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Ford Super Duty



  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    Singer4 - Some posts back it was reported that the factory has responded to the bed height dilemma by mandating the two inch block as a standard production item. Can you get a clarification on this when you speak with the Ky. plant engineer on Friday?
  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    Here is more of the excerpt

    The antiknock ability is related to the "autoignition temperature" of the
    hydrocarbons. Antiknock ability is not substantially related to:
    1. The energy content of fuel, this should be obvious, as oxygenates have lower energy contents, but high octanes.
    2. The flame speed of the conventionally ignited mixture, this should be evident from the similarities of the two reference hydrocarbons.
    Although flame speed does play a minor part, there are many other factors that are far more important. ( such as compression ratio, stoichiometry, combustion chamber shape, chemical structure of the fuel, presence of antiknock additives, number and position of spark plugs, turbulence etc.)
    Flame speed does not correlate with octane.
  • moe7moe7 Posts: 24
    O.K. so which should i use in your opinion???

    87 or 89? I live in New Hampshire and hate to hear any engine knock! I have been using mobil 89 octane gasoline.

  • singer4singer4 Posts: 43
    Yeah!! I'll be checkin' with Mark W. on Thurs. or Fri. Dlrshp in AZ is waiting on auth. kit for 2in first step...drop 2inches, then install hitch(Pullrite), then back it up under the 5th...see what the clearance is...if it isn't at least 6 inches...then the RV springs have to be alternatives here!
    By the way, just spoke to rep. at Pullrite...strongly suggest going with SuperGlide(400 # unit@ $ price I found)avoids the worry when turning---automatically moves unit back 18 inches, not just 9 in., and no need to get out and move levers!
  • br1br1 Posts: 22
    Just a overall height comment - I stopped and measured an F250 crew cab, 4x4, power stroke, auto, with trailer towing, short bed with LT265 A/T's and the overall height was 6'6". I also checked a F250 super cab diesel and an F350 crew cab V10 they were the same.

    Note - someone put in numbers that add to 7' so something doesn't add up. I know this doesn't help with fifth wheel heights but I was concerned for garage entry (I have a std. 7' garage but door hangs approx 1 1/2").

    By the way, how do you handle the "wait". I have a long way to go and am chomping at the bit already (just got VIN).
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    I wouldn't worry about the door -- do you have a garage door opener? The angled piece that hangs down is what would stop me from putting the truck in a garage if I wanted to.

    The official height of my truck was 6'9". If its not exactly that (measured at the back of the cab) its really close.
  • br1br1 Posts: 22
    I measured the garage door (to the bottom of the width of the garage door) at 6'10". I have a double wide door so the "angled piece" I think you spek of is in the middle (between the wifes car and my truck) and doesn't come into play. The dealer also stated 6'9" but the trucks on the lot are not quite that high. As long as that is a max I'm completely happy. I guess I can nickname myself -"hate scraping swindows".

    Thanks for the info.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495

    I am the Ram 3500 owner who measured his truck for stanford. My Ram stands exactly what the book says it does - 77.5". Assume that as your suspension settles, you may lose as much as an inch of height.

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    I just measured mine to the highest point -- 81", just like in the book. Hmm. I may have mismeasured the bed-to-cab height before, I'm pretty confident about the other ones.
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Oh -- my numbers were for the F350 as well. Looks like you'll just make it.
  • ande157ande157 Posts: 23
    Found out today my truck is scheduled for a build date the week of april 5th. Dealer has a VIN on it. Order placed w/ dealer Feb 25th. Friend and I both ordered our trucks together, same day at same dealer. He has a scheduled build during week of March 29th., only difference between trucks is mine's a V10 long box, his is a PSD short box. Dealer had said the V10 might take a little bit longer to get. If everything goes as scheduled, should be about 6 weeks from order to delivery.
  • br1br1 Posts: 22
    I'm confident it'll fit now. Still wondering what the options could be to make the differences in height (i.e as measured dimensions).

    ANDE157: I ordered my F250 CC PSD last Friday. One guy looking while I did ordered two days earlier and has his VIN / date now, hopefully I'll get mine build date soon. Dealer said last 2 PSD (reg and crew cab) came in 7 and 8 weeks. The Supercabs he said are longer because demand is higher than the CC. Makes sense I guess? I prepped for at least 8 weeks. I'll be getting pretty antsy after that (ok, ok I'm already antsy but not tooooo awful bad yet).
  • longhairlonghair Posts: 72
    My first SD order was 3/30/98, about a week after my test drive. Dealer actions (kept pushing my 1 back for fleet orders of 10) meant it never actually was scheduled for a build when I cancelled it in 9/98. I spent too much of the downpayment on repairing the old truck in the meantime, plus my company announced they were going out of business, so I had to hold until 2/99 to reorder (from another dealer) He actually had my truck at the top of his priority list when it came back as unbuildable "dirty." (we're working on that now)
    If I cared about resale (I don't - I drive till dead) I'd have to start wondering about the differences between two '99s that were built over a year apart.
    Last summer when we were doing a custom garage door that took so long to arrive, we were joking that they were waiting for my truck to deliver it in. That door's been installed, and repaired once since then.
    I have a picture of a SD over my desk at work. Everybody walks in each morning and says "nice truck" when they see the old one in the parking lot :-)
    Maybe I'll have it in time for my 2001 trip to Alaska? By then I will order the parts from the parts counter and built it myself.
  • sichenzesichenze Posts: 8
    I just found this web page so I though I would let you all know that my 250 PS 4X4 is a great truck. I got it the other day in time for the big snow storm that we had in Northern Virginia. I handled the snow and ice climbing over the mountains that I drive over every day in a very matter of fact way. I was impressed and the ride oh well, you will see if you are waiting and know what I a saying if you have yours. i do have one question though, I was reading over the manual and it shows the fuel water separator at the bottom of the engine. I looked but could not find it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • singer4singer4 Posts: 43
    1st..note on's prudent to check gar.dr size...doors CAN be adj. to open beyond the yourself a favor...with the turn of a setscrew, do'll avoid what happened to me..our door didn't quite open by an inch because of a slight the middle amber light needs to be repl....also, I cut the middle angle bracket to avoid any possible contact!
    With re: to the "kits" from Ky. Plt...latest official word as of 2:30p.m., 3/11/99...Ky. Plt. has NOT issued a TSB authorizing ANY Service Dept. of any Dlrship to lower a 4x4 by taking out the 4" block...because of reported "field" problems that Ford encountered. However, as of today, they were still not able to give a firm date on when the "authorized" kit will be available to drop the F250 by 2". Beyond that, once the "kit" is available, the source stated that much of their "kit" inventory will be allocated to 'production'. Currently, dealerships can't "order" for you, or me, or anyone else, a 2" kit simply because Ford's depot does not have the appropriate parts that make up that kit....if a dlrshp puts it on order, it goes into a backorder status, consequently inflating the need to order additional inventory!! Bottom line...customers like you and I might wait several months to acquire the now infamous "kit."
    For the RV'ers, that's translates into camping season!! Can't wait that long!! Looking for a new F250, 4x4, built after 2/15/99...they supposedly have the 2" spacer on them, right off the line.
    If I hear any more, I'll post!!

  • tfm1tfm1 Posts: 5
    The height problem with the 99 SD 4x4 is well known. Apparently the height problem with the 99 SD 4x2 has not been recognized.
    My 22 ft Alpenlite fifth wheel is about 57 inches high at the part of the trailer that goes over the bed. The axles have already been mounted under the springs for maximum height. I have tried two different 99 4x2 SD and neither had enough clearance. They both measured about 54 inches ground to top of bed.
    I have measured a couple of other older small fifth wheels and their height runs about the same as mine.
    If you plan on towing a fifth wheel with a 99 SD 4x2 you sure need to check the height before you pay your money.
    I presently tow with a 95 Dodge Ram 1500 4x2 and it measures 50 inches ground to top of bed.
    Has anyone else run into this?
  • tnt2tnt2 Posts: 115
    The water/fuel seperator lever is located just behind the fuel filter(12 oclock, looking down). Yellow lever. The drain is located just inside the right fender well.
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    singer4.....well done! my F350 is being built this week so it should have the 2" blocks in place. I'll let you know first hand, hopefully in about two weeks.
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    The Dodge trucks (one tons for sure, prob. 3/4 tons) have almost exactly the same bed height. Do you know anyone who tows with a Dodge? I've seen plenty around. How do they deal with it?
  • bruce21bruce21 Posts: 4
    Puzzle for the day. I have a F250 SD,PSD, ,XCab, LB Lariet somewhere in the "build-a-Ford" world. It, along with six XLTs and one other Lariet (same config) were ordered on 1/25/99 by a BIG Ford dealer in the Denver area, all with the same priority. Delivery was estimated at 8 weeks. As of today, the 6 XLTs have a VIN# and the 2 Lariets don't. An assigned VIN is the best clue yet that something is actually being bolted together. Called Gwen at the assembly plant - she said Lariet orders are being taken, but she had to be prompted as to whether they are actually being built. She said yes. A call to Ford customer service in Detroit, telling the same story, got a different answer. There "seems to be a transportation problem" -
    that's all he could offer. His probabilities were that subcontractor parts weren't getting to the plant for Lariet assembly. Understandably, Ford won't put a vehicle on the assembly line unless all the parts are there, even if it's the Lariet name someone sticks on the outside somewhere. So, add all this up - who knows how many Lariet F250 SDs are waiting for assembly and where do we fit in that mix. By the way, this info was not offered by the dealer, after all they never lie, they just don't tell the complete truth. Gwen said they can't build the Super Dutys fast enough, the demand is huge. My comment then was that when they get to mine, I want it built real slow. With all this in mind, why do I see so many SDs in Ford dealerships? - probably waiting to be sold for over-sticker. Shouldn't a customer order get to the line before the back lot is filled?
    Two different dealers tried to push us into a truck on their lot that wasn't the same. Also, have you guys noticed that TV ads for the SuperDuty are non-existent, and there's no dealer incentives at all, but yet we pay something like 3% to cover marketing and advertising - called a "hold back".
    Also, thanks for the good inputs on the lowering of the bed to accomodate 5th wheels. I plan to ask my dealer to order the 4inch kit in advance - wow what a concept - if I really don't need it, then they'd have one in stock. Wouldn't it be nice to have a business where customers pay $38K for something, sign a deal, and then somehow agree to wait 8 to 16 weeks for delivery and half-truths? Do the Ford people read these messages?
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