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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    I don't think I would replace it (right one I mean). From what I have seen here and other places, they just seem to go whenever they want to, meaning just because one is bad it doesn't mean the other is going to go bad soon. Plus the cost of the bearing hub assembly would cause me to not replace until (or if) needed at some time down the road.
  • Just for additional info for those who experienced engine stall. I have '05 RDV, and experienced engine stall several times when I drove slowly (5-10mph) in parking space. Since it is under warranty I always go to GMgoodwrench for checking every time the engine stall. They cannot duplicate the problem and said there is no error codes registered in its own computer. Same problem same result for more than a year until one mechanic from GMgoodwrench did change the key ignition, he said he will just try but no guarantee with result to fix the problem. Its been 7mons now and didn't experienced engine stall even once.
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    Thanks for your reply.

    My mechanic replaced one front wheel bearing last night and took for a test drive this morning. He didn't like what he still felt and heard. He did some more checking and discovered the other wheel bearing was within spec but starting to go as well. He recommned it would need to be replaced before this Christmas. With this in mind, we told him to replace the other wheel bearing as well. Thus, done and over with...

    If wondering, this same mechanic worked on our previous vehicle. He inspected its muffler system and stated the muffler system will make it to Christmas and that's it. We told him to leave until then. On Dec 26th afternoon, its muffler let go. Thus, proving he was right. The within spec part would only last until Christmas and that's it.

    When he told us about the other front wheel bearing on our 2003 RDV only lasting until this Christmas, I knew he wasn't BSing me. It was starting to go as well... Thus, both got replaced.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • I hope you did not have to pay for the bearings. GM is doing a good will program on bearings 100,000 km or 5 year on front bearings. Received a letter in the mail from GM. So if you did pay you can get reimbursed through GM. Look into it.

    JP ;)
  • I'm hoping someone can help me.......My control panel where spedomotor and gages are keep turning off and on like a short circuit or something. This happens after about 15 minutes of driving, no necessarily when the car is hot. All the lights/symbols on the panel will flicker off and on and I hear a clicking noise on the passenger side in a little box area. Does that make sense?? When I took my car in it wasn't doing this and they said nothing was wrong with my car??? :confuse:
    If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let me know. :)
  • Has anyone had problems with their 2005 Rendezvous? At 50,000 miles my camshaft and lifters have to be replaced. I have already had the A/C worked on at 38,000 miles.
  • FINALLY... GM was forced to buy back my car and I turned it in at the dealer. I am officially DONE with the Buick Rendezvous. Thanks everyone here for support and advice.... Now I get to delete this tracking and move on! WooHoo!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,969
    That's good to hear - then your attorney got it wrapped up in about 3 weeks. That's pretty fast (not counting the year or two you had to deal with the whole thing!). Having the BBB decision in your favor must have helped.

    For those arriving late, here's Onebrightlady's summary post about her problems:

    onebritelady, "Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair" #1854, 12 Sep 2007 5:43 pm

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • jpiercejpierce Posts: 49
    Hi just wondering if anyone had this problem on a 2002 RDV. My AWD Disable indicator comes on for a second or two then turns off. My buick just had a trany replacement in January 2007 and rear differential fuild change was done 3 months pervious to this (this was all done at 90,000 km) and know I have 112,000 km. I am wondering if an anti-lock brake sensor is corroded a little. Any thoughts would be great.


    Another dis-satified Buick owner. :cry:
  • jpiercejpierce Posts: 49
    Just a side bar this was huge problem on 2002 buick RDV. The fuel was corroding the sending unit and resulted in court case between GM and Petro-Canada. Eventually there was a fix for this by GM (total swap out with new sending unit free of charge) and Petro Can provide GM owners with a 100 buck gift card.

    I am very surprised that GM was still having this problem in the later model years

    JP ;)
  • another sore spot that causes the fuel gage porblem is there is a connector that goes through the floor board on the driver side rear passenger area. i think its connector C305 it carries the speed sensor, and fuel guage wires from outside to the inside. and these are common for corrosion. its on my aztek fan club website this guy disected it and replaced wires pugged it back in and cured his fuel gauge level problem.its a pice that attaches to the car and i think a harness junction which has harnesses that plug into it from the outside and the inside .
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    In general I would think a bad sensor would be more consistant with the light staying on. I think I would check tire pressures first, then be thinking about possible loose/corroded connection to wheel sensor (as opposed to sensor itself)
  • jpiercejpierce Posts: 49
    Thanks Ray - I pumped the tires up the first I say the indicator. This did not help. However, I did notice one thing upon start-up the engine lagged (battery power low). And the indicator only came on when this engine lag took place. I am thinking it may have something to do with that. The car has been sitting for a bit and the battery is getting old (6 years) and the static vottage is 12.5 did not have anyone around to help me see what it is under load, but I do know a good static battery reads 13 volts or a little higher. After taking the car for a run the indicator never came on and the car never lagged at start-up (battery charged up from running). I will keep the corroded leads under consideration though since this appears to be problem when a car starts getting on in years. I will taking the car in soon for service so I will have the mechanic have a look at the leads. :D


  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Hhmm well it may have something to do with battery charge also. The electronics can be pretty sensitive to voltage problems (can cause other troubles also).
  • moveemovee Posts: 1
    2 Days ago on my way into work I noticed my AWD Diabled Indicator light came on, not sure what the heck it meant I asked my husband & he took it to the dealership we purchased it from the next day. The dealership told us something about a valve leaking or sticking effecting the rear differential something & it is costing me $600 to get fixed! They told me that I shouldn't be driving it until it's fixed or I'll make the problem worse, but really can't afford to have it fixed at this time. I have been searching the web for any kind of advice/help & found your message on this & couldn't help but to ask - did you get your problem corrected? Did it cost you that much to fix? Do you have any suggestions for me before I turn it loose to the dealership to fix? Thank you!
  • Is there any printed procedure on changing the rear 3 spark plugs that can be emailed or linked to? Or, can somebody explain the procedure if they have done it on an '04 RDV CXL.
    Could Buick have made it any more difficult to get to them??

  • Sorry, I dont have intsructions. This is the whole reason a simple tune up @ GM is $450. Apparently you have to remove all the items above the plugs to get to them.

    Good Luck!
  • I just replaced the spark plugs on my '03 RDV CXL. The trick is to remove the plugs from underneath the vehicle. Before you start, make sure the engine is cold. If the engine is hot/warm, you will burn your arm and could damage the spark plug threads.

    Jack the vehicle up, crawl underneath and access the rear plugs by sticking your hand up next to exhaust pipe. Since your hand will be in the vicinity of the oxygen sensor, be careful not to damage the oxygen sensor wires. Next, twist the spark plug boot to loosen it before removal. I used spark plug boot pliers (OEM #25542) I picked up at AutoZone to remove the boots. Try to clean the spark plug recess area as best you can with compressed air before removing the plug. Then, use a flex-head ratchet with a long handle to remove the old plug. I used a Craftsman #42794 fine-tooth ratchet with a 5/8" spark plug socket on a 3-inch extension. When installing the new plug, hand tighten the plug with the socket and extension first before tightening 1/16" turn with the ratchet. Be careful when tightening the plug since the cylinder heads are aluminum. The service manual says to tighten the plugs 15 N-m (11 ft-lb), but good luck getting a torque wrench in there.

    Note that the service manual has you take the top engine struts off and rotate the engine forward to access the rear plugs. I tried this, but still could not access the rear plugs from the top.
  • Our car is at dealer and mechanic can't understand what is causing our mirrors to move while the car's motor is turned off. First the passenger mirror began acting up, moving back and forth and making a noise until someone noticed it and came into a restaurant to tell us about it and then three weeks later the driver side mirror did the same thing. We are concerned that we may park it at night and have a dead battery the next morning. When we started the car both times the mirror "settled down". Also, from time to time the gas gauge goes a little crazy but eventually quits and is okay. The mechanic says if we can find any info on the mirrors it would help as they have never had the problem before with the rendezvousand of course, they can't get the mirrors to do anything. Any suggestions? They will have the car until Fri. evening.
  • Sounds like your in need of an exorcism. Other than that i dont have a clue.
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