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Chevrolet Avalanche Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • that included an extended warranty package that i had refunded. so make that $33.8k
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Just Fyi but OTD can include $300 - $2500 in sales taxes depending on the State so it is better to itemize the details so folks can get the true deal.

  • blkjackblkjack Posts: 1
    I believe you should be able to get about 9.5% off the MSRP on a 45K AV. I am on my 3rd one now!
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I would want $10000, or 20% off a 45k avalanche at least. They were blowing out the 37k 06's last year for 10k off.
    Silverado's too.

    I believe you should be able to get about 9.5% off the MSRP on a 45K AV. I am on my 3rd one now!
  • payed:

    price: 30,500
    sales tax: 2,592
    OTD: 33092

    MSRP: 44,900
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Edmunds TMV has a MSRP 38000 Avalanche LS Going for 34000.... What a joke, many times that TMV is a gift to the manufacturers.

  • Great deal. Who was your dealer. I would like to see if I can get a simlar deal on an 07 avalanche.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    If your deal was on an 07, it sounds pretty outlandish to me. For an 06 or earlier, maybe it's possible.
  • 2007 LS $36,380 sticker this is a 48 month lease with 12,000 miles a year : i owe 21,500 on my trade-in that they are giving me 18,700 ( 06 subaru forester x ) 0 down $646.05 this sofar is the best i have gotton , my wife is not really happy with this car and loves the avalanche its just the extra 150 a month thats going to hurt ! but we still owe another 4 1/2 years on this car so ? what do you guys think ?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    Hi, turbo01fire..

    I moved your question about leasing an Avalanche here:

    Chevrolet Avalanche: Lease Questions

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • AdamvAdamv Posts: 8
    " got a loaded 07 LTZ used with 1700 miles for $35.7k out the door.. "

    Not so outlandish for a used vehicle...
  • All,

    I am considering buying a 2007 Avalanche Z71. The MSRP is $42300 and out the door, I can get it for $37,500. Does this sound like a good deal. I am in Las Vegas. If not a good deal, what do you think I should pay for this.

  • surfsupsurfsup Posts: 12
    I live in south Orange County California and am searching for a good deal on an 07 LTZ 4WD. Anybody snagged any good deals now that the 08s are hitting the showrooms?

    Does anyone know if GM will be offering any additional incentives for Labor Day or after the current incentives expire on Sept 4th?
  • I couldn't agree with you more... you're dead on accurate. Edmunds TMV is a joke. According to them I would of spent an extra 2 grand on my last purchase and an extra grand on a purchase I made a year ago.
  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    edited September 2010
    where is everybody....can't believe no one posts to this anymore.. I tried to start a new one but it was ended and reverts to this one..

    anyone have any info on prices paid for a 2010 Avalanche.. I just missed the one I wanted in Wilmington NC at Jeff Gordon Chevy... GMAC..oops now ALLY.. was 'late' with sending me my Bonus Cash certificate of $1500 bucks... so I waited a week longer .. got the Bonus Cash certificate and the unit I was looking at got sold .. Black Z71 4wd with 2 tone Cashmere interior

    I have a black 2008 Avalanche that's coming off a lease in 3 weeks...

    now if they just stick 0% and 72 on the new 2011 models I'd be happy
  • I purchased a 2010 Black Chevy Avalanche LTZ on March 31, 2010. It was listed at $51,820, I paid $44,200. I obtained my own financing at 3.0%.
  • 2011 Avalanche LT w/ offroad Z71 package
    MSRP $44,980
    Buying for $40,220 includes fees
    + 8% tax
    =$43,437 - $8,000 rebates =

    $35,437 otd

    72months @ 2.79%
    535 per month

    This seems like a great deal. Thoughts???? We have to pay off our current lease with 3 payments remaining for a total of $1,019. Is this deal worth paying off lease early or should we wait the three months and try for a 2012 hoping the rebates will be the same?
  • 69z2869z28 Posts: 9
    Bought my 2WD Avalanche new in March 2010 in eastern NC. It's an LT with additional option packaging that brings it pretty much on par with an LTZ. MSRP was $47,500, including a $1,000 discount for the special option packaging...otherwise, list totaled $48,500.

    I had a lot of pricing incentives in hand at the time, including the local dealer discount, Chevy Truck Month discount, former Pontiac owner certificate, GM Card points and a small trade-in allowance on my '02 Bravada (167,000 miles) that had been technically troublesome almost from Day One.

    Closed the deal with an offer of $37,500 ($7,500 cash plus $30K bank loan for 60 months @ 3.67%).

    Seemed like a great deal until the dealer had to replace the valve lifters a week later @ 100 miles (built with wrong parts!) and then the transmission torque converter went south 7 months later at 12,000 miles. (Yes, I have a few posts under the "Avalanche Transmission Problems" thread. ) Still driving it, but my faith in the reliability of this product is badly damaged.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    A reporter would like to speak to someone who recently bought a used large truck or large SUV. If you have purchased a used large truck or SUV in the past 6 months, and you are willing to discuss your decision with a reporter, please email no later than 1 p.m. Pacific/ 4 p.m. Eastern Wednesday, April 18, 2012 with your daytime contact information.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    edited January 2013
    have a 2008 Avalanche since new... looking to get the 2013 last model year 2LT or LTZ version..

    any pricing numbers or if Car Man is on this board.. any Lease Numbers for this Truck ... 36 month.. 15K year..
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