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Buick Rendezvous Accessories and Modifications



  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    ok - simple terms...

    The V92 outlet is under the rear bumper area - driver's side.

    To connect a utility trailer that does NOT have its own onboard electric brakes, simply install a Class III hitch (as shown in the video). Then, buy the V92 to 4-pin Flat connector (which is approx 2.5 ft long). Connect the V92 plug into the vehicle's V92 outlet. Plug the other end of the wire (which is a 4 flat end) to your utility trailer.

    If you pull a tent trailer or utility trailer that has its own onboard electric brakes, then install a 7-pin connector instead. Install a Brake Controller in your RDV. And if your trailer has onboard battery (like tent trailers), then install a 12V "live" wire as well.

    If only pulling a light weight utility trailer that has Surge Brakes or NO onboard electric brakes, simply purchase the V92 to 4-pin wire.


    For video - to install the Class III hitch:

    For factory V92 to 4 pin Wire connector on RDV vehicle, puchase:
    Note: Factory V92 plug under the rear right bumper area. Simply remove its blue plug and "plug in" the new V92 trailer wiring adaptor cable. Surf above URL for a picture. If wondering, I connected the "brown - running / clearance" and "white - ground" wires from this bundle to my customized rear ID bar (3 lights).

    Forgot to mention... I do NOT tow anything with my RDV. My mechanic tells me that my 2003 RDV FWD isn't made for towing. Yes. I have a Class II trailer hitch for my RDV (which is hanging in my shed) but did NOT install it. For towing (even light weight utility trailers), I use my other vehicle - which is made for towing. My RDV's V92 to 4-pin 2.5 long wire harness was modified to connect into my vehicle's custom ID "light bar" instead. For this, I simply cut its 4-pin flat connector off and spliced its brown (running lights) and white (ground) wire into its ID light bar. Its green and yellow wire in this wire harness 2.5 long bundle were left "as is".

    Hope this helps as well...

  • cruzakcruzak Posts: 11
    Hello Spike99. Regarding about what you mentioned on your last paragraph, it made me second thought if I'm going to put a trailer hitch Class III on my 2005 RDV AWD (3.4L V6). According to my research it as only 185hp and 210 lb-ft torque maximum, I'm planning to buy utility trailer which has 1700 lbs gross wt. Do you think its appropriate/safe to go on with the plan or it's not good idea at all?
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    For a "light weight" utility trailer of say "1700 lbs gross wt.", your 2005 AWD RDV should easily pull it. And pull it without too much stress. If wondering, my one utility trailer has a 3,200 lbs axle and my other vehicle has a 3,600 lbs axle. Thus, I use a differt vehicle (my non - RDV vehicle) to pull either of my utility trailers. Thus, allowing my RDV to remain a "run about" vehicle. For your 2005 RDV, pulling a utility trailer of "1700 lbs gross wt." is very little stress on it.

    If you pull a "loaded" utility trailer WITH rear cargo and/or WITH lots of passengers, I'd recommend installing an Aux Transmission Cooler as well. Thus, keeping its tranmission oil "cool". Cool = longer transmission life. For example:

    And if the rear of your vehicle has too much rear sag, you might want to investigate Timbrens or Air Bag suspension upgrade as well. re:

    As long as you pull a light weight utility trailer and don't over "push it" during stop/go traffic, against strong head wind and/or up the steep hills, your 2005 RDV should easily pull a max loaded 1,700 lbs utility trailer.

  • tammyltammyl Posts: 7
    I want the passenger to be able to key in directions so I was wondering if anyone knew how to over ride the system in a 2006? We also have a lexus and had no problem over riding it. Thanks for any help.
  • bob427bob427 Posts: 1
    any advice?- I wan't to use e3 spark plugs.I was told by a mech that they'er no good. I wan't to improve mileage is there any other sugestions. bob
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    Not too sure about E3 Plugs myself. Especially E3 design (which might burn hotter) that's being used in a small GM engine - within a heavy weight vehicle like the Rendezvous.

    To learn what E3 plug design is, watch video at:

    To learn any "high problem" pattern areas, simply google "e3 spark plug problems".

    re: oq=e3+spark+plug+

    Based on the posts I've read, many folks seems to like the E3 spark plug design.

    Hope this helps...

  • Hi' just wondering where you purchased your running boards from.You did a real good job.
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