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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 Owners



  • If you ever buy a diesel PU you will never go back to gas. the fuel mileage difference is really awesome. Diesel fuel is expensive but the mileage differential compensates for it.
  • I won't be as hard on you as McFly, but I'm not a transmission specialist neither> Possibly your transfer case was in neutral. You may have pushed the button accidentally. With transfer case in neutral, it bypasses the locked trans. Are you sure the E-beake pedal was floored? If so, you definitely have an E-brake problem. Without a running engine, no vacuum to power booster, so you would need legs like Fred Flintstone to push down on that pedal, but it still should've stopped. Under those harrowing circumstances, are you sure your buddy was pressing down hard enough? Scary stuff!
  • I have a 2004 Silverado 2500 Crew Cab in the silver color. My door moldings have bumps in them. There is a bump in each moulding. The front bumps are closer to the back end of the door and then back doors, the bumps are closer to the front end of the door. These bumps are in the same spot on each peice. Has anyone ever heard of this before and if so what did you do? Buy new? Thanks!
  • mule4mule4 Posts: 36
    That Is normal with that truck. Dealer should replace under warranty.They did mine
  • If the truck is not under warranty anymore, is it worth the money to fix them? Did the ones that your warrantys covered do the same thing?
  • mule4mule4 Posts: 36
    No the new ones didn't do it as long as i had the truck. I got rid of the truck at 30000 miles because of so many other major problems Most that GM. said was normal. & wouldn't fix.I now know they weren't normal because so many other owners having to fix them at their expense.If thats all the problems you've got & like the truck I would have it fixed at another body shop.Not GM Good Luck
  • otto8otto8 Posts: 116
    What the deal is that somebody messed up and didn't pull the bar code
    stickers off before they put the adhesive OVER them then put them
    on the truck. Then the sticker pulls away from the moulding and
    adhesive then the "warts" appear !

    You could try to call the GM 800 number and maybe there is now a
    recall or a goodwill adjustment for a free fix!
    My 04 had this issue and I never bothered to have them replaced but
    the person who bought it after me did while it was still under the new car
    That and a heated mirror failure were the only problems I had with that
    truck. I will note I heavy towed and snowplowed with that rig also!

    I now have a 07 GMT-900 2500 x-cab 4x4 which has been flawless and I
    work the tar outta it also! :shades:
  • I just got off the phone with the 800 GM people. They told me that since it is out of warranty that I would need to set up an appt. with my chevy dealer and they will take a look at it and see if they can assist me at all with this. The appt with the chevy dealer cost money, but the guy didnt know how much. Has anyone done this before and came out ahead? Will they help out or just feeding me a line? Thanks!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Goodwill adjustment is whether GM and the dealership agree that you are a good enough customer to go the extra mile for. Like buying multiple vehicles or even your current vehicle thru their dealership. Do you have maintenance done there? And of course if you're a likeable person according to the service manager and if he isn't having a bad day. Basically it's a toss up unless it is a recall which I doubt since there is no safety issue.
  • otto8otto8 Posts: 116
    WELL my 07 Chevy 2500 x-cab 4x4 GMT-900 has made it thru its
    1st year !
    With a big 7000 miles of working hard snowplowing and heavy
    towing it hasn't missed a lick and required nothing but a few
    $19.95 oil changes.............
    Waved bye bye to Onstar and ready to head to the dealer to have that
    screwy tire pressue sensor system reset as the warning message is
    making me crazy! (note: stock tires and PYOs)
    Now that snowplowing season is over I can leave
    it with the dealer for a day.

    Dislikes: Wipers SUCK freeze easy and fall apart and the winter
    rubber covered ones are not avail.yet. The mickey mouse plastic
    attachment device to the wiper arms is a POS also!
    The guy that designed them must live in Arizona !
    The auto start is great but limited to 2 10 minute running sessions
    which ain't long enough to warm up the interior and unfreeze the
    windows! The heated mirrors are a better design tho and keep
    them heated and clear in the worst weather.
    Rear cab floor design is screwy and not flat like my 04. So my
    nice GM storage box w/lid won't fit and had to get the new design
    open top GM box. It don't hold much but still useful!

    Nice truck and no regrets here!
  • gmcman2gmcman2 Posts: 1
    Hi i have an 08' gmc sierra 2500 hd with navigation system. My system does not play dvds, but my brothers truck (07' Chevy silverado) has the same sytem and his plays dvds... I was wondering if there is a way to get mine to play them as well and also i would like to remove the stupid warning that comes up everytime i start my truck, that i have never read! Also i would like to remove the feature that makes it impossible to use the system while driving, I know its very unsafe but im willing to take that gamble. Any help would be apprciated.
  • otto8otto8 Posts: 116
    G...........Check out a few of the Cadillac forums like
    Have read a few posts over there how to defeat the no DVD
    viewing while driving issue.

    I need the trick to do the same on my new DTS too!!!!!!!!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Is that a vanilla DTS or a DTS Performance? Not that I know what the difference is.
  • otto8otto8 Posts: 116
    Not a clue here Dean ! It looks just like my 03 except it sez DTS
    instead of Deville and is white instead of crimson red.
    Does a nicer burnout with the trac off than the 03 tho!
    I can assume both have 275 hp...............

    Still am stumped on the nav. system. Its a PIA to have on while driving
    always blinking, changing. Be nice to find that mod to make it play DVDs

    Now I gotta have my "Cadillac badge of Heritage" emblem changed from
    #7 to #8 :shades:

    Wish they gave them out for Chevy trucks !
  • arrentarrent Posts: 1
    After much searching, I located my oil sending unit. I can figure out how to remove it in the little space provided. Is there a special tool required? If so where can I purchase it.
  • bisincbisinc Posts: 1
    Have a '01 2500HD Ext cab 4X4 w/ 6.5 box, 8.1 L engine. The specs say the payload capacity is 3092 lbs but the Truck Camper Load sticker in the glove box says 2024 lbs including passengers. My camper is 1941 lbs dry so I could be in trouble. Whats the difference between truck camper load and payload capacity? Also, anyone know why the payload capacity is different from year to year (an '05 is 3764 lbs) when the GVWR and front and rear GAWR are essentially the same?
  • learncprlearncpr Posts: 8
    Purchased truck in Oct 2007, plowed throughout the winter with it, absolutely no problems. 6 weeks ago went to start the truck and it was completely dead. I do live close to work and often walk so the truck had been driven sprarsely in May. Towed to the dealer who checked various connections and in the end just replaced the battery (one of two) and blamed the short on the plow installers (who have a sterling rep). Just this weekend went to start the truck and dead again. Going back to dealer tomorrow, I jumped it and it started after awhile. Any ideas? Have heard of "Battling batteries" does this sound feasible? Thanks in advance.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Sounds like the dealer may be right and that you do have a parasitic drain somewhere.
  • learncprlearncpr Posts: 8
    Had it back to dealer again after replacement of battery. Mechanic said fuel relay switch bad and replaced. Trickle charge of battery for 36 hours+ and running fine. 3 days later dead again. Trying to get it in over weekend. If no success this time I guess its time to try another dealer and then maybe plow installer to check? No problems for 6 months and now its hit or miss on whether it starts or not. What about the starter or the ignition switch?
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