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  • Did you try checking under the hood? If you remove the cloth covering under it and check the hose leading from the windshield washer to the jets it may be disconnected.
  • joevgjoevg Posts: 2
    [1] subtle noise from rear suspension[only in warm weather]
    [2] gear shifter problems [only in cold weather]

    The dealer has not corrected either one.
    Anyone have a clue?
  • does anyone here own or know someone who owns a 03-06 sebring coupe? not the convertible. i like the way the car looks and it has a 4 cyl so it should be pretty good on gas. any reccommendations, pros, cons? i was considering buying one when i go away to college in a few months. thanks! ;)
  • Hey we just recently purchased a 2005 Sebring Touring Sedan for my wife , and she love's the car more than me, the car has a excellent ride and it is roomy also the sound system is superb the Brakes , acceleration and the body style is all good this is a real nice car to have she is thinking of putting 20'' rims on it and she also had it trimmed in silver ( the color is charcoal grey)this is a cool go chrysler. :) :) :) :) ">
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, thrsmith,

    I've moved your post to our Electrical Issues discussion here -- I think you'll get an answer more quickly there.

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  • mic11mic11 Posts: 4
    I just bought a 1999 JXi/maroon, black top, black leather. This thing is mint mint mint. Only 56k. I have been driving it for a month, 2000 miles without the slightest problem or strange noise. I would really like to locate a mechanic specialist for this car north shore of Boston. Also a web site that would have interesting after market products for this car. I love this car so far even though the ride is average at best and poor power from the 2.5 V6.
    I got this to have fun. My other car is an MDX and I had a 03 Maxima.
  • Hello KarenS. I recently purchased a used 2006 Chrysler Sebring Touring Sedan, 27K miles. I did plenty of endless online research to narrow down my future choice of automobile, and was pleased with the reliability ratings given to the 2005 model. I hope this holds true to the 2006 models. I however choked when buying the actual car. I did all this research, but was so excited with the price that I hammered out of the dealer, I bought the car without really checking it over. Two days later I removed the oil cap to find a build-up of oil sludge. This has me worried. I also discovered that the heater went cold at idle, a sure sign of low engine coolant. No overheating had occurred, but I do not the history with the previous owner. I have since properly filled the coolant system which requires carefully opening the bleeder screw atop the engine block and patiently filling the reservoir. I have changed the oil and will do such every 2K for the next 2 oil changes to see if this remedies the sludge issue. I am not sure if the previous owner performed proper maintenance, or if this is an engine design issue. I am also troubled by the 5W-20 oil requirement. That is awfully thin oil to protect an engine. Changing the air filter was a bear also. Otherwise, I love the looks and love the ride. :)
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    The sludge issue is a major problem with the 2.7 liter engine. Chrysler generally does not honor the warranty unless the customer can prove proper maintenance. Unfortunately, you appear to fall into this category. I suggest that you switch to synthetic oil and change the oil very frequently (say 1,000 to 2,000 mile intervals) for the next several oil changes. Hopefully, this will help clear up the sludge problem. Good luck.
  • Thank you for the advise and quick response. I am new to using these forums. I'm usually the guy the neighbors come to with automotive questions, but this engine with it's strict tolerances is a whole new monster to me.
  • I have the same problem with my 1999 Sebring JXi. Did you ever find the locaiton of your problem, Jeff? I've checked out the washer motor and it works fine. The water lines are clear. The wipers work fine. I assume my problem must be a break in the wiring between the switch and the pump motor. My dealer charges $80/hour to check wiring and he says it could take up to 4 hours to find the break, and then I would have to pay for replacing the bad section. Is there a common place where the washer wiring has gone bad on other Sebrings, or will I have to check out the entire circuit?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, Karen, and welcome :-)

    I've moved your post and its response to our existing Stalling/Starting/Idling Problems discussion. Just click the link to get there. Hope to see more of you here!

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  • czechoczecho Posts: 3
    Has anyone installed a front strut tower brace on a Sebring convertible? Supposedly this brace will limit cowl and hood shake when driving over bumpy roads. Also, anyone know where to purchase one that works?
  • Hi,

    I am a very happy owner of a new Sebring. I would recommend this car to anyone who likes a bit of luxury, fuel economy and good value for the money. The only tiny complaint I have is the design of the front cup holders, but this is very minor compared to the major plusses of this car (and no, I don't work in the auto industry). I plan to own this car a very long time. :) :) :) :D
  • Cliff, I also just bought a new Sebring. What don't you like about the cup holders? I found that a 32oz cup fits just fine in mine, unlike my previous Mercury product that I traded in.

    I have the 3.5L Limited with lots of goodies. I love to tinker and this car came loaded with plenty of things to tinker with. I usually go out during my lunch hour just to play with the MyGIG system. This car is so cool. I hope I still feel this way about it in 5 years.
  • Hey guys, I am Aaron and am planning to buy the '07 sedan (most likely the touring). Though almost made up my mind, I am a bit edgey. I went through many websites and forums and I am very confused about the reliability of the vehicle. Also, from what I read it seems the quality of the interiors is not that good compared to a Camry or Accord, for example. I really need some help on this guys
  • It is just that the arm rest extends over one of the cup holders, again, not a big problem - I love the car !
  • The company gives a lifetime powertrain warranty and offers a lifetime "bumper to bumper" warranty that has a money back offer if you do not need to us it, so they seem pretty confident of the quality. The 2007 Sebring was a new redesign from the bottom to the top so a lot of quality concerns about previous Sebrings should not be an issue with the 2007-08 model years. Some people don't like the looks of the interior, but I think it has an elegance about it and seems to be of good quality. I hope this info helps. :) :)
  • Aaron,

    You've probably already read some of my messages but I bought an '07 Limited 10 days ago. I went with the 3.5L and the 6-speed trans for a little more zip. One reviewer said he's getting 12.5 mpg with his 3.5L but I'm getting 20.5 mpg combined city/highway and they say it gets better after a few thousand miles.

    Before buying the Sebring I sat in a Camry. I wasn't impressed. I didn't want to waste anyone's time with a test drive if I didn't even like the interior. I don't think a Camry is all some of the "expert" reviewers claim it is.

    I also test drove an AWD 3.0L Fusion. Although it was close in performance to the Sebring I didn't like all the chrome on the front end. Plus, the interior didn't have all the gadgets of the Sebring. The MyGIG system on the Sebring is way cool!

    I can't give much of a long-term reliability report after only 10 days but I like that it came with a lifetime powertrain warranty. I owned my previous car 10 years before trading it in on the Sebring and I hope to keep this one around a long time too. I would not have bought it if I didn't expect it to give me years of trouble-free service.
  • Color: Hunter Green
    Interior: Camel Leather
    Rag Top: Camel
    2.5L engine
    cruise control
    gold rims (nice looking)
    120,000 miles

    I fell in love with it, but has its quirks...I call it the Joker (because it always plays jokes on me).
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