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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Meet the Members



  • mpalombompalombo Posts: 186
    I am also in New Hampshire, more south than you. I'm in Salem. I used to have a friend who lived in Farmington about 10 years ago. I have a 2000 1500 Z71 Ls Ext. cab. I love it, I've had it just over a year now. No major problems, a few minor ones.

    Good luck with your truck.

  • bcobco Posts: 756
    bco here. been around the 'rado threads since the first one. haven't been around for awhile thanks to a new job and place to live, but i'll stop in occasionally. i have a '00 LS that i got in january of '00 (one of the first with four doors) with just about everything but power leather heated seats. add'l options include:
    bilstein shocks, westin cps nerfs, line-x under the rail spray-in, wade bed-rail caps, bazooka tube, 2 100 watt 6" audiobahns (front), 2 50 watt blaupunkt 4x6's in the rear, a 4x75w legacy amp, and a nice big scratch/dent on the passenger side rear flank (*&%#-ing parking garages!).

    i do most maintanence myself and recommend my pictrail website to those interested in doing their's themselves too. i've also got some great maintenance documents on word, excel, and powerpoint that i'll be happy to send you if you sign my pictrail guest book.

  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    Kyle: It is good to see ya back. How is the new job going? Check in with your good comments when appropriate.
  • I just purchased a '02 Siverado.... love it. I guess that I'll just keep watching for info in the hall that could be informative.
  • Here in Ohio's snow belt we measure the white stuff in feet, not inches. My 2001 Silverado 1500 4wd ext cab is ready for winter! With the 5.3L I get good gas mileage and it rides and handles like a big luxury car. Coupled with a good dose of common sense, I am looking forward to traveling around the country this winter.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    now all we need is snow (im from mw indiana)

    Its been in the 50-60's lately :(
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

    Supposed to snow tues night but i am doubting that :(
  • Here in NE Ohio my Silverado and I are still patiently waiting for our first snow. Anxious, but not too anxious, to see how this beast does in winter conditions. I do like this mild weather so that I can keep my black beauty clean and free of the road salt. Some snow would be nice for Christmas. Happy Holidays!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    if it dont snow im going to where they make it.

    Found a ski place up in michigan. Makes their own snow WOOHOO!!!
  • y2kgmcy2kgmc Posts: 23
    Hi, I'm Ed 2001 Silverado Ext. cab 2500HD LS 6.0 4.10 posi Indigo Blue with Ryanflares. had a 2000 GMC Sierra 4.8 that was POS.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    haha ryanflares NICE

    sounds like a nice truck
  • Brand new to the Silverado--Just purchased 02 Chev 3500 CC; Lt, 8.1/allison;dually;pewter--only 200 miles on it--hope everything stays straight with this truck.
    Plan on puting Lance camper on it in a couple of months--time to roam the USA--
    Stay Safe---
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  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,028
    Last week, Edmunds rolled out new pricing pages. Along with this is a new "consumer ratings & reviews". This functionality lives in the "consumer opinions" area of the new vehicle detail page, and allows users to rate a vehicle on a number of different criteria (1 to 10 scale), as well as add his/her own free-form comments.

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  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    Purchased new '02 LS Silverado, 2wd, short box yesterday. Summit white, grey interior, 342 rear end, heavy duty suspension(X85), 255\70r16 tires, deep tinted glass, 4800 v8, automatic, and Aluminum wheels. Got terrific rebate. Listed for $24,489. Paid $18,300 out the door. Truck was only 9 days old. Had a '00 Buick Park Avenue on lease, GM PULL AHEAD program done it for me. I also have a '02 LT Trailblazer loaded (now belongs to the wife), she is much happier with the Trailblazer. All is HAPPY at my house now!!!!
  • seaboseabo Posts: 3
    1 very unhappy silverado owner. Please check out my homepage @
  • Hello, my name is DannyJ and I'm new to I posted a message this morning, #2483. I hope to get a response soon. I signed on two weeks ago and have been reading everything I could about the Silverado. I've learned a lot. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  • Back to edmunds. Used to be here, left for a while, now Im back. Good to read info on silverados. Work in Automotive parts supply base. Also from NE Ohio. Waiting to see info on 4 dr on the true half ton platform.

    cwillisj- what part of NE Ohio??
  • I just purchased a new 1500 ext cab, and I am already having issues with terrible wind and road noise on the driver side only. If you sit on the passenger side, it rides like a quiet baby, if you are on the driver's side, you can hear cars coming up from behind you two car legths back! Very frustrating and aggravating...does anyone have any ideas????

    Also, does anyone notice that when you open the glove box the first time after starting the engine, your cargo light indicator goes on!!! What is up with that??? Distracting to say the least! I tried this in two different ones with the same results...ideas???? flaw???
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