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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • coleenmcoleenm Posts: 1
    My Buick nightmare is still going on. We bought our 2002 when I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time. We wanted a reliable vehicle for the kids. We have had battery problems from the beginning. My husband blamed the constant but irregular drained battery on my being careless or the kids not closing the door "right". We have gone through mimimum three batteries in 6 years. We have replaced battery cables, the starter,( I was told my keys were too heavy and wore it down- I did add some church keys three weeks before but the problems have gone on much longer) and more not counting other expenses. The seal on both rear headlights failed and floded from the rain, causing problems. And one day the passenger window just failed. Three days later my husband closed that door to have the window drop and shatter inside the door. We had to replace the window and all the innards. The kicker was last fall when a gasket we were told "shouldn't have failed"
    did fail and we had to have our dealership remove our engine to get to and repair it. They charged over $900.00 in labor JUST TO GET TO THAT SEAL! My car is about 55,000 miles and I can't count how many times it's been in the shop. I have only had it repaired at the dealership where I purchased it so you think they would be able to repair their own vehicle. They have had it for 2 days now and all they can tell me is that I need a Fourth Battery! I know all cars have problems, but when you purchase a car new, you think it will run for at least 10 years. I feel cheated. I have Chronic Asthma and I am terrified I am going to get stranded picking up my kids from school one day. This time of year just being outside puts my health in danger, and until I get my car back I'm stuck walking my kids to school and back. Thanks, Buick.
  • jam559jam559 Posts: 1
    I am tring to replace the studs on the rear hub because a few broke during the process of replacing the brakes. Can anyone help me with this process. I have FWD not AWD like most do. thank you in advace.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186

    Sorry you have had all these problems. I grew up in a "Buick" family and never saw that many issues on all the cars put together, much less one. I feel very bad for the stress it's caused you.

    My advice is that you ask to see the sales manager, sit down in his office, and explain how much hassle and cost you've been through, and remind him/her that you've used the dealer exclusively for repairs and maintenance. That will go a LONG way! Each dealer has "discretionary" money from GM that they can use towards good customers for cases like these. And 55,000 miles is not much, reiterate that all this shouldn't be happening at this mileage.

    If you have a good dealer, he will offer to assist with the bill. I hope he is honest and caring. Be polite but be firm, ask for help with the bill. And do this BEFORE you go to pick up the car from repairs, not after the bill is handed to you. (Ideally this discussion would have happened before the repairs had started, because you would have had some leverage in the negotiation. You could have taken it elsewhere if he said no, even another dealer.)

    From a long line of Buicks....
    (66 Special, 74 Century, 81 Regal, 83 Regal, 89 Regal, 97 Century... and currently 2007 Rendezvous)
  • theresa5theresa5 Posts: 2
    Actually, most 2002 Buick Rendezvous's are lemons and if you check with the BBB you will see that also. My 2002 has been a piece of crap as long as I've had it, so bad Buick had to give me a free extended bumper-to-bumper warranty for an extra 50,000 miles. I am trying to sell this so I can buy a foreign car, as I will never, ever buy an American car again in my lifetime. Honda, Toyota, etc, will be what I purchase.
    Oh, and I just had my AWD disable and ABS/anti-lock brakes lights come back on only 2 months after having this fixed at dealer for 3rd time. Buick, what a classy company..... NOT!
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Sorry you had trouble with your car, but all automakers have lemons. Let me tell you about my two closest friends at work. Both have a Honda made car with V6 and automatic. One went through 3 transmissions before trading it in, the other is on his 5th. One is an Acura TL, which should be the pride and joy of Honda's best engineering. The other an Accord Coupe.

    Was the 2002 Rendezvous buggy? Yes.

    Do foreign automakers ever make a buggy model? You bet.

    I think the fact that GM gave you a 50,000 mile extension at the bumper-to-bumper level is quite honorable on their part. That is a LOT of miles!

    I could be wrong, but I think your problems are actually a combination of a buggy vehicle AND BAD SERVICE. Have you tried another Buick dealer? If you don't have another one convenient, next choice would be Pontiac due to the similarities between Aztek and Rendezvous. But any GM dealer should be able to work on your car.

    My reasoning for blaming the dealer in large part: The later Rendezvous are reliable. That proves GM found the problems and updated the parts to fix the problems in later years. Those updated parts are available, and are in fact the ONLY parts GM would ship to your dealer for repairs! So if you are getting updated parts, and the problems come back, maybe it's the technicians who are not doing a quality job causing you repeated failures.

    I will say the techs at my closest Buick dealership have shown a lot of incompetence and I will be trying another dealer soon.

    I wish you the best of luck with your next vehicle, no matter the make!

    All the best-
  • chuckie2chuckie2 Posts: 16
    I think Brian is correct in indicating that your dealer's technicians are at the root of some of your problems. I use two dealers: one in Mentor,Ohio where I bought the car (2004 Rendezvous CX) and one in Durham, NC where I live during the winter. The techs at these two shops are GREAT. They know Buicks inside and out. The service writers listen to your issue/concerns. Although I have not had much more work, other than routine maintenace done, they did address my wheels bearing issue by replacing them ALL with the new parts rather than have me "come back when the other one goes bad". When I go in for routine maintenace, they never try and "upsell" me to something I don't need. Other than that, nothing has gone wrong after 113,000 miles of service. I have small little issues like the interior bulbs burning out, but thats because I'm in the car all the time especially at night so thats routine. Unless I hit the lottery, I will NOT EVER buy a foreign car. GM quality has improved immensely over the last decade. As with any new model, wait till the next model year before you run out and buy it. Do research on the previous model year to what issues relate to the model you purchase. Toyota, Honda, Nissan have always had issues with thier vehicles, but they are sneaky and underhanded about covering them up. My next vehicle will be the '09 Enclave, the most beautiful SUV on the road today.
  • I just had this happen last week. I kept feeling like my car had a bit of a drag to it, thought maybe a break sticking, bad tire or barring. A week later my AWD disabled light and my anti lock break lights showed disabled; then as I was going up a large hill and lost power. Come to find out; Rendezvous have a problem with front wheel barrings and when these go out the drive system shuts down. Once the car is re-started it will take sometime again for the system to read there is a problem. Got barrings replaced at Pep Boys; message lights are gone and system is now acting normal. Around $400 for both. See these error codes in your manual. I had no idea these items were related. Good Luck!
  • Ok. I just commented on this to a fellow with a 2005. I had the awd and the anti lock break errors come on after about a week of hearing a strange noice thinking my break may be sticking, a bad left tire or a bad wheel barring. Then after the codes came up while going up hill my car lost power. From the owner manual and the internet we discovered it to be the front wheel barrings; so I guessed right. Rendezvous system shuts itself down to protect the drive train/awd system. Pep boys replaced my two front wheel barrings around $400 some total. Problem is now fixed. Who knew all of this was connected. Good Luck!
  • I have been having this exact same problem. Got stuck in downtown Manahattan, at a gas station while having my car inspected and this last time at the waterfront in Camden NJ. All three created major elevations of blood pressure. This last time, I explained to the mechanic who responded, that I had the entire cooling system checked out and was told there was nothing wrong with the thermostat, hoses, water pump, coolant level or system pressure. After he got my car started he told me to have my electric fan checked for proper functioning. I haven't done that yet; but, since everything else has been checked, it sounds like a possible solution.

    Will get back to the forum after having it checked out.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    A "no start" problem is not cooling system related. The cooling system's job is only to cool the engine while the engine is running. If the engine isn't overheating while running, the cooling system has nothing to do with why the car won't start. Whether hot or cold.

    Typically a no-start HOT condition is an electrical problem. Something electronic is on the fritz once hot.

    Does the engine turn over when this is happening? If it's trying to start but won't.... I'd look at the ignition module and ignition coils first, then maybe ECM or crankshaft position sensor.

    If the engine isn't even turning over when you turn the key.... that would point to starter first, then maybe battery....

    Hope this helps! Either way, if your mechanic is looking at the cooling system for a no-start problem, I'd be looking for a new mechanic!

    Good luck!
  • rosingrosing Posts: 3
    Do you know where i can find the link to the aztek fan club where the guy described how he cured this fuel gauge/corroded wiring harness problem?
  • rosingrosing Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvouz that has a fuel gauge that always read full, until you've idled for 2 minutes and then it drops to empty and the low fuel alarm sounds. My dealer says that a wiring harness connected to the fuel sending unit has experienced "moisture intrusion" and needs to be replaced at a cost of $2100.00. Yes, $2100.00 There are other posts on this issue, but wondered if anyone had any new information on how to fix this and how much others have paid. thanks.
  • exhaustedexhausted Posts: 21
    I have 02 as well with the same issue. There was a recall a few months back on the gas tank. Many I think took advantage of the recall to replace the sending unit under the tank. Sadly my RDZ has too many Km's to qualify.. :sick: So I use the trip computer to compensate.
  • 442455442455 Posts: 64
  • h2oaquadogh2oaquadog Posts: 11
    I just received a phone call from the Executive offices at Buick. I sent them a nasty letter letting them know that I had to walk away from my 02 Ren with ONLY 37,000 miles on it because I could no longer afford to replace wheel bearings and intake manifold gaskets. Somehow they thought apologizing would make things better. However, she did state that people need to call the customer service number and complain about all the things wrong with this car. I know we have all called at least once, if not twice to complain and yet they still don't get it. But, please everyone start calling AGAIN! Call and let them know about your gaskets, your wheel bearings, your fuel tanks. Keep calling till they figure out this car is a LEMON! The woman I talked to just could not believe there were this many of us that had the same problem and they had never heard of it. By far the most obsurd thing I have ever heard! The number is 1-866-608-8080. I was fortunate enough to be able to trade mine in (at a hUGE loss), but the dealership turned right around and sold it to some poor soul....
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Can you back up your statement, "Actually, most 2002 Buick Rendezvous's are lemons ...." with some sort of factual basis? Buick sold more than 305,000 Rendezvous over 6 years -- are you actually claiming that more than 150,000 of those vehicles are lemons (and the term "lemon" has a specific legal meaning which likely varies from state to state). In Wisconsin, that term means the following:

    What is a "lemon"?
    A new vehicle - no more than a year old and still under warranty - is a "lemon" if

    * It has a serious defect the dealer can't fix in four tries, or
    * It has one or many defects that prevent you from using it for 30 days or more (the 30 days need not be consecutive)

    That has not happened to me with my Rendezvous, nor with anyone else I know who owns a Rendezvous. And, I am very familiar with lemons -- as I filed a lemon law suit against Isuzu, and won, in regards to a Rodeo that I owned.

    I've consistently said throughout this thread that ALL makes and models of vehicles (including Honda and Toyota and Buick) have some lemons. That's the nature of mass production. My guess is that there are many, many fewer lemon Rendezvous than you may want to believe.

    Still driving my 2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL, 76,000 miles. Owned it for 6 years this month. Still feel it is a safe, reliable vehicle. I would consider an Enclave for my next vehicle. Sorry if your experience was not as positive as mine.
  • chuckie2chuckie2 Posts: 16
    I agree. After 4 years and more than 113,860 miles, my Rendezvous still drives and looks new. I think we have this ill-conceived notion that all American cars are "lemons" because of what the Japanese have done with their cars. They can thank the USA for the ability and technology that has gotten them to where they are today. I also agree GM/Ford/Chrysler sometimes have lost sight of what Americans want. We want quality, reliability, style and innovation. We need to stand behind our American manufacturers and press them for the things we demand. Look at the Enclave, it is one of the most beautiful vehicles on the road today. My dealer loaned me one for a weekend and when I am ready, I WILL be purchasing one. Yeah, I would love to have a Posche Cayenne Turbo, but for the money, I can have two Enclaves. Basically, I think your dealer is the issue, rather than the vehicle. yeah, some vehicles had some defects, but NO automaker is immune from that. I've owned a majority of Buicks, Caddies and Town Cars all my adult life and not one has been a lemon and all have exceeded 250,000 miles. My first car is still on the road today (1970 Electra 225 Limited converitble)..hardly a lemon in my opinion
  • chuckie2chuckie2 Posts: 16
    I would just buy a new hub assembly. Costs more but in the long run you will be better off doing so. Shop arond the parts stores for the best price.
  • I have to agree with jk27. I've had my RDZ for almost 7 years with 106K and it's been a fantastic vehicle for me. I haven't even needed to do a tune-up.

    I do have a ? though, of course since it's getting older, it needs to have some upkeep. I recently had the brakes changed...first time! and now it seems the ABS might be going out. Has anyone had issues with that?

  • jdksjdks Posts: 42
    Been there done that - my car has over 150k - 6 wheel bearings, wiring harness, gasket, information cluster, fuel tank and alternator (most of it within the first 3 years except for the wheel bearings which I am now switching to third parties now). Technically not a lemon but is one in my book.
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