a truck I thought would be quality. I don't buy trucks based on looks alone. I am glad though, that my Silverado has both Superior quality AND looks over the new model Fords!

    I can stop the slamming any time you Ford guy's can take criticism of your Ford trucks. I have not taken offense of your negative comments about the Silverado and I have mentioned more than once that if Ford builds a 1/2 ton truck that is superior to the Silverado line, I will have no problem buying one in a couple of years when I am ready to buy again.

    Just get over it!
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Roc is correct on the Ducatis. They use a bi-level gear drive for the valves. I think it's called Desmodronic. One thing to remember though is 2 cylinder bikes (Harley and Duc) are allowed big displacement advantages over the four cylinder bikes. Sorry for going off the topic.
  • Hmm...back in 1996 when I was going to buy
    my FIRST NEW TRUCK, I had an open mind.
    I test drove and did my research on ALL THREE, and the Chevy came on top. It looks
    like I made a good choice. I bought a 1996
    Z71, and in 3 1/2 years, have 94,000 miles,
    hauled trailers, taken it off-roading in Mexico,
    had a wreck in it 8 months after I bought it,
    ($5000 worth of damage), and use it as a
    daily commuter...and it's still going. The only
    thing I had to change was the alternator and
    windshield wiper relay. The only one complaint
    I have is the stupid steering wheel keeps
    peeling-off. Also, for the record, 2 days ago
    I saw a failry-new Expedition loose the left
    front-wheel!!!!! It literally came-off the vehicle!!!
    Luckily he was going about 20mph on the
    service road. Imagine if he was on the highway.
    I believe there is a recall on this problem on
    ALL Ford trucks and SUV's based on the F150.
    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying my Z71
    Will NEVER break-down. It's a machine, and
    like any machine I'm sure it will eventually
    break down. But at least when mine break-down
    I can push it, since it will have all its wheels
    in place.
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  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Just like children whom do not like to be told no, such are the children here that don't like anyone saying anything bad about the F150, thus all the sand flying around.

    This started out a casual topic merely discussing what each person liked or disliked about the competition and their views why one was better to them than the other. However, with all the juveniles throwing tantrums, you should probably wear a hard hat.

    Glad you like your Silverado. Even the people who have had problems with their Silverado, still like the Silverado over the competition. Several people have mentioned that they got a buy back, then went and bought another identical Silverado in the next year and have had no problems. There are always minor problems to work out in the first model year. Ford is STILL feeling new model pains almost three years later. I would say that as minor of problems that have arisen and especially how few of them that have occurred, this new Silverado has been a huge success!
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    The Pot calling the kettle black.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Perfect example.......

    You just validated my point.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    HUH? 360 degrees?
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    This is a very interesting topic with some wierd responces. I did a lot of comparing before deciding on my new truck. I was looking for a 1/2 ton regular cab 4X4. Power, mileage, and comfort were my major decision makers. After much research I picked a GMC 1500 (I like it's looks better than the Chevy). I use to sell Fords (and personally don't get into all this loyality b.s.).

    Power it seems GM has an advantage. 2000 models rated 285 H.P. (5.3L) is hard to beat. Ford closed the gap this year (260 H.P. 5.4L), but Dodge lags behind 250 H.P. 5.9L. Overblown?? Who knows... Having driven all, they all felt strong, but a slight edge to the GM. I believe GM has a good gas engine line up - probably the best, Ford second, Dodge needs help.

    Comfort was closer. I really did not have a strong preference. But, also gave the advantage to GM. Seats felt good, tow/haul is a nice feature, autotrac is great, heated mirrors - seemed to be a little more cutting edge than the Ford and the Dodge.

    Gas mileage also goes to GM. I believe the 5.3L is rates 15/18 compared to 12/15 in both Ford and Dodge. Given the H.P. numbers and the gas mileage this is a hard combo to beat. Kudos to GM.

    Overall, it seems that the 1/2 ton 5.3L 4X4 is hard to beat. Ford and Dodge make good trucks. Ford's superduty is a tough truck and the powerstroke is probably the best diesel out there right now. GM is missing the boat on that and the 4-door issue. Dodge had an exciting product when it was first introduced, but lower power, poor gas mileage, and technology lagging will not help it keep it's momentium. I hope they make some significate improvments quickly.

    That's the great thing about these trucks. Although I think GM has the best package right now, it won't be long until the others catch up and surpass GM. Which leads to more powerful, advanced trucks!! Lucky us..

    Ordered my Y2K Sierra and should have it in Dec. With a few performance mods. I should be able to get 330-350 H.P. out of it - it should be a rocket - can't wait.
  • Motor trend just did a comparo of the V10 F350 4x4, Ram 1500 4x4 5.9L, Chevy 2500 2wd 6.0L with 4.10 axle, and Tundra 2wd 4.7L.

    Petersen Publishing should just stick to testing cars. What a motley assortment of non-comparable trucks. Lots of errors too. The weight of the 2wd Chevy 2500 extended cab long bed was less than the weight of the short bed 1/2 ton tested by Truck Trend earlier. And they quoted an EPA figure for 15 city, 18 Hw. Not that some of you aren't getting that, but EPA doesn't have ratings for trucks in the 8600 GVWR class.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    I agree 100% with everything you said. Unfortunately, some in this topic tend to go mental when you say anything not in favor of Ford.

    I am not a loyal owner to Chevy. If Ford gets their head out of their dead tail end and makes a truck to really compete, I may go back to Ford. I owned Ford trucks for 15 years without any complaints. The new model trucks just have a lot left to be desired. Really a poor lineup in my opinion.

    Thanks for your opinion. The way it was presented, even if I hadn't agreed with you, I wouldn't have taken offense to it. Some of the children around here can't do that.

    Take care.
  • dean28dean28 Posts: 6
    Hey truck lovers, just thought i would give my 2 cents, so here goes. Well ive owned fords, chevys, dodges, and japanise and i have had the best luck with the japanise and chevys. The fords had the most problems and eventually i stopped buying them. I am very mechanically inclined and do all of my servicing and most of the repairs myself. After owning and working on almost every make the japanise were the most reliable followed by the GM products, but lets face it the japanise pickups are just too small! Well not to get off the subject im looking to replace my 94 jeep grand cheeroke ltd, which we have been very happy with, and it looks like after weighing all the facts and trying them out i am going to undoubtedly go for the chevy or GMC for many reasons. I just wish that i could get the 6.0 in the 1/2 especially after whatching motor trend tv do a comparison on the 3/4 6.0 vs the ford v-10 to which the chevy pulled as well if not outpulled the v-10, got better gas mileage, rode much better, was easier to load, and could even haul more! It was no wonder they said that even though the GMC cost 3,000 more than the ford tester they would pay that much more any day for all these reasons. But back to the 1/2 vs the f-150 they are both pretty close but the chevy is my pick for various reasons. no offense to the ford guys as they do build a mean truck especially the lightning. PS my freind is a big ford man and i just love beating him at his own game (my firebird vs his mustang GT, pickup pulling contests, and with his latest threat a ford lightning, i just cant wait to see if chevy makes the ss thunder 6.0 and i can make a simple engine modification and really piss him off! good luck with your trucks and remember good servicing is the key to reliability.
  • I own a 3/4 ton chevy. Not that I didn't test drive the other two. I chose Chevy because of past experience (1991 1/2 ton) and it seemed that chevy actually designed a truck with me in mind. From the Autotrac system, Haul/tow switch, to the trailer mirrors. The 6.0 is a dream to tow with. I tow a 28ft. 5th wheel. The only complaint that I truly have is the gas mileage. But then again, if that was what I needed, I definetely would not have gotten the 3/4. Ford's rear seat is uncomfortable and the 4x4's overall height requires that you flip the axles on a 5th wheel tow vehicle. Dodge didn't even come close.
  • I simply must know... Who sells more... Gm (that's chevys and gmcs) vs. Ford? I have heard the "Best selling Truck in Texas... in US... etc. for too long. I would like someone to post the data on this board. Any data with link to website preferred.

    As for myself, I own a Chevy 99 1/2 ton extended Z71 manual 4x4 w/5.3 3.73 and love it. 3300 miles only, so the jury is still out, but man! What a truck! Two previous trucks had a 4.3 and 350 in 'em and I do have to give the nod to the 5.3, although the 350 was unbeatable at the time and the 4.3 was an incredibly tough and ecomomical engine. I am still a Chevy man (GMC's looks... yuck!)when it comes to 1/2 tons and 3/4 tons. But my dad's F350 crewcab 4x4 with powerstroke is one great truck. At $38K it better be!

    Can someone PLEASE post those numbers?


    Matthew VanHoose
  • bertfbertf Posts: 1
    co-own a tranny shop, and have been a selling
    lot for two years now. Lots of trashing Ford
    here and used to do it myself. I was a die-hard Chevy guy. We have owned and plowed snow with all
    makes of recent year trucks. I can tell you that
    GM DOES NOT have the best transmission. Dodge
    has had the most tran problems in past ten years.
    I never liked Fords but they did raise the bar
    with their 97 redesign. The Frames and suspensions
    on the light and heavy models are a slight bit better than the other two. The triton engines are
    probably the best thing ford ever did. If you look
    at what chevy did, well they simply tried to copy
    the Ford. I would probably buy either, I drive both and had a new silverado with the small new
    v8, it was perfect, but it offered no power advantage over the Ford 4.6. I think people
    trashing the 4.6 is a lot of crap, it tows
    the same as the chevy with same
    axles ratios. Myself and one of my employees actually
    thought the small ford v8 was a little better
    than the small chevy. I would buy either Ford or
    Chevy for all around driving, shy away from Dodge
    due to quality issues. If you are working a light
    or heavy truck ALWAYS due the Ford. Fords e10
    tranny has actually seemed to be the least trouble
    out of all three makes.
  • Dont have any data for you but I did work for GM. Ford does sell more trucks in the US than any other brand. Mostly because of rental companies, regardless they sell more.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    I am glad that you have not had problems with the Fords. However, there have been uncountable problems with the new Ford tranny's. Just take a peek at under transmissions. All the die hard Ford fans are saying the best mix of engine and transmission would be the Ford engine and GM transmission! Ford went to a weaker tranny in 97. The F150's, Expeditions, and Explorers (light duty vehicles) transmissions are a nightmare and are constantly having to be replaced well before the factory warranty is even up.

    I won't bash Fords here. I have had some people highly offended by my posts. In this case however, this is not just my opinion. The list of transmission problems are a mile long. I had tranny AND transfer case problems in the 98 Ford I owned.

    The frames on the new GM trucks are unlike any frame ever made. Its GM's own technology. I don't know where you say GM copied Ford on ANYTHING. The technology in the GM trucks is lightyears ahead of Ford.

    It sounds as if your preference is Ford and thats ok, but if you look at the tsb's, recalls, service bulletins, and also look at some of the Ford user web sites, you will see that your info on the Ford transmissions is far from reality.

    Take care.
  • rhinncrhinnc Posts: 66
    I used to own one of these, great truck. Owners manual says to change transmission fluid/filter at 30K. While I pulled a boat some, I did do quite a bit of driving on sand at the beach. At about 37K my tranny started slipping. I had the tranny oil and filter changed and the slipping went away. If I had to do it over, I think I would have had the fluid changed at 20-25K. Probably would not have had the slipping problem.

    I now own a 99 Z71 Silverado, sorta miss the very smooth shifting of my ford's tranny. But otherwise I am satisfied, even thoug I have had more problems with my chevy than the ford. Guess this was to be expected with a first year vehicle. But then, so was my 97 F150 I bought in Feb of 96, and other than the tranny problem, it only saw the dealer 2 times. One to reset the computer for a misfire(only did it once) and I had a rotor replaced at 29K. Who knows what I will get next time, maybe ford, maybe chevy. Not a real dedicated GM or Ford person.
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    Where the GMC 3/4 ton 6.0L killed the Ford F250 Super Duty V10. Beat it in acceleration, power unloaded AND LOADED, comfort, etc., etc. Wait till the new GM HD's come out - bye, bye ford....
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