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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • jmd2110jmd2110 Posts: 2
    Yes. We had to have the electric motor for the passenger side mirror replaced a few months ago. After backing up, it would get stuck in a downward position and
    acted like it was having spasms trying move back into upright position.
  • This summer, my 2002 Rendezvous began having re-cranking problems after driving around in the heat and humidity. Since it re-cranks some of the time but not others, no one seems to know what's wrong with it. Also, the problem doesn't seem related to re-fueling but does appear to be related to the heat index. Up until today I've been able to let the engine rest 15-20 minutes, and then it would restart. Unfortunately, this afternoon that didn't work, and I'll have to have it towed to the dealer tomorrow. Is your Rendezvous still restarting and is the new E7450 sensor module & N2320 Ignition Switch (Passlock System?) continuing to solve the problem? Thanks
  • afmarkafmark Posts: 7

    I have had the same problem. Check out message 1137. Also, you may want to post this information on the office of defects investigation web ste at . Also check their file on the 2002. There was a service bulletin issued on April of 2004 concerning the powertrain control module being unable to properly communicate on board diagnostic ... which is one of the error codes I have on my 2002. Also, the printout I got when I took the car into the dealer indicated a "possible pass lock" problem.

    In addition, I have been talking to Buick and have gotten them to reimburse me $160 toward the repair bill estimated at $320.

    One last thing - yesterday I ran some errands and let the car run. I then turned off the engine and did some shopping. When I re-started the car, the engine caught but the idle went from around 800 rpm down to about 400 rpm and then after a few seconds back to 800 rpm. The reason I mention this is that when I have had starting problems, the engine caught and I immediately shifted into reverse at which time the engine died and would not re-start for about 25 minutes. Also, that 25 minutes is "dead time" in that any attempt to start during that time will make the problem continue. Don't know if there is a connection here, but it might be worth trying.
  • jed420jed420 Posts: 2
    Hi, same problem here with the condenser. What do I say to the customer service in order for them to fix my condenser ?
  • jed420jed420 Posts: 2
    80000 km or mi?
  • leng2leng2 Posts: 3
    I guess I'm in good company with all the complaintants on this forum. I own a 2002 RDV, CXL with about 70K - luckily I purchased the extended warranty. My recent visit to the service station included complaints about my ac, airbag light, and intermittent problems with the steering wheel freezing and not turning. I paid a $50 deductible and had the following work completed: ac repaired, upper and lower manifold and gaskets replaced. They did not find any problems with steering wheel. However, when I left the dealership, I notice that the steering wheel was different and had too much play. I called the dealership on my way home to complain and was told there is no way that checking out the steering wheel would cause any issues. To make a story short, I am now told that I need to pay another $50 deductible - I tried speaking to the service manager, to no avail because they closed the original report. I realize the $50 is not much but the point of it is that this problem arose while my car was being serviced! I tried contacting the warranty company, but they only see black and white. I was told that I should stop paying my financing - still owe $11,000, and use that as leverage. Any advice? It's more the principle of it. Thanks -
  • leng2leng2 Posts: 3
    By the way, regarding the "airbag" problem - I was told that they cannot diagnose it b/c the light does not stay on steady!!! And that it might mean that the airbag may not deploy. I can't believe I have to drive around with this safety issue. Why have a light go on intermittently and not know what to do about it!!
  • auto9999auto9999 Posts: 86
    >the steering wheel freezing and not turning

    Are you serious? If it happens when the vehicle is moving, your vehicle will be instantly lose control and collide into something in a matter of a second.
  • leng2leng2 Posts: 3
    The dealership was unable to find or duplicate the freezing problem.. And their reasoning for opening up a new "case" for the current steering wheel problem (need ragjoint in steering column) was that diagnosing the original problem could not have caused the new one. Nevertheless i drove out of the dealership with the new problem, going home to pick up son my from camp - and I live 45 minutes away. I thought by calling the dealership right away - as I drove home, would help the matter, but apparently didn't.
  • gwicallgwicall Posts: 1
    Hi Karen: I recently purchased a 2002 Rendezvous, cxl awd 43000 miles. I really like the vehicle, and it's loaded with options. The ride is great. I do have a question regarding the awd. When I make a tight turn there is a groaning that almost sounds like the tire are rubbing the wheel wells. I just put all new tires on my car and had the front end aligned. The car handles better, but there is still the rubbing sound. I took the vehicle back to the dealership and they told me not to worry that awd vehicles sound like that. The car drives wonderful, but the rubbing sound bothers me. I have read some of the discussions about wheel bearing problems. Should I be concerned? Thanks. Gary fort myers, fl.
  • 442455442455 Posts: 64
    We will be moving soon and I am considering renting a U-Haul type trailer to tow behind our 2004 Rendezvous. It is FWD without the towing package. The owners manual says it can tow up to 2000 lbs without the towing package. Our move is 1250 miles, and I would be towing within the 2000 lb limits as stated in the owners manual. Any suggestions, comments, or first hand experience tales towing with your Rendezvous? Thanks, Steve
  • auto9999auto9999 Posts: 86
    Did your steering wheel freeze happen while the vehicle was moving, or when it was at a stop?
  • felix9felix9 Posts: 1
    We're having the same problem. Have you talked to Buick, if so, what did they say?
    We also have water accumulating inside the car on the on the driver side and lots on the passenger side. We are having so many other problems and we feel unsafe.

  • I'm in the market for a new car and with 4 kids to drive around I was looking at getting a 7 seater Rendezvous. I was thinking of buying second hand 02 to 04. However I have been reading some of the problems and thought I should ask, over all is it a good car or should I avoid it like a plague?

    thanking you in advance!

  • Hey posters,

    Anyone have any experience with a Rendevouz ignition jamming up? Im confident that nothing was inserted into the key hole, as the vehicle was locked overnight. Today, key will not go in, as if a tumbler has malfunctioned. It is a 2002 model...

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

  • I strongly encourage you to keep shopping !!! My 2002 has been plagued with problems, and it was purchased brand new. NEVER AGAIN !!!

  • I had a Chrysler town and country and the ignition would freeze up every once in awhile, I would take it to be repaired and they could never find anything, finally it froze up for good and it was a terrible mess trying to drag my van out of the garage sideways, an expensive tow bill and a $300 ignition, don't wait till you have to have it dragged. You might try turning the steering column or have someone pushing on the backend while trying to insert the key. That got me going a couple of times.
  • For the amount of money the Rendezvous costs, its a terrible buy.
    I bought a brand new one back in 2002. Since then, after the 3 year warranty period was over, I had to replace the A/C which cost me $900 and today I had to replace the ignition cylinder costing another $450. These are items that should not break within such a short period (never had any other vehicles (cheaper as well) do that to me). I contacted Buick on both occasions and the bottom line is that they really didn't give a damn. No apologies, no financial assistance, no willingness to pick up any portion of the costs...nothing!
    If you want to spend wisely, STAY AWAY from Buick - a very unAmerican organization as far as I'm concerned!!!!!
  • ckinnyckinny Posts: 14
    I also had a 2002 RDV and it was a nightmare. What was worse was how Buick and GM treated me when I was having problems. I was "helped" into a 2005 RDV and regret that I caved in to their tactics every time I get in to this car. It has the third row seat and the only people who can manage to get and sit back there are small children.

    Go to consumer reports and research to find a decent vehicle with a company that treats customers with respect.

  • pierrebpierreb Posts: 9
    From a former 2002 owner. Run away and don't look back. This is a classic example why GM and Ford are in this financial mess :lemon:
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