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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • check for a roof leak, have you had the issue resolved
  • check and see if there is a leak in the roof rack that is leaking into the wiring located under the rear driver's side seat. Had this problem on two different rendezvous
  • How can you tell if the roof rack is leaking? Of course I may not have this vehicle after this weekend....going to look for a toyota, nisson or subaru. I already checked the best of the best and the worst of the worst list as far as suvs and trucks.........worst list GM had 9 out of 13, best list GM had none... I know what that tells me...not to make the same mistake. By the way the passenger side window broke when I put it down to cool the car after work. Gee and the guys at work just joked today that I made a record with nothing going wrong with the vehicle in a week. Well it was almost a week.
  • Thanks regalluvr2 for the support. I think that we agree on the main issue here......that this vehicle is junk. The guys at work have told me for months to get rid of the thing and I'm real close even though I can't really afford to take the loss, but if the thing is going to cost me repairs every other week (every week lately) maybe it won't really be such a loss after all. Oh yeah by the way I'm a her not a I work with all guys at the now closed GM Assembly Plant in Baltimore decommissioning the plant prior to demonititioning. It was the oldest plant in the GM family, building Astros and Safaris for the last 30 years. I'll miss the good people I worked with but not what alot of us complained about most...the poor quality materials that they gave us to assemble. Most of the parts (especially the wiring) comes from Mexico and third world nations where workers are a dime a dozen and are replaced regularly. GM saves alot of money this way but as you can see by the price tags they don't pass that on to the customer. Before someone jumps on the "union people" are over paid, that's the reason for the cost. If you look at the trend in the number of uaw GM workers in recent years, you'll see that the work force has dropped dramatically, they've increased job loads and cut important medical benefits for thousands of workers. Of course Detroit didn't have any cuts and the big management guys still grab their huge bonuses. That's why the prices are so high.....too many chiefs not enough indians.
  • 2002 Rendezvous. first noticed clicking sound in engine compartment only when the A/C is on. then on interior fan control,no air flow on settings 1,2,3,4. but i have 5,and 6. still have clicking noise on all settings with a/c on. then I had an overheat condition and noticed the cooling fans are not turning on. i checked fan fuses and switched some common relays around. no change. clicking sound isnt from the fuse box but coming from the engine. the clicking sound sounds like a relay opening/!!! :sick:
  • I got this message and had the oil changed. In fact, I had the motor flushed. The Oil change indicator still goes on. The mechanic tried to reset it but it still does this. Does anyone have someinsite on this?
  • ...if you don't mind - I am still having difficulty with the dealership diagnosing this problem. mpg on the highway is 15...very sad. Service engine soon light has come on twice and yet they still claim nothing comes up??? They say that if the light goes off it means that it has "fixed itself" gone away?) What is with that - nobody seem to hear how terrible the gas mileage is...granted we never get what we are "supposed" to, however this isn't even close? how did they diagnose your problem?
  • I have a 2003 RDV with 55,000 miles on it. Last week the car ran hot while sitting at a stop sign. I pulled over and switched the car off. After waiting a few minutes, I restarted the engine, and added coolant to the engine. I drove home without further problems. The next day I took it to a local mechanic, since it was out of warranty. I was thinking it was going to be a bad water pump. Wish I was so lucky! He said I've seen this before, and removed the oil cap (not the radiator cap). It was covered in a substance that looked like cocoa butter. It was oil and water mixed. He said it was the intake or head gasket. After taking the engine apart, he found that the entire engine was covered in this junk. He said the only things I could do, was to patch it and sell the vehicle, or get a new engine. I couldn’t sell it to a stranger and live with myself, so I'm now in the process of getting a new engine. I went to my local dealership and asked if there was anything he could do for me. What do you think the answer was? Have any of you had a problem similar to this? Thanks in advance!
  • Otis,
    So sorry to hear of your 03 RDV's engine problem. Leaking intake and head gaskets are very-very common on 1995-2003 3400 GM V-6 engines.How GM has gotten away for so long without a recall is beyond me.As long as they leak on the outside you are OK but an internal leak will soon ruin your engine.Oil and anti-freeze dont mix well.

    There are several websites devoted to this problem with many stories of ruined engines especially in Chevy Venture-Pontiac Montanas,etc.A friend works at a garage and says they are continually replacing 3400 V-6 intake gaskets.

    I'm sure your dealer told you tough luck.I commend you for fixing it and not selling it to someone else.Good Luck.
  • Hi, great forum, wish I had found it month ago!

    We have a 2004 Buick Rainier AWD and have an irritating engine/transmission problem at low speeds and at idle. It feels like the transmission is settling into gear, but sometimes it's forceful enough to think we were tapped from behind on the bumper.

    Took it to dealer several times but they of course couldn't find anything (despite experiencing the issue). Told us it was "typical of the drivetrain".

    Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    I was going to recommend posting in the Buick Rainier discussion forum -- but you already did that. Good luck!
  • Thanks JK - this was post #1 before I found the other newsgroup :-) :P

    I'll take any thoughts here thought :/
  • I've got a friend that worked at a GM dealership that I called last week. He gave me a number to call to report my problem, and try to get some relief. They told me that they couldn't do anything until a GM mechanic diagnosed the problem. They sent a rollback to pick the RDV up today. One of the things my friend told me to tell them was the fact that my local dealer made the statement, "Your car must have been built on Monday. We have a lot of bad cars built on Mondays.” At the time this pissed me off more than the fact that my car was broken. Did he just say that 1/7th of all GM vehicles are bad? Can you link me to these web sites so I can have ammunition when I go to talk to them again? Thanks!
  • You need to manually reset this counter in the DIC. Scroll through the DIC and you will find one screen that reads "Oil life" or something like that. You need to hold the set button for a few seconds and it will reset and stop telling you to change your oil.
  • otis3otis3 Posts: 3
    I got some relief! They (GM) will install a new engine in my RDV! The problem was that a bolt broke, or came loose on the intake gasket. The engine is free, but I will have to pay half the cost of installation. I was told it will be about $650. I will then have a new engine with a three year 100,000 mile warranty. Let's hope that this one will make me happy! Thanks! :P :P
  • regalluvr2
    I am experiencing the same problem with our Rendezvous. Can you provide me with the website addresses you are stating that are devoted to this problem.?

    Thank you
  • Otis,
    I havent been on here in awhile.I'm sure glad to hear GM is replacing your RDV's engine and that you will only be out $650 instead of around $6,000.

    I hope this is the end of your problems.Good Luck.

    Here is a link to one website about 3100-3400 GM V-6 intake gasket issues.You can read all day in this one.Do a Google or Ask Jeeves web search for leaking Buick-Chev-Olds-Pontiac 3100-3400 intake gaskets.You will be amazed at what a tremendous problem it is.It still amazes me that GM has gotten away without a recall.

    The best site was the GM-V6-Lemons one but it says its currently down for construction.
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Busey...did you get any answers as to how we can tell if the roof is leaking??? Brand new but 04 w/ 5000miles. See my post so it won't duplicate here. It's leaking like a river on the entire drivers side front to rear. It's not the windows, and not the moonroof. I had this in before for moonroof and dealer told me it was me! I told him to secure the roof and I would not use it again and I haven' it's not that! :O). I don't have racks on the car as some posts indicated roof rack leaking. Please let me know if you had a response and if anyone else can suggest something, please let me know as I'm driving car to the dealer on Tuesday or may drop it off at their garage (indoors) over wkend because I don't have a garage. I have it covered w/tarp. I don't want them pointing the fingers to me on this one...I'm so tired of it and it's hard to get back and forth because I am single and a little disabled. Thanks for your time, gail :lemon:
  • I have a 2005 with auto leveling and the air pump is under the drivers feet and can be heard throughtout the car. It also seems to cycle too often.

    I intend to take it in but finding the time is a problem. Just wondered if other have had a problem.

    Also. notice others gas mileage. Mine is a 3.6 and I am not impressed with the performance or the mileage. In August we drove about 3,000 miles and the best fillup bumped 24, the others were 23mpg. The window sticker claims 27 and I don't think I will ever see that.
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