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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Posts: 114
    Its mostly the 2002-2003 RDV's having all the BCM,wheel bearing,and AC condensor problems.Your new Ultra will probably do just fine.
  • tablescapetablescape Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info, I sure like everything about it right now, I hope it is as good as all my other past buick regals.
  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Posts: 72
    Can someone tell me where the BCM is located and what it looks like?

  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Posts: 72
    The reason I ask is because I think I've been hit by the dreaded BCM curse. It was working fine all day, then tonight I go to start it and it doesn't even turn over - lots of whirring and clicking sounds when I crank it but no engine action and the clock reset itself to 12:00. Lots of juice in the battery so it's not that.

    Any thoughts?
  • lenllenl Posts: 1
    Over the weekend, my odometer started reading "error" and when the car is shut off is says "16". Anyone know what this means or what the problem is?
  • jdksjdks Posts: 42
    That would mean that your cluster is broken - you just have to replace it. Try to find out where the dealer get it fixed and go direct it will save you some dough. Cost me $400 instead of $750 (Canadian) and it comes with 1 yr warrantee instead of the 60 days that GM offers.
  • adhaleadhale Posts: 3
    I have been looking into buying a Buick Rendezvous but now after reading some of this stuff I have my doubts.

    Can anyone tell me - are the wheel bearings on the Buick Rendezvous' sealed? Can they not be greased or are you guys having this problem with the regular "greasing" of the wheel bearings? Just wondered if there is some way to prevent this problem or if its a manufacturer defect/ road hazard problem.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    2002 Rendezvous CXL AWD here, 40,000 miles: still on original wheel bearings and original BCM.

    Do keep in mind that although people are reporting problems here (and they are real), there are approximately 200,000 Rendezvous on the road right now. My point is that I believe there are a LOT more Rendezvous without problems than the ones with. All vehicle model lines have problems. But we have to keep this in perspective. How many owners have experienced bearing failure (or BCM failure or ... insert problem here ) ... out of how many Rendezvous total have been sold? I know several Rendezvous owners who have not experienced wheel bearing or BCM problems whatsoever. Not all Rendezvous owners are going to experience these problems. It would be too bad if you were discouraged from purchasing a Rendezvous based on the experiences of relatively few owners. Good luck! :) :) :) :D

    Should you ignore these posts about Rendezvous problems? Of course not. Do these posts mean you will experience the same problems? Of course not. Keep it in perspective!
  • adhaleadhale Posts: 3
    And it won't, I am still interested and have had a few people tell me they love theirs. But I still wonder if the wheel bearings are sealed??? :confuse:
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    I'm sorry -- I don't know the answer to your specific question. How can I tell if the wheel bearings are "sealed" or not? :confuse: :confuse:
  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Posts: 114
    They are factory sealed bearings packed with grease when they are new.Its not possible to put grease in them without first taking them apart which is quite a job.Good bearings of adequate size that are properly packed and tightened to the proper specs should easily go 100,000 miles or more with no problems.

    My guess is that either GM got a bad batch of wheel bearings on some of the early RDV's and Azteks or a poor job was done in packing grease in these bearings when new.GM needs to pick up the bill for premature wheel bearing and hub failure.Its just something that should never happen at low miles.

    I drive a 1991 Buick Regal to work with over 150,000 miles on it and the bearings have never been repacked.

    I farm and have many wheel bearings to keep greased and packed.Some of them have grease zerks so its easy to keep them full of grease.Those that dont I have to pull the wheel and hub off and hand pack the bearings.Its a dirty messy job but has to be done every few years.
  • leomomleomom Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Buick Rendezous that I really enjoy, but I have one problem when I am running the air conditioner or defroster and turn the car off it makes a weird noise sometime softly and sometime so loud people look at me and it only last a few seconds. I took it to the dealer and they said it was coming from the air condition lines - has anyone had this problem and if so what was the solution (if any).
  • tablescapetablescape Posts: 18
    I had written in before that my fuel gauge dropped like a rock when it got to a quarter tank, now it is fine, someone told me the gas caps have to be on tight or they can cause problems. Does anyone know could it have simply been the gas cap wasn't on tight enough? Oh well still loving my new Ultra. Does anyone else love the XM radio as much as I do? :)
  • adhaleadhale Posts: 3
    Thank you for that information. Most vehicles, if you take apart the braking system/wheel you can get to the bearings. I would not define it as easy anyway, but if the Buick Rendezvous' wheel bearings are in fact sealed, meaning you can't get to them to grease them, no wonder everyone is having trouble with their wheel bearings. My family is very strict about vehicle maintenance and I was wondering if people just aren't having them greased, which should be done every time you change the brakes on a vehicle in my opinion. I just couldn't imagine everyone having the same problem with them with proper maintenance.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    adhale said, "no wonder everyone is having trouble with their wheel bearings."

    CORRECTION: "Everyone" is not having trouble with Rendezvous wheel bearings. There have been some reports ... but out of 200,000 Rendezvous on the road, what percentage of people are having these problems? A very, very small percentage. I take issue with people who state that these problems affect all Rendezvous -- when in actuality, the percentage of affected vehicles is tiny.

    I have 40,000+ miles on my Rendezvous and I'm on my original wheel bearings -- no probems whatsoever with my wheel bearings :mad:
  • leomomleomom Posts: 4
    Sometime it sounds like a low moaning noise and then sometimes it's a loud shrill noise.
  • gocomgocom Posts: 4
    I have a base model '05 Rendezvous. The sound system is just "o.k." I previously had an '02 Aztek, with the 10 speaker stereo, which was phenomenal. I was wondering if anyone knows whether I can add a couple of speakers to the rear cargo area of my Rendezvous, which would make it an 8-speaker system.

    Can the plastic panels be cut to accomodate speakers? Is the wiring already in place? Can the existing stereo handle the extra speakers?

    Or, what about just replacing the rear door speakers, which are really, really lousy. The front speakers seem to be okay.

    Any advice is appreciated....thanks!
  • sampson3sampson3 Posts: 6
    Ok I own two rendezvous both 02 CX just got one out of the shop for unlocking and locking bad bcm, the other has error written on the odometer. But now it is getting real fun, both of the cars air conditioning is out, it will take a charge with 134a but both leaked out within 2 days. any idea what is leaking or wrong with both the vehichles, please don't say condenser
  • sampson3sampson3 Posts: 6
    BAD BCM for sure been there done that on the 02
  • mnyhats1mnyhats1 Posts: 19
    Hi jk27:

    I LOVE my RDV. It will be three years old in August. My first wheel bearing went bad at 53,000 and my second at 64,000. There is no maintenance on this part. I've heard that GM is using parts made out of the country (this makes sense to me) and that is the problem with the wheel bearing. I'm not as upset at my RDV as I am at GM for not standing behind the bad equipment, warranty or not. I figured I would drive RDVs the rest of my life because I love this one so much (2002). However, being angry at GM, I may never buy American again! They as much as promised they would pay for the second so I went to the dealership (their requirement) and paid $170 more than an independent charged to fix my first one. After making the commitment, they said they couldn't do it due to wear and tear. Most of my miles are highway because I live 25 miles out of town and I am not hard on vehicles. I was able to get 66,000 on my original tires. Couldn't do that if I was hard on the car. Hope you don't get to 53,000 and have problems. I have a friend who had problems with wheel bearings in the same area (53&64,000). Another strange coincidence? I don't think so. Good luck!

    mnyhats :confuse: ">
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