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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 Owners



  • Deffinatly put a 350 in it, most full size truck from the 60's up through the 90's had 350 engines in them, depending on how you build it, your can go for gas mileage, pulling power and torque, or speed, a 350 is a great all around engine and they're tough and durable, and if you ever need parts, there are so many of them out there that parts are allways right at hand. Hope this helps but then again this is just my opion.
    Thanks Chris :D
  • bobb59bobb59 Posts: 1
    My 2006 Silverado used to have a chime sound if the key was left in the ignition and the door was opened. It quit making that sound and also the large speaker in the driver side door has no sound coming out of it at times. Could these two issues be related in some way?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    yes. if i remember correctly the chime came out of the speaker which i thought was neat at the time.
  • shadypop5shadypop5 Posts: 9
    Yes the trucks in those years, until present i think, have the door chime, seat belt alarms ect. all tied into the sound system, do you by any chance have a LT truck with bose sound system in it, i have an 06 with a bose system in it and when you pull the key during the chime you can hear the static in the speakers until the amp shuts off, but if you have sound not comming from one speaker at times i'd say you have a bad channel on your amp, or maybe the whole amp is going out, i'm assuming the truck is out of warrenty by now unless it has extreamly low miles, otherwise that is gonna be a spendy amp to replace from GM or you can probably find a used one, if you don't have bose then you can probably find a head unit on ebay for a resonable price. Hope this helps your problem. Thanks Chris
  • I have a 94 1500 with a 4L60E and this is the second trans that has gone bad as far as I know (maybe more. lol). I want to put a 700R trans in it (The 700R is allot tougher trans that's why I wanna put it in. The 4L60E is electronically shifted and they are pretty much junk to me) and I know it will bolt up and have to have a passing gear cable for it. My question is the wiring harness on the 4L60E has 12 and the 700R has a 4 plug adapter but only 3 wires are live 1 is just plastic plug. (I cant find no adapter) Does anyone know what wire I need to tap into to get the 700R to shift? :confuse: Thank you!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Rather than a 700R, have you considered a 4L80E?
  • yep, I have a 2006, 1500 crewcab z71, with 285's BFG's pefect fit, no lift, looks good,
  • i happend to open my door too hard on my 1500 silverado 2006 and it seemed to have bent the hinge and will not close. it looks like it came "unglued" because there is silicone type stuff where the hinge has seperated from the truck . i dont see a bolt where it has seperated. there is one farther back on the hinge but far away from where the damage is. i was wondering if anyone had the same problem or knew a way to fix it? it is damaging the body of my truck where the door meets the body and is bent. has anyone had this problem? plz help
  • I was wondering if the 1500 Extended LS silverados,with RWD came with a 4.8L engine
  • yeah i have a 4.8
  • Thanks, I thought maybe it was an option only.
  • I have a 2001 silverado that the dash brake light will trip when there is not athing wrong with my brakes. I had a brake specialist tell me that there is a relay of some sort under the driver's side that is problem. HE said the contacts some times stick and that is the root of my problem.I looked on line to fin out more info with no such luck. Please, if you know of this problem let me know.
  • Did any one figure it out i pulled the radio fuse out the first time and it worked but about two months later i got another stuck and pulling the fuse did not work the second time.
  • I Own A 96 Chevy 4.3L 6 Cyl. w/ 268,500 Miles. When I First Start The Engine I Have A Tick Noise Coming From Under The Hood Until The Engine Warms, Then It Goes Away. After The Engine Gets Warm The Oil Pressure Will Read Low. What Is My Problem, Is This Something Major?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Low oil pressure can be caused by worn cam bearings. At 268K miles this can be a contributing factor moreso because you state that when the oil gets warm the oil pressure drops which is what happens with worn cam bearings.

    If your truck had an overhead cam it wouldn't be much of an issue. Since yours is a pushrod the labor to r/r the cam bearings might be more than the truck is worth.
  • hi
    i was wondering how is your gas milage now that it is a year later. have you made any upgrades like cold air filter, muffler, tonneau cover? thanks!
  • geo68geo68 Posts: 1
    cranks over, has spark, has fuel, backfires through throttle body. 5.7 liter vortec
  • Did you ever get this problem fixed? I have the same problem too!!
  • Can someone tell me where is the amp in these trucks, so I can replace the amp, there is no sound coming from the left speakers because the door chime stop working so i was told.
  • erf4ierf4i Posts: 1
    I am looking to replace the bench seat in my 04 1500 with power leather bucket seats. Is it a direct bolt in? Are there electrical hook ups already there or am I going to have to wire it myself? Any issues or concerns that anyone can think of doing this?

    Thanks for your help.....
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