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Ford Super Duty



  • br1br1 Posts: 22
    Dealer called today and stated he has the VIN and schedule. Still antsy! I'm starting to re-arrange my garage this weekend (I know really optimistic) to allow room so my .... ok so I can get it in.,
  • longhairlonghair Posts: 72
    Has anyone confirmed that the current builds are really 2" lower in the rear? I won't use a 5th wheel and the old height would be perfect for my 2" receiver. Am I going to need to change my pintle/ball height?
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    bruce21.......I talked with a Ford rep at the Tarrant County Auto Show in Ft. Worth, Texas on/about the second weekend in February and was told what you have heard on the Lariats, they are on hold due to parts problems....I then posted that information here, over a month XLT was ordered Feb 12 and is scheduled for delivery to the dealer during the week of March 22..
  • mjemje Posts: 33
    UPDATE: The long nightmare of a wait and bad info from a dealer is about over. Got a call yesterday afternoon that I can pick up my truck on Monday. When I pick it up it will be 29 weeks and 5 days from order. It's almost a year old already. Anyway, I will just be happy it is here. For those of you waiting for a Lariat, I hope your wait is not similar. I kept hearing the same things while waiting for mine. ( There was always a parts holdup) Delivery seemed to be a problem also. The truck was built on Feb. 19 and shipped out on rail on Feb. 22. It took two weeks to get to Chicago and then 5 days to get to Mpls from Chicago. This whole thing has not made me very happy. I switched from a GMC for this, but from what everyone has posted it sounds like I will love the vehicle. Will let everyone know what I think after I pick it up.

    PS: gobrownfish man- Haven't heard from you in awhile, drop a line, how is the truck?
  • MJE,
    Again congrats on the good news of the SD. When
    you actually get the truck we expect a detailed
    description and account of the new baby ( isn't
    that what you call it after a 9 month wait), any-
    ways we will be waiting on your report.
    By the way I received in the mail today a gift from Ford (or my dealaership) which contained a
    bottle of touch up paint and other useful info.
    Not a real big deal but a nice thought, sometimes
    it makes you feel good for someone to just say
    "thanks for your business".
    Another thing, I was talking to my dealership last
    week and was told if you order cab lights on the
    Super Duty then it was considered a commercial
    order and got priority over other orders. Didn't
    sound right with all the info we know about priority numbers and all but a interesting thought.
    To all the "old-timers" of the board, The Brown
    Fish Man" is still reading the board, just don't
    have a lot to say, I guess I'm what the neighbors
    would call a peeping tom or the geeks call a "lurker". Good luck to all especially MJE.....
    I love the power and ride of my V-10 SD Lariat.
    The Brown Fish Man
  • bubba19bubba19 Posts: 16

    I just ordered a F-250 4x4 cb xlt (black over Tan)
    I hate that ford is dropping the truck 2".

    Is there a way to get the 4" block out here in the real world or do I need to put a lift kit to regain the 2". To me this is a big lost and the tires I was going to put on new wheels will not fit with is drop. Help if you can.
  • KEH4x4KEH4x4 Posts: 109
    If your truck comes with the 2" blocks in the back (check it before you sign the papers)tell them that they changed AFTER you ordered it and you would like them to install a set of the 4" lift blocks that they pull off of someone elses recalled truck. I bet they will do it for free. They can install your old 2" blocks into someones truck that wants it lowered. As for me, I only tow a boat and flat tow a Bronco. If I had a 5th wheel, I would flip the axles.
    I had my truck lifted 5" in front and 2" in the rear and added 36" tall tires. It sits tall and level. Not to toot my own horn, but I go to a lot of automotive gatherings (races, shows, swap meets, etc) and I have had several strangers tell me that it is the best looking Super D they have ever seen, and people say "nice truck" literally almost every day. (Usually as I fill it up with gas at the gas station every day)
  • tnt2tnt2 Posts: 115
    bubba19 .... Talk with singer4, he might swap you blocks straight out if he can't get his switched. I have even thought of doing it, since I need about an inch lower drop on my receiver to level out my travel trailer. When you get the truck let us know.

    keh4x4 .... Sounds like an awesome truck. If it wasn't for towing our travel trailer, I would problably be heading for the sky myself. Our 4x4 club here in Ohio, D.I.R.T.(Dayton's Illegally Raised Trucks), has had it's share of magazine covers and I think an SD would look great rolling on 36's with crab steering.
  • bubba19bubba19 Posts: 16
    Thanks guys,

    I should just wait unit the 2000 models come out
    because this is a small dealer and the best
    pri-code is a 50, not good. Does anyone know whats
    in store for the new models for 2000. I have hear ford is going too a 6 speed trany ?. Anyway if the truck is not built for 4 mouths and it takes 4 weeks in transit, by the time the truck get here it will be at years end. Any thoughts on this guys, or should I just wait it out.
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    Bubba19 - Ford already has a 6 speed manual transmission in production, I ordered that trans on the truck I am waiting on to arrive. Regarding the timing of your order, I would find another dealer who can get your truck ordred and delivered. While there may be some minor things different on the 2000 models, I would be more concerned with availability. From what I have read, the automotive industry is deeply concerned that it many parts vendors will be able to supply what they need due to shortages arising from Y2K. With Saudi Arabia and Venezula some 2 years behind on Jan. 1, 2000 compliance, the possible fuel shortages could have a domino effect and bring those fears to fruition. Information is power, there is a very interesting article on this in the Feb. 26th edition of the Washington Post, which came out of the U.S. Senate Y2k Committee. Of course its up to you to decide but I say order now.
  • chesakchesak Posts: 18
    Help! On 2/1 my dealer entered my order for a '99 F250 4WD Reg Cab V10 Lariat, and as of last Friday, 3/12, the order still hasn't been picked up by Ford! Although the dealer said they're calling Ford daily, they're being told that there is a shortage of V10's and 4WD's. As a result, they've been pulling orders for 2WD V8's in front of mine each week. I know somewhere in old posts there is a number for Ford if you want to contact them direct. Does anyone have that info handy? Is anyone else having problems getting Ford to pull their order? I'm really discouraged, and don't know what to do at this point. Thanks...
  • lemanslemans Posts: 43
    Well guys, I am glad to read that all of you are really happy with your trucks.
    My still gets around 13-14 MPG on the highway empty, I have had it back to my dealer 3 times and all he says is to break it in. I went to another dealer 150 miles away for where I boughtmy truck and this dealer said that Ford WILL NOT check a truck for poor fuel mileage. I called the area Ford Rep and he said that there was nothing he cold do since there was not an appearent problem with the truck. I asked him if he would call the engineers at the Ford and ask them what the real fuel mileage expected for a PS like mine would be. He said that he could not do that and basically I was on my own. He confirmed what the Ford Dealer had told me, is that ford will not check a truck for bad fuel mileage. Ford does not have to worry about me being on my own after I can get rid of this piece of junk I now own, yes that is what I am call my New PS Ford. The guys at the plant with he Dodges are rally giving me a hard time about the fuel mileage. If you want another shock take your truck to a Chevy or dodge Dealer and see what the trade in value is for you used truck with only 5000 miles on it.
    If all that say they are getting 18 to 20 miles per gallon are really doing so then I have a lemond. I plan to try to inform everyone here at the plant (1500 workers) that the Ford SD 4 x 4, PS, Long Bed, Crew Cab, with 3:73 gears only gets 13 tof 14 miles per gallon. I have talked to the ART dept dept about making me up a sign with 2 lemonds on it and the wording saying "FORD POWER DIESEl 13-14 MILES PER GALLON AT THE BEST". Plans at the present is to put this in the back window of the shell so everyone can see it while I am driving, unless I can get some results from Ford or a dealer. I would like to keep the truck if it would get at least 17 to 19 MPG which I think is reasonable for a diesel. Everyone I talk too except here on the conference gets around 16 to 17. I do want others to know what the mileag of the Ford PS is before they buy one.
    I know that I am sounding off on this board, but I want others who are reading this board to know that the PS are not peaches and cream as was the impression I got before I got mine. No one every said anything about the fuel mileage being so low or I would have gotten a gas V8 or V10 and would have know that the mileage would have only been 14 to 17 and would have not spent the extra $4500 dollars or so for the diesel with the high maintence cost. So pleas forgive me for sounding off. This is the last Ford product that I will ever own.
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
  • mikey43mikey43 Posts: 74
    chesak - I hate to further dampen your enthusiasm but my order for an F250 V10 Lariat CC 4wd etc., etc. went in on 11/2/98 and it STILL hasn't been picked up. The dealer I went to was pretty up front with me and told me it could be up to 20 weeks before I got it, but I, being the eternal optimist, convinced myself that I'd have it within 3 months. Well, it's now 19 weeks plus and I haven't got a VIN#, build date, delivery date, or anything. Just a lot of reassurances that everybody has to wait. I emailed the dealer two weeks ago asking if they would be able to meet the 20 week estimate and they told me that I was next in line. Nothing since then.

    I know what you're going through. I went from excited to discouraged to really pissed off to almost cancelling my order and asking for my $500 deposit back. Now I've just convinced myself that it probably will never be built and if it is not ready before I'm ready to move my household from NV to CA, probably in May, I'm going to tell Ford to shove it because I'd feel awful stupid taking delivery on a 3/4 ton truck that I need to help me move, AFTER I move!!

    Even with all that frustration, I still keep thinking how nice it will be to get back into a great pickup after driving around in a Prizm for the last 5 years. Well that's all the venting I have time for today. Hang in there...
  • sd99sd99 Posts: 65

    The same would hold true if you take your Dodge or Chevy to a Ford dealer to trade it in. If your next truck (or car) gets poor mileage, will it be a piece of junk too?
  • mjemje Posts: 33
    At last!!!! Picked up the truck today. What a beast!!! And I mean that in a good way. It was worth the wait, but I hope no one has to wait this long. It was 7 months and 6 days from order. I love it. It is what a truck is suppose to be. It is a week late though for sure. We got a foot of snow last Monday (which is almost gone now) and I would have loved to have tested out the 4WD. Oh well. I sure love the baby; and it took about as long as a baby would. I do have one stupid question. Can anyone tell me how to get the instantaneous mpg on the trip computer? The manual doesn't say other than the truck has to be moving. It isn't that big of a deal, but if it is suppose to work I would like to know how it is done. All I can say to everyone waiting is that, like everyone else has said, it is worth the wait, and I should know. So everyone keep optimistic and you will be rewarded when it finally shows up.
  • br1br1 Posts: 22
    I'm pretty excited, my build date is Mar 29 and told delivery (based on previous orders) should be around April 16. I have nothing bad to say about Stoner & Wade Ford in Quarryville PA. Plus, you deal directly with the owners, no salesman to deal with.

    Note: the discussions about priority on you order. Prior to getting a VIN / schedule, the computer print out has the priority (upper right corner of my copy). My priority was '10'. If this is lower, I would be demanding better. Especially when some people are getting trucks and others are waiting.

    My buddy has a Dodge Cummins. Also a great truck. Has anyone heard of the cruise control problems (speed takes off)? He's trying to figure out the problem.

    Good truckin'.

    MJE, your new truck description's really making me anxious.
  • LanceLance Posts: 18
    Maybe Ford just got a shipment of V10, and Lariat CC parts in. I just got a build date of 3/22. It should arrive in California on 4/8. I ordered 12/5/98. Or maybe the supplyer of those pesky 4x4 stickers finally got off his butt...
  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    Doesn't have it, never did.
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Actually, the earlier ones did. My owners manual has errata stickers on that page (or was it a stamp) saying that it wasn't on all units (and certainly isn't on mine).
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