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Buick Rendezvous Owners: Meet the Members

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,026
Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your Rendezvous!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Also, if you are interested in a live chat, I can arrange that for you. All Club chats are set up on

4:00-5:00 pm PT/7:00-8:00pm ET


5:00-6:00pm PT/8:00-9:00pm ET
6:00-7:00pm PT/9:00-10:00 ET
7:00-8:00pm PT/10:00-11:00pm ET
(The latter may be rather late for East Coasters, but is available if you want.)

Let me know if you are interested in a chat and the day/time convenient for you.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Owner's Clubs

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    It's great to see we're up and running. Thank you Karen & Drew. This will be the perfect place for us "owners" to rendezvous.

    I live in the S.F. Bay area with my wife and 2 children (Daughter 10, Son 7); we purchased our CXL w/Versatility pkg. & memory seats & mirrors about 2 weeks ago. It is pewter w/ Gray interior. It drives just great!

    Topics I'd like to see covered here are: "Care & Maintenance" and although it's a bit soon, "RDV Problems". I'm looking forward to this forum blossoming as the other RDV sight has done. Thanks to Edmunds for this opportunity!

    Go 9ers,
    John B.
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Hi, I'm Chris Jacobsen, generally referred to as CWJ elsewhere in the town hall.

    My Rendezvous is named Gamera, and he's a Sedona Bronze/Dark Bronzemist Oak interior CXL with the 1SE package plus sunroof, third row, and captains' chairs. Gamera landed in Fort Wayne, IN on June 4th and has already repeatedly proved his cargo capacity.

    My wife and I love to ski and we're looking forward to loading up the vehicle and driving deep into Michigan this winter for some fun weekends.

    Besides its looks and cargo capacity, what my wife and I enjoy most about the Rendezvous is its mileage, comfort, ride, and civilized demeanor on the road. It also has more luxury bells and whistles than any other vehicle either of us have ever owned. I know quite a few of the other owners already, but am looking forward to meeting many more over time.

    Go Packers!!
    Go Badgers!!

  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I went back to edit my last post (sorry, it really is long and tedious) and got a call from Victor while I was typing.

    My RDV is here (5 days early) and I'm going to pick it up tonight.

  • lance_wlance_w Posts: 8
    Hey I'm Lance... I live in the Chicago area (Naperville) and we've had our car for about a month and a half now. It's black on dark grey with dark grey leather... 1SE package... captains chairs... no trailering package :-( - I wanted the bigger alternator...

    Anyway, I used to drive a 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 with a bunch of performance modifications and when I got into school down at ISU my parents decided it was time to get something a little more economical... So we went out looking at new cars... I wanted to get an 02 GMC Envoy, but with all the production problems and set backs, they started looking at the Rendezvous... well, basically, it was up to them and since they're best friends with Steve Woodring (Woody), we managed to strike a great deal with him and that is where we are today...

    I'm probably the only kid (19) who drives one of these things and honestly, it's a pretty cool feeling... more people stare at the Bucik then did at my Trans Am... I've had a lot of people ask "what the heck is that thing?" and I just tell them, "It's a buick." And they're all amazed.

    I'm also probably the only Rendezvous owner that's gonna have a show car audio system in it... all Infinity Kappa speakers with Kappa Perfect components up front, 3 10" Kappa Perfect sub woofers, new headunit from Pioneer with a 6-disc indash cd changer... it should be pretty nice when it all get's done (July 18th)...

    Well, that's my story, and that's my car... I'll have pictures and everything once the audio gets installed so stay tuned - I'm a car care freak and it always looks good so the pictures should really say a lot about these cars...
  • dlh4dlh4 Posts: 26
    My name is David and my wife is Mary Jo, and we are waiting patiently for our Sandstone and Bronzemist CXL with Captains Chairs and towing package to arrive in mid August. We are similar to fedlawman in that we have a GM retired Employee discount (my father in law Emmett) that influenced our buying decision.
    I have owned a Mazda Navajo that I put 225,000 miles on in 10 years of driving to sales calls (mortgage banking wholesale) and soccer games (I am a national soccer referee). I have been shopping for a replacement vehicle for about the last year. I went to the Auto show in San Francisco with my list that included the Mazda Tribute (good mileage but cheap interior), the Hyundai Sante Fe (nice vehicle but reputation is suspect). The upscale vehicles I looked at were the ML320 and RX300. Both vehicles fit the luxury I was looking for, but economically the ML got low gas mileage and drinks premium, while the Lexus was close to the mileage I want (avg 20mpg both city fwy combined), the interior felt cramped in the drivers area. Not what I'm looking for in a vehicle that I will be driving 500 miles in. I sat in every SUV at the show but as soon as I read an article in the San Jose Mercury News about the RDV I knew this might be the one, and after the test drive, boy was I right. Now I just have to wait till it arrives.
    So, in mid august look for a Sandstone RDV at soccer matches throughout California and it will probably be me running around on the field, and then driving in luxury and comfort back home to the Bay Area.
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    I'm Tony, married to Jill and we have a four year old son. We live in Fort Myers, Florida, and hope to stay here for a long while.

    In April, we ordered a pewter/greymist CXL with the versatility pkg., the 6 CD changer and memory seat options through the pre-sell program Buick ran for the RDV. It arrived in mid-May and we literally drove 1000 miles to pick it up..:).

    So far we've really enjoyed the RDV. It compares well to our RX300 and in more ways than not the RDV is the better vehicle.

    I just want to add that the folks who have been posting on the RDV topic since the word first starting getting out about this vehicle are a top notch bunch and it's been a pleasure interacting with everyone.
  • laggputtlaggputt Posts: 2
    As a quick introduction, I'm John (age 41 years), married to a wonderful woman and superb physician (40 years old), and have two girls (ages 6 and nearly 5). We ordered our RDV in early April, before the dealer could even quote an exact GMO price, and received it May 31. I'm the guy who in my foolish zealousness to finally say something on this board made a mistake on the memory seats. Thankfully, this mistake was quickly corrected by another person. We live in eastern Lorain County (Ohio) and have seen several RDV's on the road in our area. All of them look great! I'm a hospital VP and have received several complimentary comments on the RDV, an Indigo Blue with Oak interior 1 SD. It appears Buick will convince a few Lexus RX 300 and others to give the RDV a try. My brother is an executive with GM and my father worked 41 years as tool and die maker for GM. My wife's father worked in a Ford foundry for nearly 40 years. I've always driven GM; my wife has always driven something in the Ford line, with the last eight years being either a Town Car or Continental. Now, I'm the one driving the 2000 Town Car as she prefers EVERYTHING in the RDV. It has enough luxury, an equivalent ride, and is certainly more manageable for her than the huge Town Car.

    We have 2730 miles on the RDV and are averaging 22.9 miles per gallon, on both the RDV's gauge and my calculations. The only long highway trip we took was to Birmingham, Michigan.
  • habitanthabitant Posts: 7
    Ray and Jean Lemay. We lived in Granby, Quebec, Canada.
    We ordered our RDV CLX with Se package, captain chairs on feb. 28 th, and we took
    delivery on June 22 nd.The colour is light driftwood with bronze metallic bottom and
    oak interior.
    So far with 960 km (app.550 miles) we are very happy with the car. It is as good or better
    than expected.
    We like the HUD display. We had the same on a previous Bonneville a few years back.
    Altahough the one on the Buick is brighter.

    We had a CATERA before. As a rear wheel drive it was far from perfect in the snow.
    As accumulation is pretty good here in winter, and that we like skiing a lot, we expect
    better driving in winter.

    We are retired and like to make small trips. Next september we will spend two or three
    weeks in the Maritimes Provinces.

    Of course we do not help to lower the average age of Buick owner. But this car make us
    feel a bit younger.

    The car was equippep with Uniroyal Tires (Tiger Paw) .

    The owner club is a good idea and crongatulations for our hosts.
  • bonabillbonabill Posts: 7
    Have had our Rendezvous for about 3 weeks and just love it ! My name is Bill Swan and I'm a bank president, 53 years old, and my wife Ann is a retired physical ed. teacher.We live in Clarence, NY a suburb of Buffalo ( yes, of course I got the Versatrak version !!! ). I participated in the early marketing program and used my assigned pin # for a great discount. We have a light driftwood/ bronzemist combo on our CXL with bench second row and third row seat, light oak interior which I like very much and don't think it is too yellow.

    Haven't heard much said about the Onstar system, but I signed up for the personal calling and the quality of the system is terrific. We have about 1100 miles on it and currently we are getting 19.2 mpg.

    Thanks to everyone on this previous SUV chat page (before we became an official owner's club !! ) for all the significant knowledge and info I obtained making me feel like a most knowledgeable purchaser. Good luck to all with their new RDVs. I look forward to participating in the owner's club conversation.
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Hello all, my name is Brian and my wife is Martha and we're from the Lapeer area in Michigan (or, as our friends call it, "In the middle of nowhere"). We got our RDV in early May after ordering it through the pre-sell program in Mid March. It's Indigo Blue with the gray interior, Versatrak AWD and the Luxury Package (1SE), with second row bench seats and no third row.

    It's our full intention for this to be our family vehicle as we start having kids, and so far we're very happy with it. When we started shopping around for a family vehicle my wife was quite clear that she did NOT want a minivan, and after checking out some other options, including other sport utilities and crossover type vehicles, we decided on the RDV as having most of the benefits of a van, styling more like an SUV, and a price that makes it quite a value, esp when compared to other crossover vehicles, such as the RX300, etc. Also, the fact that I work for GM as a software test engineer meant we could get the GM discount, which made the RDV an even better value.

    Go Spartans!

  • mmeehanmmeehan Posts: 66
    Hi all. I'm Mala (39) and my husband is Jamie (38) and we have two wonderful little boys, Austin (8) and Shane (5). We live in the Sunshine State. I'm an Ohio University Bobcat (I would have loved a green RDV, but had to settle for Indigo Blue-which I love-and which is closer to my husband's University of Florida Gators colors of blue and orange). We're looking forward to taking our RDV this fall to a couple of Gator football games in Gainesville.

    As I said, we have an Indigo Blue Rendezvous with grey leather interior, 1SD package, sunroof, third row, and 6-disc CD changer. Our's only took 4 weeks from the date we ordered it to the date it was delivered to the dealership. I think that's a record for anyone on this board. We love it. I think the things I like about it best are the extra space and the way it handles so well, not all that much differently than the car I was driving (a '99 Mitsubishi Galant). I expected it to be big and bulky in turns and it really is very sure-footed. I've driven in driving rain (Florida is known for that) and the RDV handles perfectly.

    I'm sure anyone thinking of purchasing a Rendezvous will love it just like we all do on this board!
  • lrelre Posts: 6
    Hi everyone, I'm Lance (33) and my wife is Michelle (31) and we have two wonderful children (Zachary-6, Gabrielle-4). We live in Northern Virginia and I work in Washington DC. We ordered our RDV near the end of May through the pre-sell program and received it about 1 1/2 weeks ago (5 weeks for delivery). We got the Pewter RDV with Greymist lower cladding, Grey leather interior, luxury package, sunroof, and 6-disk CD changer.

    We love this vehicle so far. It looks great inside and out. We've already had many compliments from our neighbors, and my wife was recently approached by a stranger in the Target parking lot that said she loved our RDV.

    I have been very impressed with the RDV ever since we took delivery. It doesn't have the power of the 98 Tahoe we just finished leasing, but it's more than adequate for our needs. Plus, it's more comfortable and luxurious, has plenty of room, gets better gas mileage, and fits much better in our garage.

    I guess I'll close by mentioning my college since others have been mentioning theirs. GO HOKIES! That's Virginia Tech for those of you that aren't College Football fans.

  • mcduff2mcduff2 Posts: 1
    My name is Duke, age 60 & I live in Louisiana. I am an insurance agent and widower. I had never had anything but a regular car before - no pickup, no SUV, etc - just cars. I first saw an RDV at the New Orleans Open Golf tournament in May, 2000, where Buick had one on exhibit. Could not even sit in it, but decided then that I wanted one. I have the pewter with the Versatility package. Ordered it in April and got it first week of May. Have about 3,000 miles on it and very pleased. Many comments from people and two others in my small town of about 4,000 have already ordered RDVs after seeing mine. Some people said I was crazy to order a vehicle that I had never driven or even sat in, but I think it was a good decision so far. One concern I had was the air conditioning. Most SUVs in the south need a rear air conditioner and it wasn't offered on the RDV. Have already had plenty hot weather and it doesn't need rear air.
    For "I Wasn't Disappointed", I will mention my school also - LSU Tigers! And I just read that LSU and Va Tech will open the 2002 & 2004 seasons against each other. Geaux Tigers!! (For non Lousiana folks, that Cajun for Go Tigers!!
  • I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts and found them very helpful. I have a Sedona Bronze (w/Oak interior) CXL w/luxury package, towing package, 6Disc CD and sunroof (and no chrome wheels - I don't care for). While, unlike most others here, I'm not 100% satisfied w/my RDV, I basically like it so far!
  • bb1129bb1129 Posts: 7
    My name is Bruce (age 51), married to Janet and have two sons, ages 14 and 12. Since before the eldest boy was born, we have gone through 4 minivans (one Plymouth, one MPV, and two Quests). I have found the RDV to be a satisfactory alternative (giving up some space) but much more driveable and comfortable ( I am over 6 feet 7" tall) than the mini vans. On Memorial day, We brought home a CX with the 1SD package, 6 CD changer, trailering package, 3rd row seats, Uniroyal Tiger Paws, 2nd row bench seats, pewter exterior and the half leather/half fabric interior. Initially, we wanted the 2nd row captain's chairs, but were told by the dealer that they were unavailable. As we live in Florida, I did not see the need to get the CXL with Versatrak.

    I was able to use my company's GM supplier discount program in conjunction with my Oldsmobile certificate (for $1000) toward the purchase price.

    We have less than 2000 miles on the RDV and averaged 17 to 18 MPG (according to the computer). I have not yet seen another RDV on the road. We are pleased so far, but I have wondered why Buick did not include roof racks for the CX. I will probably buy the roof utility racks ($129) so I can haul my golf clubs. I have enjoyed reading the postings so far and am looking forward to future ones.
  • I hope this group develops into a forum where we can share experiences and learn about our "new" RDV's together.

    I am enjoying my RDV- CXL,reg 2nd row, no 3rd row with luxury(SE),sunroof, 6 disc CD, and the alum wheels instead of chrome(chrome looks odd without lug nuts visible). Color is opal blue/dark graymist accent/grey interior. The car was in the showroom under fluorescent lights, I was hoping it would look ok in the sun. It looks great.

    So far this is a very exciting experience. I am finding a few quirks with the DIC, and ext temp indicators. The thick owners manual is hard to handle (spiral would be nice), and has some mistakes in references. BUT, OVERALL REALLY NICE for the first 100 miles !!
  • mfarmer2mfarmer2 Posts: 67
    My name is Mary. The night before last, my husband and I leased a CX (Driftwood color) Rendezvous with the 1SD luxury package, Captain's seats, and 3rd row seat.

    I can't tell you how many hours my husband has spent out in driveway since we brought this vehicle home! Actually, we're both experiencing a lot of NVH (new vehicle high) right now. We'd been thinking about replacing our second car for quite some time now.

    We considered a lot of different vehicles including the Mercury Villager, Honda Odyssey, Mazda Tribute/MPV, Lexus RX300, Volvo V70, Tacoma Double Cab, and others. For that reason, you see may come across my messages in a number of the other vehicle forums here.

    We really needed the space of a minivan, but didn't really want to go that direction for a second time around. When we heard about the RDV, we knew this was the answer for us. This is also our first GM product. Previously, we've owned Nissan, Toyota, and Honda vehicles and never considered a Buick untill now. So far we're enjoying our RDV a lot! :-)

  • Hello -

    My name is boondocks, aka Cindy. Just took delivery of my new pewter/greymist RDV. I have a CXL with the Versatility and Tow packages. The only extra I bought beyond that was a cargo mat. The husband went over every aspect of it with a fine tooth comb last night when I brought it home, and finally gave it a thumbs up. He was hoping I'd go for a more trucklike vehicle, but I just couldn't bring myself to buying a Ford Explorer/Mountaineer, although I seriously considered the Mountaineer right up until the end. Early on, I was also considering the Acura MDX. The car I just retired was a '93 Olds Bravada with 173,000 miles on it. It was truly a workhorse of a car/truck, and is still going strong. I needed some more interior room, though, and was not interested in a minivan or big SUV.
    I am truly in love with the interior. It's obvious that a LOT of thought went into this vehicle. Every nook and cranny was utilized, and everything is within reach. Now I just have a lot of programming to do!

    Cindy, still breaking in the engine at 331 miles
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  • jwsmithjwsmith Posts: 46
    Greetings to the Rendezvous owners! I'm Jim, and along with spouse Jean, purchased a nice pewter CXL with sunroof, towing, captain seats, and third row seats. Was on the way to buy a Subaru Outback VDC Sedan but my spouse was annoyed over the lack of a power passenger seat and the need for premium gas. A test drive in the Rendezvous overcame her concerns with a "SUV" and the features won her over. I'd like to see service and maintenance issues. My spouse gets a new car every 10 years, and this one replaces her 1991 Toyota Cressida (which our college Sophomore daughter will take over) with 113,000 miles. We look forward to many years of good service on our often slippery Manistee, MI roads!
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