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Flood damaged cars Legal Problems



  • Crushing a Cadillac is never a good thing!

    I had to drive through some very high water in Miami one time, 4 years ago - no ill effects so far...">
  • atlvibeatlvibe Posts: 109
    Flood, theft, severe collision etc...any time a vehicle is bought back by an insurance carrier that car should be dismantled. That would stop the problem. Flood damage cars are a perfect example. Sooner or later someone gets deceived. This stop the issue.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Agree, and if the damage is minimal, then they could dismantle the vehicles and sell good body panels, bumpers, etc at good discounted prices to individuals who are interested.
  • ericqericq Posts: 6
    I researched all 4 of my cars this last week. I bring this subject up because of what Carfax did not have about my 2001 Taurus. It was totalled in a one car accident on May 25 2004. The state cops were there and cited my daughter(police report). The fire department put out the fire that completely gutted the car. I took the car off my property tax roles and went to DMV with copy of police report. I got compensated by the insurance company. Everybody knows about this accident of 2 years ago EXCEPT Carfax. They think I still have it. They don't reflect the rear ender on my daughter's pick up either. That was in Jan 2005. Again a police report and insurance payout. Hm.
  • A reporter would like to talk to owners who have purchased a car that was found to be flooded by Hurricane Katrina or another recent hurricane. Please respond to no later than August 6, 2007 with your daytime contact information.

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  • Contrary to what above say, water doesn't damage solder connections. Likely gunk in water screws up the mechanical parts of window openers and locks. It irritates me when body-shop guys say you cant fix something up. I have fixed up two cars I've totalled. The body-shop guys charge one price for insurance work and another for cash. For instance extimates on my 5th Avenue were over ten grand but I fixed it for less than $4,000. My Suzuki Sidekick estimate was $7,500 but $3,500 fixed it up but not perfect. Nothing inside the body shell was damaged. I wish I could get an honest post from someone who refurbished a flood car not for insurance purposes. I'd expect to replace ignition parts. If the engine checks out on the dynomometer it should be good. I think, in my non-expert opinion. I could expect a computer unit to be hosed.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    MB 2009 flooded in parking lot to just below exhaust overnight. Residual of water to seat tracks in the interior. Wiring harness and other electrical parts below floor were replaced by dealer. New carpeting. Insurance company states not enough damage to be total.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    What a Blessing that its Baptism was not by immersion, only sprinkling. Drive it. Is not the rest of the baby just fine? :confuse:
  • Have you ever bought a used car, only to find out later that the vehicle had suffered flood damage? A TV news show is working on a story about the resale flood-damaged vehicles, and would like to help tell your story. If you’ve ever been a victim of this practice, please send your contact information and a brief description of your experience to by no later than January 16th, 2012.

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