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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • dlconroydlconroy Posts: 5
    We bought a 05 two years ago...was that a bad dream. We had it towed 17 times within the first 6 months of owning it. Our dealer wouldn't even answer phone calls from us anymore. In our state you can't file a lemon law after a year. They replaced the GPS, the entire electrical harness twice! the instrument cluster, sending unit and the had the gas gauge replaced. It finally runs and doesn't stall, but the gas gauge still does not. We got a lawyer and filed a claim against GM. After almost a year they gave us a check, but the lawyer got half. Never again will I own one and I LOVED this car and wanted it more than anyother car. To my knowledge they still don't know how to fix this gauge problem.
  • kleb04kleb04 Posts: 1
    I Bought my 03 Rendezvous used and I thought everything was great. That was until I heard a rattling in the drivers front wheel. My Husband took a look at it and saw that the Spring on the strut assembly had snapped off on top and on bottom so it was just rattling around. I brought it back to the dealer and they fixed it for free and so I thought that we were all good. Until a week later the rear end had a suspension problem. Come to find out the motor in the back for the air ride never worked and it blew the suspention. It cost me over $900 to fix this problem and that was supposedly with a discount on parts and labor. Now just the other day I started to hear rattling in the front again so we lookerd and the same spring that was fixed on the drivers side broke again. I have the CXL AWD it's not like I am out BAJA riding in the car. I brought it back and was told they would fix it this time but it will be the last time it will be fixed for free. Does that mean that this is going to happen again and when it does I am responsible? I am really starting to not like this car! Has any one else had any suspension problems or am I the only sucker that buick and GM saw comming?
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    The new spring in the front was obviously defective from the factory.

    They should have apologized profusely, offered you a loaner and a free oil change, and made you happy. Instead they frustrated you by threatening with "this is the last time".

    I assure you there is nothing unique about these springs. A spring is a spring. They are not all bad. It is unfortunate you had two go bad.

    Also for those of you with fuel gauge problems, I think you're stuck with bad dealers. GM obviously DOES know how to make the gas gauge in the RDV work correctly. There are plenty of us with accurate gas gauges.

    The dealership network is what really makes or breaks a car sometimes. :-(
  • dsaundrydsaundry Posts: 1
    Being new to this forum, I hope this gets in the right place. I run a small auto repair shop and its not just Rendevous that have issues, Heck its not even just GM. I have seen so many issues from wheel bearings and wiring harness's to intake gaskets and crap transmissions...I used to be a die hard Detroit machine lover, but I really get leary about quality on the North American manufactures...I have heard all the arguments on how they are using cheap offshore products in some area's however if my business was dependant on asian vehicles I wouldn't need all the tech's I have. 75% of my business if not a bit more is North American....All that said and done I still like some of the vehicles out there....just wish they would be more reliable.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947

    That's sad to hear.

    Welcome to CarSpace!
  • jrod8jrod8 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem did you ever figure out why this was happening?
  • dlconroydlconroy Posts: 5
    Yes, after removing and replacing everything known to man, they finally replaced the battery cables...never had the problem after that! Knock on wood...
  • so i have a 2003 buick rend, here right side brake light not workin,not bulb either. how was your problem solved. what should i be looking for here? thank you
  • bambi712bambi712 Posts: 1
    was looking at a 05 rendezvous to buy at a GREAT price but it has 130, 000 miles. What is the engine expectancy mileage wise?
  • cruzakcruzak Posts: 11
    The mileage is too high Bambi712, I know a car with great price deal it's hard to resist especially when it is within your budget bracket on your car buying. In my opinion I prefer buying a car that will give me a peace of mind over discounted price. I own 2005 RDV currently have 47200 mileage, from my calculation base on months of ownership I drove the car 1151 miles per month average, which is high based on common normal average use. Look for some RDV deals that has less than 50k mileage and purchase GM warranty that will protect you up to 100k miles. One thing I want to add, consider activating the OnStar feature, it really gives me a peace of mind wherever I go especially driving during winter season. ;)
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,641
    Statistical life expectancy of a modern gasoline engine would be about 175,000 miles. Some go more, some go less.
  • I recently hit a very large pot hole, my car immediately stalled and I was unable to restart the car. The car would turn over, but there was no fuel pump noise and it wasn't getting any gas. The dealer that I purchased the car from told me that if you are in an accident of impact, that there is a safety switch that has to be pushed in order to restart you car. It has something to do with the fuel. :confuse:
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,641
    I don't believe your car has one of those. Only some automakers use this device. I'd look for another problem. You might only have jarred a fuse loose.
  • Has anyone had the backups sensor quit working. Mine was intermittent then quit, now it has had 4 new modules put in and they still have my car. They just can't seem to figure out why they don't work.
  • My first guess is that you have a fuse that is bad.
    2nd guess is that the switch on the dash is bad.
    3rd I know that dirt on or around any of the the backup sensors will keep the sensors from working. There might be something blocking one of the sensors and causing them not function.

    However, I would have one person start the car, make sure that the backup function sensor is turned on and not in the off position, then place the car in reverse (while pressing and holding the break) have a second person walk around the vehicle to see if any of the sensors will set off the backup system/alarm. There are several areas around the vehicle such as left & right front bumbers along with the back left, right and behind the bumbers that should set off the backup sensor.

    My best guess is that you have a fuse out and they most likely replaced the back up sensors and did not need to. I hope you find out the issue. Please let me know. Best of Luck!
  • I've lost power in both front power outlets. The owners manual shows where the fuse is located for the rear outlet, but not the others. I checked every fuse in the inside fuse panel, and all were good. Any Ideas?
  • tablescapetablescape Posts: 18
    After 4 days at the dealer and giving them your suggestions still not fixed. This is the 3rd time it has been at the dealer trying to get the sensors fixed. I just hope they give me the $350 I paid the first time they said they were fixed. We are all giving up, it is always going to be a mystery. :confuse:
  • cassandrajcassandraj Posts: 16
    The fuse that you need to replace is located in the engine compartment. You may want to refer to your owners manual. We just replaced ours. The power outlets in the front and back of my vehicle were out. Hope this helps!
  • bbowen1bbowen1 Posts: 2
    I have recently purchased the clips for the bottom of the windows but I have no clue on how to run the cable that generates the elevations of the window by the motor. I really need your help :confuse:
  • swimswanswimswan Posts: 4
    I recently noticed that when I start my vehicle, the AWD DISABLE light comes on...not sure what that exactly means, and if it is a problem. I have a 2005, and only 52,000 miles. One day it went off, but now again this morning it was on. Thanks for any advice.
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