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Chevrolet Avalanche Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • idocpilkidocpilk Posts: 18
    Smartalec! I finally pulled the trigger and really love this rig. I need to have the alignment done...pulling to the left. Other than that its sweet. Did have the rust under the window seals but the dealer cleaned it up and it looks perfect. My brother inlaw traded this one up from Arkansas...just finished breaking it in. Trying not to look at the gas guage ;-) Already looking at what I can do next..after the mudflaps of course.
  • rthayerrthayer Posts: 10
    my GM gold card, circa 1996, was, I understood
    capped at $3500 and you had 7 years in which
    to use the accumulated credit (7 x 500) Since
    I am planning to use this when I get to 3500,
    is this correct? I read the agreement and even
    contacted GM about it and I think this is the
    correct interpretation.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    And the accumulation is always for 7 years. So if you haven't used it in year 8, year one's earnings drop off. At least that's the way it was when I first got mine. Not sure if it's changed. I've used mine 3 times, so the most I ever had was just under $1k.
  • sabrezssabrezs Posts: 3
    My dad's retired GM, So a good gms price of 28,200 msrp 33,435 plus 2,200 on gm card and 2002 rebate. Total price $24,000 w/ Z66 and Leather.
  • avnutavnut Posts: 10
    Selected my Z/71 with full leather, sunroof, running boards, 410's, pinstripes, WOL Tires and Onstar. The dealer's sticker was $39,901 & MSRP $38,501. They had advertised a "plain jane" for $6,500 off MSRP. I told them I wanted this particular AV with the same discount. They allegedly called GM before signing off on it. With the $2002 cash, she went out the door for $29,888. There is no sales tax here in Oregon. Watch the ads and ask for the same deal on the vehicle you really want.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    to it to raise the price to $39,901 from MSRP?
  • I need to move i live in sacramento california av's are all over here my dealer john l sullivan in roseville ca has about 150 1500's and 100 2500's in stock i got the red z 71 with all the goodies ecept the sun roof and roof rack seen enought problems on here about them this is my second av the first one was a pewter z 66 but it was lemoned by gm and they replaced it with the z 71 at no add cost i only paid 27,600 for it but took 6 hours of game play the avg price here is about 32,000 for the 2 by and 38,000 to 42,000 for z 71's
  • Just picked up a pewter Z71 Avalanche, loaded with everything. I didn't read all the posts so I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet. The 1st Avalanches off the line were base priced $720 less than they are know. At some point they were raised $220 and then a month or 2 ago raised the other $500. So the idea here is to try to find one on the lot thta has been there a few months and it will be lower priced. Anyway, the MSRP on mine was $38,966. The dealer is willing to take under invoice. I happened to have a GM Supplier discount which gave me $200 under invoice and the dealer gave me $600 of his $700 profit under this program. This was $800 under invoice(the one was on the lot a couple of months so it was $500 less than a one that just came off the truck). Take off $2002 rebate, $2500 GM card rebate, $1500 Driver Edge credit card rebate and I paid $27,000 out of the door. This thuck had Z71, heated leather seats, sunroof, luggage carrier, convenience package, and running boards. I drove 400 miles to pick this up from Vermont to Pennsylvania. See Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes Barre, Pa. Good Luck.
  • Just purchased my dream truck...metallic green Z66, except for On-Star, it is loaded. I did my research and was able to get 3% over dealer invoive with no hassle. Awesome, I can't drive it enough!
  • bullfrog1bullfrog1 Posts: 5
    I am intrigued with how everybody states how far below dealer invoice they paid for their new Avalanche. With a GM Supplier discount form you are entitled to 4% above what a GM employee pays. This price amounts to 88.6% of the MSRP or 11.4% off the MSRP. A GM employee can buy the same vehicle for 15.5% off the MSRP. The dealer still makes a profit of about 3%(7% if you use GM Supplier discount form), if you take into account holdback. These prices are spelled out on the invoice form that the dealer uses. Until July, the rebate on an Avalanche is $2500. So on a 40,000 Avalanche, and a GM Supplier form plus the rebate you pay $32940 for a savings of $7060. Add to it GM card savinges etc, you get your best price. Not sure where some of you get these strange prices. I also have never purchased a new vehicle with over 8 miles on the speedometer.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Used to be gauged by how much you got off MSRP. Now with more information available and buyers being better informed it's "how much below invoice". Not everyone knows about or is qualified for a GM Suppliers discount. And if you have a trade-in it's all moot anyway. Then it all comes down to difference. I paid invoice for a Demo with 3200 miles on it. But I got a good price for my trade. All that really matters is that the buyer is happy with the vehicle and the deal they made.
  • bullfrog1bullfrog1 Posts: 5
    In Western PA most trade in vehicles are judged by the local auction numbers. You can still get a good trade in using the GM Supplier program because although they say they use Actual Cash Value they will do most anyting to make a profit. I bought an Avalanche, used the GM Supplier form, and found that there was a $3500 trade in value variation for a 93 Chevy K-Blazer among dealers. Dealers have 18% to play with and they need to sell cars. You can still get 11-13% off the MSRP without any supplier forms.
    In our area some dealers send cars to the auction if they do not create consumer interest over 60 days. Recently a new Avalanche went for 28,000 on the auction block because of the color (burnt orange).
  • drjilldrjill Posts: 3
    Where did you buy your Z/71 in Oregon?
    Sounds like you got a great deal!
  • bobropabobropa Posts: 1
    I am trying to buy a 2002 Avalanche. Can someone explain how you get the GM supplier discount? Has anyone purchased their Avalanche using the internet. If yes what was your experience? Without any negotiating I have been able to get quotes for $300 over invoice and there is also a $2500 rebate from GM.
  • bobropa - to get the GM supplier discount you just go to the human resources office of your employer and ask for the form. Your company must be a supplier of pieces or processes to GM. Can be applied to factory ordered or out of stock units. You can not sell for one year and you can not contest the arbitrator in a Lemon Law dispute down the road. All regular retail incentives apply and the dealer gets the holdback as the handling fee. Win - Win if you work for a supplier.
  • I got a brand new 2003 Black Z66 avalanche msrp around 31,000 for 24,446 out the door. What a steal! I had a GM credit card with a 1,000 bonus with the 2,500 rebate. My total rebate was around 8,400!
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    paid just over $24. GM Supplier Discount Price - $4,000 rebate -$2019 earnings from GM card. (approx. $1350 courtesy of the General). Couldn't pass it up.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    If there is an auto show in your state, then you are probably looking at a $4500 rebate (500 extra for the show). Add that to the $5000 reduction from MSRP to Invoice on a loaded model, and its a damn sweet deal.

    I forgot to mention the 3.9% financing on top of all that too.

    (I think I better buy this week).
  • Looking to purchase a new Avalanche before the end
    of April, 2003 when 0% financing for 60/mos is set to expire.
    Does anyone have any credible info on whether 0%
    financing can be used with a Smart Buy contract?
    Dealers say no, GMAC says they have heard of it.
      Also, how does a GM credit card aid in discounted GM vehicle prices.
                        Thanks People
  • Good News - they extended the rates & rebates (at least in the North Central Region)
    Better News - they increased the cash back to $4000 from the previous $3000 (this is in lieu of the 0%)
    Bad News (for Greg Dempsey) 0% is only for real retail purchase contracts, no SmartLeases or SmartBuys. They have their own incentives ie., supported residuals, special money factors (not 0) and CCR, Capitalize Cost Reduction
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