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Chevrolet Avalanche Problems & Solutions



  • I got my front windows done for $60 total and it makes it very difficult to see out of the rear view mirrors at night. I know you guys are talking about the rear windows but my after markets are performing good in the Ga. sun.
  • I have an 05 AV Z71 I bought w/ 8K mis. on it in Nov. of 05. It has had a pop in it since two weeks after I bought it. It sounds like everyone else is living with it, but I drive 50K per year and it's annoying after spending 6-8 hours in it a day. I took it back to the dealer and had the internediate steering column non-fix thing done and now I am approaching my 36K mile out of warranty deadline. The tech. @ the dealrship told me that it wasn't anything serious but things that are made right don't just pop. Something is not fitted together right.
    Is this what $40K gets you these days?
  • timf343timf343 Posts: 1
    Happy with my new 2007 Avalanche LTZ 4x2 so far, but not without a few problems... 1700 miles so far.

    Keyless entry stopped working. Changed batteries and "relearned" the fob, the car even beeps recognizing the new unit, but none of the functions work. Tried a second remote, same results.

    Brake pads are already squealing. I do not drive rough. In fact, quite the opposite. So I was surprised that the squealing I heard at the light last week was my own. Thought it might have just been wet, but it's been doing it now for a week. I shouldn't need new pads yet with this few miles.

    Anyone seeing similar problems? I'll take it into the dealership later this week, but it's a real disappointment to have to do it so soon.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I had both the crossmemebr and intermediate steering shaft fixed on my '03. The '05 had a slight creaking that I suspect may have been body mounts as it was a little different. Only had it 5 months so never took it in. Now my '06 has been at the Dealer since last Wed. evening for LOUD creaking/popping. It happens as the front lifts and back settles on acceleration and again as the body shifts on deceleration. I told them when I took it in I suspected it was the body mounts. (There is a TSB on this). At the end of Thursday they hadn't looked at it because the suspension specialist was all backed up. (they had taken care of some other minor things though) On Friday the said they wanted to keep it because they hadn't figured out yet what was causing it. Yesterday they tell me they have some body mount shims on order and they should be in today. Hmmmm, "body mount" shims. They should spend some time on an Avalanche Site. ;) BTW, I'm really enjoying the Cobalt Rental/Loaner I'm driving. But that's a whole 'nuther story. :(
  • Within a month after purchasing my new avalance, I had to take it in because the #1-4 gears in my transmission were burnt out, they repaired the problem or so I thought. I took it back within a week because it was slipping, they couldn't find anything. At the same time I told them that on my steering wheel and on the dash my stereo buttons were very hot. Couldn't find a thing. Again! Well I was going up the I-15 towards Victorville, CA and I was in stop and go traffic more stop, so when the vehicle ahead of me went and I had room to actually push on the accelerator in drive it didn't want to go so I put it in 3rd gear and it went. The next day went to the dealer they said to bring it back any day around 1 pm so the tech, the service writer and myself could go for a drive. He actually told me to come back when I know the trans will do the same thing again, How am I supposed to know when it will do it again? It happens alot but not everytime. HAS ANY ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM?
  • Is yours a 4WD? I had some slipping problems w/ mine as well. The dealer had to change the control box on the front differential.
    My steering buttons get hot after long periods of driving especially at night. I think it is due to the lights on the buttons, but that doesn't make it any more comfortable.
  • Same on my 03 with 70,000 miles. Did the steering shaft grease thing. Didn't help. Finally stopped being lazy and started checking the front end with a pry bar (up on jack stands of course). Bad upper ball joint. Idler arm was a little loose too. Got to love that Chinese Steel. Thanks GM.
  • avieavie Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 and have the same problem with the Avalanche just quitting. I have had it in the shop twice right after it happens and the computer does not register anything wrong. Have you had a fix?
  • Yes they finally fixed it they had to reset the computer
  • No, its not a 4x4, just a bad trans. Then they had to reset the computer, replace the rear radio, and now they are trying to figure out what the vibration noise is underneath. I only have 5600 miles on it.
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