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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • I'm stationed in germany and have an 02' Rev with 83,000 miles. Every time i let the car idle the fuel gauge drops to empty even with a full tank, what the deal. Also buick sent a notice about wheeling bearings prematurely wearing, but i am in germany so i have no dealership to fix them, anyone got any ideas for this problem
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    For future reference, after posting, you may edit your post for 30 minutes. And most of us are pretty fluent in chat typo anyway, so don't worry about it.
  • 442455442455 Posts: 64
    I'm just wondering if while you were running around and got the oil changed, if you also stopped and got gas? If the gas cap is not put back on correctly, it will cause the service engine soon light to come on.

    About the only other thing I can think of is the fact that there is a wire bundle along the front of the oil pan. When the oil filter was changed, it might have been bumped or damaged? I know my wife's 04 Rendezvous was serviced at Wal-Mart while we were waiting for our house to be built and I was without a garage.

    The first oil change I did after we got into the house, that wire bundle was LOADED with oil which had dripped onto it and into the split loom protector. I spent at least an hour cleaning it up, but never had an engine light come on.
  • I noticed from the minute I started it after picking it up that the light was on, so it couldn't have been anything else. I've probably filled up 3 times since then as well.
  • i think all you need to do is reset your oil life meter. turn key on. do not start. you must then push gas pedal to the floor 3 times in 5 seconds. then shut off then start. it is hard to get it right the first time so you may have to do it more then one time to reset it. this is a trick they do so you have to bring back to dealer. we have a 2006 Rend. :D HOPE THIS DOES THE TRICK
  • Hello all, Thought I would let you all know that we bit the bullet over the weekend & are geting rid of our 2002. Just can't afford to drive it. It's been a disappointment from the first day we got it.The list of issues is longer than my arm. Granted, we bought it used- but between the lousy used car dealer & the issues with the 2002, well it was time to get out while we still could get something for it, although not very much. We had to buy a loaded vehicle in order to get a respectable trade-in. Even with that, we only got $4500.canadian for it, Pretty sad when we paid $12000.canadian for it only a year ago. I don't know what they will do with it- send it to auction I suppose. We went to GM first thinking that they would give us the most for it but no- they really didn't want it at all (gee, wonder why). They offered next to nothing & it was a take it or leave kind of scene.So, we ended up at Chrysler- they were the only dealer that actually did some work to make a sale. Hmmm- could this be part of the reason GM is in trouble?? :lemon: Anyhow- I wish you all well, but this guy after 41 yrs. of GM has left the building.
  • 442455442455 Posts: 64
    To reset the oil life monitor on my wife's 2004 Rendezvous with the Driver Information Center, you just have to push the mode and set button on the dashboard until the oil life remaining shows. Then you just push and hold the set button until it resets to 100%.
  • yes that is the right way with Driver Info. Center. But all Rendezvous do not come with that. Our has everything power seats power locks third row seat On star rims & so on. No leather no Driver Info. Center. That is funny how they group differnt options to gether
  • My wife has a 2003 with a radio with a CD changer, XM and a rear seat DVD entertainment system. Now whenever the kids turn on the DVD player, the radio will only play the DVD sound. All other bands are just quiet. The manual is no help. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • jwlilljwlill Posts: 4
    This is so sureal, we were told to replace our transmission and that it will cost $5300 to fix. The 3rd party warranty is a pain to deal with and will only pay $2500. How did you get them to pay for it? Did the 3rd party warranty folks negotiate the fix or did the dealer?

    By the way, we've had over $8000 worth of major repairs made (gas gasket, condenser, transmission) and $4000 for regular maintenance over the time we've had it. Fortunately, Buick paid for the majority of the major repairs because I think they realize the 2002 Rendezvous is a lemon!
  • jwlilljwlill Posts: 4
    See my other posting, but we had the same problem. However, the dealer wants $5300 to replace our transmission. We have a 3rd party warranty company that will only pay $2500, which sounds like that is all the repair is worth.
    Any suggestions?
  • 150,000 km and my tranny hasn't acted up yet.Change the fluids and filter at a trusted shop!Transmissions have got to be the most neglected maintenence item on any vehicle out there.The factory aluminum condensers are junk(obviously).Get a steel core A/C condenser from NAPA or somewhere and have your trusted shop install it.$230 for the part,200-250 to put it in,and save about a grand.I can't fault my 02 RVS yet,it's been relatively good and I love the Versatrac in our mountain weather here.
  • gembogembo Posts: 7
    Sorry that it has taken be so long to respond, but we have been under the weather, in more ways than one. However, I told you that I would let you know when I learned something new. Well, very good news. Today, January 21, 2007, I once again removed the trim panel and finally was able to figure out how the remove all the wiring harnesses. I took the speaker off the door and, wa-laaaa, it was not plugged into the the power source. I plugged it back in, tested it, reinstalled the trim, and am back in business. Everything chimes as it should. I would like to thank you for your insistance that there was a speaker problem. If you had not done so on this last comment, I would have taken it to a dealer and incurred some very high expenses that I cannot afford at this time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Note: The speaker was probably left unplugged on the last service work as you suspected.
  • 442455442455 Posts: 64
    Gembo, that is fantastic news, and I am glad to have been able to help you out. I am happy you once again can enjoy the sound of the CHIMES, and it didn't cost you any CHA-CHING!
  • jpiercejpierce Posts: 49
    Hi I have read alot of your posts and I thought I share my RVD experience as well. So far I have been fortunate that GM has covered my RVD ills up till know. This is list of items that have gone wrong.

    Bearings (of course). 1st one covered under warrenty (right front). Second one not covered(left front) 362 dollars to replace. GM covered the cost a year later through good will program (fall of 2006)

    AC condensor - warrenty
    body control module - warrenty

    Interior trim falling off and or cracking - warrenty

    rear ball joints - recall

    rear seal rupture (awd system) - due to rear ball joint replacement. Therefore if you have awd keep a close eye on the rear differential for leaking after the replacement. This was fixed at GM expense.

    minor leaking into interior due to dirty rubber seal around sun roof glass. So please keep it clean or she leaks. (i.e., minor water stains around window door posts)

    Brakes - rear brakes desolved at 54 k km. I did replacement myself 100 bucks for rotors and pucks

    Front Brakes - 80 k km 100 bucks front rotors and pucks. I did myself.

    Tires wore out at 80 k km need replacing. I use winter tires in the off season. I have around 15 k km on them

    replaced all chrome wheels due to pitting and pealling. Under warrenty

    intake manifold gasket replaced 95 k km. GM picked up the cost for replacement 1200 bucks, but charged me engine flush, coolent flush and engine wash 300 bucks. GM good will program (I guess to counter act the class action law suite in Canada)

    Recall on rear tail gate

    The last item is hudge for me. At 99 k km i took my RVD in for transmission filter replacement and fluid change to a garage since GM only wanted to flush the system and no filter change (they wanted to charge 300 bucks just for that). Guess what I found. Chunks of metal in the pan. Not happy about this (it appears that my gears are desolving). My transmission is currently being rebuilt (lock up torque converter, gears, seals, drum, clutch plates, fluid flush everything done) costing me 3000 to 3500 bucks. GM quoted me 5000 plus and GM head office offered no garrantees for assistance since I am long outside warrenty. However, this is a major issue with these vehicles and a trany should not go after 60 k miles or 100 k km. GM wanted 500 bucks just to assess the problem. What is to assess when you see chunks of metal and shortly after the filter change a minor grinding noice the trany is gone. The mechanic told me this a major defect and not associated with not changing your trany fluid and filter (I was doing just that). This is a major defect. GM does have a service bulletin about this problem and will not do anything about it. I am not expecting GM to fix my car forever, but man when things ware out long before they are due (trany problems I can expect maybe at 250 k km plus) it goes to show how crappy GM cars are made. I thought by buying a buick I might escape the crappier quality issues; I guess I was wrong. My wife and I are considering getting rid of the vehicle because it is unreliable and in my opinion NOT SAFE. I love my RVD (style and design), but its built like a dinky toy and GM will not stand by their product.

    I guess if GM does not come forward and soon to say you know what we did something wrong here and took measures to correct it and build customer confidence, I guess no more GM products for me and my family. This was my first GM product and it will probably be my last. I guess Toyota and Nissan and Honda here I come.

    If you have any comments or ideas how to get GM to support customers in regards to faulty components (i.e., trany) let me know.

    Thanks for listening :sick:
  • Well, maybe we should pull out of the other countries. they dont really appreciate our products anyway. Concentrate on making the ultimate in affordable, reliable vehicles here in America first. When that happens, the world will then clamor for our product. In the meantime, slap a 5000-10,000 dollar tax on every single import from Asia and Europe and funnel that money into R&D for our auto industry. Ever hear of a 45,000 dollar kia? You would if i had my way!
  • So far, I have been lucky i guess...i have 76k on my RDV and only had a steering pump and wheel bearing replaced, all under warranty. my dealer replaced a light bulb in my steering wheel for free. Maybe i didn't get a lemon.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Warren Buffet has proposed such tariffs (pdf file); the flip side is that protectionism tends to hurt the average consumer, since if you heavily tax Kias, Buick is going to raise their prices (link).

    In any event, this isn't the right discussion, so please take it over to Automotive News & Views.
  • I feel bad for you. We finally bit the bullet & traded our '02 just last week. We took a real bath on it as the dealers just laughed when we told them what we were trading, but it was the only way out of a bad situation. I still won't buy Japanese - loyal to North Amerrican auto makers. As to getting anywhere with GM- forget i. When I contacted them, they as much as called mea liar! They claimed that they had nevr hard of the problems we were having & told me not to believe everythig Iread on theInternet. Good luck to you.
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