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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Well folks, after 2 1/2 years of ownership, we are finally saying goodbye to our RDV.

    Although we love driving it and have been impressed with it's capabilities, comfort, and utility, our electronic and mechanical gremlins finally made me nervous enough as we approached the end of our warranty to pursue Lemon Law Arbitration.

    I carefully reviewed the statutes for my state and discovered that our RDV easily qualified as a lemon, so I submitted my claim to the State Attorney General's Office about one month ago.

    Last week we attented the arbitration hearing and the GM representative immediately capitulated without a single word from me.

    For those of you with continuing problems (BCM!?!), don't put up with them needlessly and don't trade-in your RDV at a loss on another car. Do a search for "lemon law" and then contact your State Attorney General's Office.

    Oh, and don't waste your money on a lawyer, these laws are simple to understand and the procedures are easy to follow.

    We're looking at the Toyota Highlander although on a whim, we test drove a Volvo V70 wagon the other night and fell in love with it!

    I have enjoyed my membership in the "RDV family" and will no doubt continue to lurk in the RDV forums. Best wishes to all!
  • Got 10,000 miles on my '02 CXL AWD with minor cosmetic problems but last week I noticed that the Buick sign stayed on for a minute or two (andd up to five minutes) on the Head's Up display instead of showing the speed (50-55 MPH at the time). I told my wife and she mentioned it has happened to her 3 or 4 times.

    Is this the beginning of the end of our PCM module?

    I also noted that the A/C fan motor would turn up after the key was out of the ignition for about 20 seconds. I went to the dealeship and they said it was normal for an automatic a/c system to turn the blower motor after the key was out of the ignition. Or is it? Any suggestions?

    I'm starting a log with date and times these strange thing happen....
  • I've had my 02 Rendezvous in the shop for many reasons most of which are electrical. since the problems were intermittent I was told to live with it until I could prove there were things not functioning properly (would they live with it if my payments were intermitent? lol )after driving to the dealer & proving problem with mirror moving(can't be good for mirror, to drive that long grinding)they replaced BCM. Since then it has been in shop several times, dealer tells me they "reset it". called gm 800# about frequency of problems and when they said it was only in shop 11 days total(owned less than year at time) I asked if "this was a goal they strive for" & the man said he couldn't comment & told me to bring it back again. Where do I go next,since lemon law in WI is hard to prove when problems are intermittent? gm has offered me nothing but to fix "IF", I can demonstrate problems. What about after warranty? deductibles? will a dealer give me top $ on trade (since first thing they check is for accidents/floods/"REPAIR HISTORY"? HMMM? what if I tape my repair orders to the windows & park near the dealership? How about states atty general or NHTSA?
  • In March 2003 we purchased a program 2002 CXL RDV with 13,000 miles on it.It was trouble free until 2 weeks ago.It has right at 30,000 miles on it now.

    Recently when driving on rough roads we would lose power for 1-2 seconds and the alternator light would come on briefly.In 7 days it did this 10-15 times mostly on rough rural roads.Finally it stayed off long enough to set off several codes.We called Onstar and they said we had 4 codes but none that wouldnt let us drive it home.

    The CXL kept running but we then only had headlights,no tail lights,no radio,no power locks,windows,etc.To turn the headlights off I had to unhook the battery cable.The computer then reset itself the next day and things were normal again.

    Its Friday evening and our Buick dealer has had the RDV since Monday evening.This eve I went by there and they have ordered a BCM.It will be here on Monday.I'm glad we still have our dependable 2000 Buick Regal LS to drive.

    From reading the posts on here it sounds like Buick has a major problem with BCM's,etc .We traded off a trouble free 1998 Buick Regal GS and I'd love to have it back right now.My wife likes our Buick RDV alot better than I do.I feel that its very underpowered and doesnt have the normal Buick quality in it.In my opinion Buick made a very poor choice of engines.The 3800 Buick should have been put in it.

    I have a bad feeling about out RDV and have lost confidence in it.If it acts up again after being fixed we will get rid of it.

    Just start reading all these horror stories and see what awaits all Rendezvous built before Oct 2003.GM needs to recall all vehicles with 3.1 and 3.4 V-6's built between 1995-2003 to replace the intake gasket.Its the right thing for them to do.

    Of course lots of us have BCM problems too with our RDV's.Wake up GM.Lots of us are going to be leaving you.Is quality a thing of the past?
  • I am not sure if I have a problem with my heater or its just the way the buick works.I have the basic Rendv without any upgrades.

    I have the car set where the AC is blowing out the top vents. I then move the temperature gauge to hot and the air stops blowing out the top vents and now only comes out of the floor. The heater also does not appear to blow that much air out.

    I realize heaters normally blow from the bottom; however, I am use to my toyota and our previous honda.

    On those cars, the air blows out of the vent that its set for. If you chose the top, then the top, if you chose bottom, bottom, if you chose defrost, .... regardless of which way the temperature is blowing.

    On the Buick, moving to the hot air, always changing the direction of the air to the floor. I like the idea of being able to turn on the AC and switch to hot and have hot air hit me directly in winter. The buick does not allow it.

    Does your buick Rendv behave the same way or does mine have a problem.

    I appreciate any help. We are down to 4k of warranty.
  • It should be blowing out of the vents that you have it set for. Changing the temperature should not change where it comes from. I think it can change to some degree the air volume, as you are passing it through the heater core, but the vents should match your setting I belive. I'd have it checked. mike
  • Is that how your Rendv works or are you just saying that from what you think it would do. I would like to hear from someone who has one that could test theirs so I could tell the dealer mine is not behaving like other Rendv. When I mentioned it to a Rendv service rep, he said the heat comes from the bottom which did not make sense to me for how it should work. I should have pressed more but I was focused on some other issues.
  • I'm sorry I wasn't clear. My 2003 Rendezvous works as I described. If I set it for the face vents and turn the temperature control to hot I can heat my face up like crazy. I do have the dual zone non-automatic controller. I think you mentioned that you had base options so this is probably what you have. But for sure if it is set to face vents the hot/cold or medium air comes out there. Good Luck
  • jdksjdks Posts: 42
    I have noticed that mine worked the same - if I turn the heat to high completely, there is very little air coming out of the front vent. So I have to either crank up the fan to 4-5 or make sure that the heat level is not at the highest to get some decent heat from the face vent.
  • We also have the same issue on our 2002 CX. Virtually every one of the fan speeds gives squat for air volume. Even if you turn it up to 5, it doesn't push much of anything at all. The wife brought in into the dealership and I know they looked at the fan stuff, but she didn't get any specific response from them on what, if anything, they did, since it still does squat for fan speed.
  • I bought a 2004 Rendezvous 1 week ago. On the day I bought it I called the dealer to complain about a loud thumping noice coming from the back when I hit even the smallest bump. The dealer has attepmted to fix it twice but to no real satisfaction. They say the problem is that the roof flexes and causes the noise.
    The GM customer "dissatisfaction line" told me it was a characteristic of the vehicle and that they wouldn't help. They closed the case file and referred me to the BBB. Anyone else have this problem?
  • We purchased a new '03 CXL in Nov '02. We now have about 16 K miles. Since the first month of ownership, we've had (what I'd consider to be) rather loud brake squeal. I say rather loud because it can be heard over the radio when it's turned up about a 1/3 of the way. The dealer traced it to the right rear. I've had it in to two different dealers a total of five times. Here's what's been done:
    1) Replaced original pads because they were cupped and chipped.
    2) The pads have since been replaced two more times - the most recent with an upgraded heavy duty pad.
    3) The calipers have been adjusted /tightened because they were crooked / loose.
    4) The rotors have been resurfaced.
    5) Lots of Brake Quiet has been applied.
    These repairs last about 1 week before the noise starts again. On the one hand, the noise is an inconvenience. However, three sets of pads, loose calipers, worn down rotors are not routine in 16 months. The dealer now says "it's normal". I say BS & have requested new rotors, calipers, etc until it gets fixed. However, they say they can't because there's nothing wrong with those parts. I'm concerned because I don't really want to spend the time getting brake repairs on my dime once it's out of warranty.
    What should I do:
    1) Call GM customer NO service (and expect to be blown off there based upon other posts I've read above).
    2) Try a third dealer (doubtful that would be a different result).
    3) Get an independent opinion at a local garage (I'm sure that voids the warranty).
    4) Is a problem like this too minor to pursue arbitration???

    I'd appreciate any suggestions...

  • Let me summarize so far. I had one response that said that what I am experiencing sounds like a problem that should be fixed. I had two others say that they have the same problem. What I need to do is go to buick and try out a new entry Rendv and see if it has the same issues before taking back for service.

    By the way, did anyone every get their clock fixed. I told them I had the slow clock problem that appears to be common on these cars based on this discussion board and they said that they have never heard of the problem.
  • See posting #3652(2/16/04) under Buick Rendezvous discussion title.
  • wws2wws2 Posts: 23
    Do you have the auto climate control (CXL) or the manual one (CX)?

    With the auto climate control, I've found that there is an obvious (in retrospect) trick for getting hot air out of the upper vents.

    First, press the mode button until the indicator shows air coming out of the upper vents. NOTE THAT THIS WILL TURN *OFF* THE AUTO MODE. The temperature is then controlled *manually* by the temp knob.

    So second, twist the temp knob to the highest setting (90º) - just like you would on a car that does not have an auto control.

    Last, adjust the fan speed as you like.

    It is no hurricane, but seems to work.
  • Thanks for the update. I have the simple version. I have the CX with zero upgrades.
  • jp614jp614 Posts: 34
    I have a 2002 CX with manual heating controls. The vehicle re-directs airflow from the vents once you go past the halfway point on the dial. You can go up to the halfway point and get semi-warm air. Once you go past that, the air volume is reduced and sent to the floor vents. I hope this helps.
  • thanks for the extra data. Your car sounds exactly like mine.

    So it looks like what appeared to be a problem is just a GM design point :)

    I think it makes more sense to let the user decide which vents to send heat or cold to like most cars do.
  • ate its 2nd BCM in less than one week's time after the first one was installed.I'm sure its on back order too as fast as RDV's are going thru them.Symptoms this time were the drivers information center went to metric and you cant get rid of it,the rear parking aid wont work,drivers side mirror goes crazy,tire inflation monitor doesnt work and the dealer says it never had one which is untrue.This is a loaded out CXL AWD.

    Its out of warranty on 3-23-04 so we have a decision to make.Our trust in our RDV is gone.
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