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Buick Rendezvous Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • can someone please help me figure out what the dealer invoice price AND MSRP is for (1) base of a RDV CXL and (2) the Luxury Pacakge with 3rd row seat --- edmunds numbers and my dealer numbers are way off ---also, thanks for your many comments -- I am close to buying
  • venettavenetta Posts: 18
    We just bought our RDV CX with Luxury Package last week and Edmunds numbers matched the dealers except for the advertising fee that Edmunds doesn't include in their price. Our dealer was very upfront with us and showed us his invoice paperwork which matched Edmunds numbers. I can't tell you what the exact MSRP or invoice is for the CXL, but if you price it on Edmunds and take a copy into the dealer they really can't dispute it. If they do, I would go to a different dealership because they are not being upfront with you. I also recommend using the gm buypower to get a price from your local dealers and then negotiate from that price with your Edmunds pricing. I live in the Cincinnati area and there were some dealers that would not go below $500 off MSRP, but the one that we chose went to $500 below invoice. Good Luck with your search, you will defenitely love your RDV!
  • What should I expect to pay for a RDV w/ SD pkg and Sunroof (MSRP - $32,877)?

    What's been your experience? (Also posted similar message on main SUV board.)
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I didn't see your message on the main board.

    I think a few hundred over invoice is what most people are paying for RDV's.

    According to and, a CXL with 1SD and moonroof MSRP is $33,055. Invoice for this car is $29,750. Take into account the $2,002 factory incentive and your probably looking at about $28,000, give or take a couple hundred dollars.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for your reply. I've found RDV AWDs with three(3) different base prices ($27,452-27,552-27,730), depending, I assume, on manufacture date.
    The option prices have remained the same ($4,030 for SD pkg, and $695 for sunroof), but the destination charge has risen from $575 to $600.

    Also, I've had dealers quote me $100 to $150 over "invoice," but haven't actually seen an invoice yet. One dealer told me that the advertising fee was 1.5% of MSRP (less destination), which would equate to around $500.

    This seems rather high for an ad fee; I was expecting a number in the $200-300 range. What ad fees did other RDV buyers see when they purchased? Thanks.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    The advertising fee issue has been discussed frequently on the Smart Shopper. Type "advertising" into Search.

    The following is from FAQ:

    "Most vehicles carry a legitimate advertising fee levied by either the manufacturer or by regional dealer groups. National or regional advertising fees, when charged, should not exceed 1 percent of the vehicle's MSRP. Because individual dealership advertising is a cost of doing business, you should never pay an advertising fee levied by the dealer rather than a regional dealer association or the manufacturer."

    Hope this helps!

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  • netnerdnetnerd Posts: 117

    I went to one dealership--Wilkie Buick--and told them I knew the invoice price (had gotten it from Edmunds) and asked them what the best price they could give me was. They came back with a price about $1100 over invoice. I told them that it was too high and the salesman went to "talk to his manager" and came back with a price $300 lower, but still $800 over invoice.

    I told him I'd have to think about it. I checked at several other dealerships and only one of them--Armen of Ardmore--had the exact RDV that I wanted (color and option combinations). I had to buy one of the ones on the lot in order to get the 0% financing which was scheduled to end at the end of October (it was around October 10th at the time), so I couldn't custom order one. Of course a week or so after I purchased mine GM extended the 0% for several weeks or months!

    I sat down with a salesman at Armen and told him I knew the invoice price and wanted to hear what the best price he could give me was. He went away to consult the computer and after what seemed like 25-30 minutes came back and said he was having trouble with the computer. He showed me what he said was the invoice and asked me how much profit I thought they should make over that. I said $200 and he said, "You've got a deal." (or something to that effect). I didn't close the deal at that point, though, because I thought I'd give Wilkie a chance to beat them.

    The price I had gone in to Armen hoping to get was actually higher than what I ended up getting. When he asked how much I thought they should make I figured I'd shoot even lower. Now, having read that some folks got theirs below invoice, maybe I should have gone even lower.

    I stopped by Wilkie that night and told him I'd gotten a better price at another dealer and that, in fact, the other dealer's invoice price was even lower. The sales manager at Wilkie then told me that it couldn't be the same vehicle because everyone pays the same invoice. I had found Wilkie to be the stereotypical slimy auto dealership so I suspected that they were trying to screw me. The invoice sheet Wilkie had showed me (which had an invoice price higher than Edmunds listed) was a sheet of paper with text only at the top and bottom but with a big blank spot in the middle. Armen's invoice sheet that was full of text, not just at the top and bottom which led me to suspect that Wilkie had copied a different vehicles invoice sheet but covered up the identifying information.

    The next day I stopped by Armen on my way to work and took a picture of the Rondy's window sticker with my digital camera. Then I called Wilkie and had him fax me a copy of the window sticker from the RDV I had looked at there (I was surprised when he agreed to do this!). I compared the two window stickers and they were the exact same vehicles.

    The one I was about to buy had 210 miles on it as it had been test driven a number of times and was apparently driven to Armen from a dealer in NJ during the course of a dealer exchange. The one at Wilkie had no miles, but when I had driven it for a three day extended test drive I was experiencing problems with the HUD which made me leery about buying it.

    I am buying on the 36 month 0% financing deal.

    I wish it had a longer warranty, though. One of my few complaints.

    Hope I didn't lose anyone with my rambling. I just wanted to put in all the important points I could think of.
  • rothlrothl Posts: 2
    I started my purchase odyssey in the middle of January when my '94 Transport started leaking oil.
    I liked the RDV with the versatility package and the rebate combined with my GM card dollars made the purchase tempting. I figured invoice to be 25,202.

    I first went to the websites. An autobytel rep called me with the "best deal out there" for a Rendezvous at 500 over invoice.

    I also notified GM buypower and an internet dealer from 45 miles away emailed me with a 600 over invoice bid. I noted on this forum that people are getting better deals and said as much when we spoke on the phone a few days later. He then came back with invoice- 25,202. Having not visited a dealer yet I said I was going to try to get it lower.

    I've used priceline for vacations and since I was ready to buy, I thought I'd give it a shot. If a dealer accepts my bid and I don't buy I'm out $100. If I do buy, then pricline takes $50. I bid 24960 and let them contact all the dealers in the Cleveland area. Got a notice the following working day that nobody accepted the offer. I spoke with a service rep at Priceline who said that nobody will go under invoice for RDVs.

    Visited the nearest Buick dealer and plopped the invoice e-mail on his desk and asked if he could match it. They had nothing on the lot that was even close to what I wanted. He told me that he didn't think he could get me the car at that price because "the price has gone up $200 in the last three weeks". He would try to locate a vehicle manufactured before the price increase but couldn't guarantee anything. I told him if he couldn't find a car at $25,202. I'd go back to the dealer and give him the shot. After hearing that he exclaimed,"we're gonna get this deal done."

    I figure I'll give the local dealer 5 more days and then return to the out of town dealer. It probably sounds like I'm being to selective on price but I buy a car every 4 years and am not too schooled on the art of dealing.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Although you may not be going that route now, I thought you may still be interested in this discussion Smart Shopper.

    PRICELINE.COM - experiences & comments on buying vehicles thru Priceline?

    Good luck finding your Rendezvous!

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  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Anyone in Canada get a good deal on a base CX? Wondering how low dealer's will go up here?
  • got a loaded CXL for invoice + 400 and I talked to about 20 dealers by phone to get that.
  • Picked up my new RDV (awd CXL, 1SE, third row seat, sunroof, white/gray leather) this weekend. MSRP was $34, 612 . . . dealer discounted it $3,200 BEFORE rebate, GM card credit, Olds Loyalty credit, and $500 lease cash. 36 month/45k-mile lease is $382 + 9% PA state tax, about $417 / month.

    So far, so good . . .
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Everyone's getting such great deals!

    Welcome to RDV ownership!
  • rothlrothl Posts: 2
    It's been a two weeks and the $2002 rebate clock is ticking. Got a call last week that the dealer found a RDV and it was ready so I gathered up the family and trekked to the dealer. I was greeted by the salesman who shepherded us to the cleaned up vehicle. The kids climbed in the back and my wife plopped herself in the driver's seat. Someone she met at work told her that his wife loved the RDV, so she was in a lather. The salesman came around back to show me the 3rd row seat. UH OH. No seat. They got the wrong vehicle!(1SB instead of 1SC) Back to the drawing board.
    Showed up today and they found a RDV, but it had the moonroof and the premium sound system. The salesman said I could have it at invoice, $26111. After consulting with the female head of household, it looks like it's finally going to happen.
  • ppalonskyppalonsky Posts: 34
    Took delivery of our RDV two weeks ago. MSRP was:

    Base $27,452
    Option $7,105-1SE,3rdrow,sunroof,6CD,Captain Seat
    Dest $575
    Total $35,132

    Paid $32,000, before $2,002 rebate, which was Invoice + national add fee. The dealer agreed to take off the extra regional add fee charge. Overall I'm happy with the deal and we love the car.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    Congrats! What color is it?
  • We ordered a CX yesterday with a G.M discount

    CX with 1SC package ( versatility) $29,570.00
    Sunroof 792.00
    trailer package 362.00
    freight 900.00
    Total $31,702.00

    without discount 36,500.00

    We ordered white, over the charcoal. Attention other Canadians, as usual we are being treated as second class customers. In Canada we can only get charcoal on the bottom of the vehicle, while the American customers have a variety of options to choose from. Also we are forced to purchase a 2500 dollar option group in order to get the third seat, while Americans can order it as a stand alone option for about 750 bucks. Are you listening GM, why do you treat Canadians as second class. The net allows us to compare notes now !
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    New 2002 CXL with Luxury Package (1SE), 6 disc CD changer (UC6), 3rd row seat (AJ2), and sunroof (CF5): MSRP: $35,185. Dealer offered to sell for $32,548 (this is before $2002 cash back, which I know expired today but am hoping will be renewed). Any thoughts. Is this reasonable? Thanks in advance!
  • ppalonskyppalonsky Posts: 34
    I bought my RDV about 3 weeks ago. It stickered for $35,132 and I paid $32,002 before the rebate. I think you should be able to get a better deal than the one your dealer is offering. I found 2 dealers in my area who would sell me the RDV for invoice including the national advertisement fee (about $300) but subtracting off their local advertisement association fee which was on the printed invoice they showed me. Try the GM BuyPower feature on GM's web site to locate the car you want and get competative quotes from other nearby dealers.

  • ramblewoodramblewood Posts: 2
    We are looking at a CXL "demo" with approx. 6000 miles. It is listed as a new car as it has never been titled. It if fully-loaded (captain's seats in back, third row seating, etc) but no towing package. The dealer is asking $31, 959 (MSRP sticker price is $35,257) which seems a bit high considering the 6000 miles it already has. Any opinions?
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