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Chevrolet Avalanche Owners - Meet the Members



  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Get the promise of the retrofit kit in writing from the dealer. I'd put money on this being a dealer's dream (imagination, excuse, lie).
  • Let me clarify: There was a short period of time when the hard covers were not available from the supplier so the factory continued production with the soft covers. My dealer said that the soft cover models were not moving very fast, if not at all. He said from now on he would only be ordering Z66 and Z71 with hard covers.

    It seemed that several weeks ago, when I was looking for my truck (in SF East Bay), the only ones available with the options I wanted had soft covers.
  • I just picked up my new Av with the Z71 package in Summit white. It looks great and rides even better than the 99 Yukon that it replaced. Yes, I did settle for the soft tonneau, but I think it will work fine, I don't see myself removing it very often here in Vermont. Its covered with snow right now.
  • I purchased my Summit White Z71 Avalanche on October 26, 2001. As of today, I have driven over 11,000 miles and my Avalanche runs smooth with no problems. The heated leather bucket seats are a special treat at 4:45 am when I leave for work. I paid the actual dealer invoice while the MSRP was $38,571.00. So I saved enough money to purchase all the accessories.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Did you recently purchase or lease your first full-size pick-up truck? If so, The Wall Street Journal is curious about your experience with it, especially if you traded in a car for the truck. Please send your story directly to Please include the model truck you drive, your city and state of residence, and your e-mail address.

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  • in July 01 i got my first pewter av great truck but it soon had many problems 24 qts of oil in 5500 miles and spent 55 days in the shop for repairs many water leaks the worst from the front seems the e-brake cable and a floor plug on the drivers side is loose fitting and leaks water had a few small leaks on the midgate but not a problem after two carpet kits and more rental cars than i ever had gm decided to replace it so now i have my second av gm at no cost to me replaced my 2 wheel drive with a red 4x4 z 71 fully loaded for the inconvince would of rather had another pewter but the red is growing on me im just glad they replaced it as i went and looked at all the cars on the market and just kept coming back for my av its a blast to drive all the comments and its just to handy i have hauled lumber bricks plants trees and all sort of things the only thing im afraid to put in is dirt the front drains at the midgate do plug up easy i have found blasting them with air works great the new av is great 1500 miles and no oil use at all the engine seems quieter than the last one and no water leaks at all i like the z 71 drives a tad rougher than the 2x but with a extra trans and 400-600 lbs not bad at all people thought i was crazy for getting another on but i just said if you had one you'd never get anything else the darn things are addicting
  • camille4camille4 Posts: 4
    I've had my Av since Oct01. I've only encountered some rattling noise, but since it's been cold-no noise. I have bench seats so I can still car pool kids to school and haul trees to plant in my backyard! :)
  • avnutavnut Posts: 10
    Hi, I'm Gary. I just picked up my AV: Victory Red Z/71, leather, sunroof, running boards, and OnStar. This is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. The ride is fantastic on and off road. I have "converted" it about 50 times to the amazement of all. Every single day, a perfect stranger compliments me on it. I love everything about it! With only 450 miles, have already installed amber DLR's, a locking gas cap, locking lug nuts, and a tail/brake light receiver cover. Next mod is steering wheel audio controls. Fun, fun, FUN!
  • johnnycat8johnnycat8 Posts: 12
    i too changed the drl to amber everyone but the police like it.... i also put in brighter bulbs for the headlights and fog/driving lights just be carefull not to over do it i went to 30 watt on the fog and 75 on the low beams mad a great big diff. i think i have the truck down pat now this is my second avalanche mines just like yours red my otheir one was the peuter(like the red better)i also installed a backup radar device love it it talks telling you how far you are backing up
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Police might have a problem with brighter headlight bulbs. But not the drl's being amber. I changed the ones on my Sierra too. Like the look much better. I think they are more noticeable too. And isn't that the point of DRL's?
  • johnnycat8johnnycat8 Posts: 12
    but in california the only allowable amber light facing forward are turnsignals. but most people dont know that its only a fixit ticket and if you get caughtfor it you were probaly doing somthig else wrong or got a teed off cop. i agree with you they look and stand out better. i get asked about them all most as much as the
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Other GM's come with amber DRL's. Do the Camaros come with white DRL's just in Calif.?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Well the wife picks up her new Avalanche this afternoon. The Red with leather and sunroof and Z71 package. Had a very long and heavy downpour overnight the other night and I went to the dealers first thing and outside of a few drops in the bed near the edge like the books says can happen the cab was dry. Took it out on a bumpy road and no rattles so looks like we may be off to a good start. She traded in her Honda Odyssey and sure wish the resale value on the Avalanche would be even close. Got $24k out of a 01 van that stickered at $28.8. Not bad for a little less than 2 years. At least here I shouldn't have to put up with those DC van people that also thought their vans were the best.
  • brucecr_msbrucecr_ms Posts: 47
    You're wife will LOVE the AV. The bed has a 'water management system.' What that means, in essence, is if the object is on the rubber mat, it should stay dry. Water along the sides and under the mat is acceptable.

    The AV looks 'mean' on the road so those little DC van people should just move out of the way. :)

  • i purchased my 02 avalanche Nov has 50k miles and at 36k miles, i was driving down the road while it was raining and guess what i had 2 inches of water in the passenger area floorboard. to make a long story short...this is a known problem at the chevy corp...after 3 attempts of GO Chevrolet, clinton NC they said, it's a design fault and can't be fixed...on top of that, like one of the other owners, rental car after rental car while they are working on this "AVALEMON"...the rental car, toyota corolla..basic...that just about killed me right there...but this truck is constantly leaking,..thought it was only when the panels are off...but also with the panels the way...all those panels will fade...loose their seal expect the worse with the makes me sick that i paid 18k down on this and now look what i have...also, the dash lights go on and off...well that's a cluster mechansism which costs 262 bucks...with extended warranty you have to pay 100 bucks...i'm like all the resst of you the ride..nothing like it, but the stress of all this is just unreal...well, i've got my 4th and final try to fix monday..and the chev corp will give me the verdict wednesday...according to NC lemon law, they have to buy my truck we'll's SERVICE AFTER THE SELL that kills me...Fleecing of America...Amen, this is one way...Oh also, when it floods, the airbag module goes out...already done that and, guess that's about it for now....will keep you posted....
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    some do get lemons and they come from all manufacturers.

    I have had my avy longer than you and have had no problems......none ...nil.......

    No leaks.....none dry as a bone.......
    no seals coming loose none....

    good luck with yours....

    there is a TSB about a floor seam not sealed properly....and a hole in rear fenderwells....or something like it may not be a midgate leak...
  • I am concerned now about rollover with my AV. The insurance company has upped the cost 80% due to possible rollover problems. Has anyone else faced this or know if this is a real issue? Anyone know of a rollover with this vehicle?
  • Upped the insurance compared to what? If it's compared to an older sedan, 80% can make sense. If they raied it 80% in one year of ownership and nothing else changed, I'd call and start asking questions.

    The Avalanche is a truck. It is more prone to roll over than, say, a Toyota Corolla. I don't beleive it's more likely to roll over than any other truck. You can check out results of tests at ( for the AV) or
  • Hi everyone. Just checking in. I am one of the original members from way back, when this board was started. I bought an 02 Forest Green Z71 in Oct. 01. I kept that until Jan. 03, when I traded in for an 03 Dark Grey Metallic Z71. I just had to take advantage of the incentives and rebates. I'm glad I did. Good to see the board here is still alive.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    It is here but not very active hehehe
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