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Hyundai Elantra Accessories and Modifications



  • Took my elantra to the tire shop and the guy there removed the tires and installed them for a tip ($8). Yeah, I could've jacked the car myself and done the same but he had the tools and it was done in like 10 minutes. ;)
  • What I want to know is how [doohickie] did his mud guards (front and rear) without removing the rear tires?? :confuse: Without very little hands or special tools, I can't see how it could be done??
  • Ok here I go again. I am interested in replacing the original cassette player with a CD player and Satellite. Any suggestions in the brand of the CD Player? I still have the original speakers and dont plan to change them until I hear how the new equipment is being played. I know that Sirruis is the sattellite company.
    If anyone out there can help please reply to me.
    Thanks so much for your replies.
    Nan :)
  • What I want to know is how [doohickie] did his mud guards (front and rear) without removing the rear tires?? Without very little hands or special tools, I can't see how it could be done??

    I don't have mudguards. I just suggested that maybe a stubby screwdriver might save you from having to remove the wheels, but I said you might have to remove the wheels anyway.
  • There is a guide to replacing the stock stereo in 01-06 Elantras (put together by me). You may want to consult the guide about how to trim them out, since most leave a bit of a gap between the dash fascia and the stereo faceplate. It's a simple task to make it look halfway decent if you don't like the gap.

    The guide covers more of the physical aspect and doesn't recommend any specific brand. I have a Pioneer head unit and it's pretty good. Basically, any single-DIN size head unit will fit. If you don't plan on replacing your speakers right away, just go with a basic stereo that puts out about 20 watts per channel rms (50 watts peak).
  • My mistake; it was jgr82 who made the statement.
  • Hello all. I noticed that the passenger vanity mirror light comes on during the day/night when you open the mirrow - but on the drivers side it only comes on at night. Is this normal?
  • I used a right angle screw driver, it has a phillips on one side and a regular on the other - looks like a elongated Z.
  • mariogpmariogp Posts: 20
    I Can't take these seats anylonger... very uncomfotable to me...
    does anyone know if it's possible to change the seats.. either from afternarket place.. or rven the boneyard.. is either this or LOOSE big on a trade..

    Funny thing is that my wife has a 2000 model.. and to me that seat is better then the onw on the 2007. personal taste..and back problems.. not implying that these seats are bad for everyone else.
  • fargondfargond Posts: 23
    I just purchased an 08 Elantra SE.

    It comes with the alloy wheels.

    I was considering purchasing wheel locks for it, and have found a couple web sites that have a set in the $18 to $24 range.

    However I seem to find conflicting compatible part numbers and pictures and descriptions that go along with them and was wondering if anyone else has purchased them and know what the correct ones are for my vehicle.

    Basically, I see 2 sets advertised. The copper-bronze colored ones that are very short, and an all-chrome really long set.

    I assume since I have the alloy wheels on the SE the correct ones are the all-chrome ones to match the existing chrome nuts or doesn't it matter, other than for appearance?

    I see them referred to as "with center cover" and "without center cover". I assume with means the chrome ones and without refers to the bronze ones?
  • fargondfargond Posts: 23
    Also, I am considering buying a cargo net for the SE.

    I have found 1 site that claims to have the correct oem part number for the SE. Theirs is a net that includes 2 bolts with plastic T's on the end that go into the upper sides behind the blinkers, replacing a bolt that's already there. The net is a "U" shaped net. You spread it apart and the items stay upright and squished from the sides up against the back of the trunk.

    I have found other sites selling more of an SUV type net that attaches more towards the floor and you lift up to put stuff under it. I don't really think these are the real correct net and might require mods to mount it?

    Does anyone here have the factory net installed and know the correct part number for it? Does it cross with other cars like Accent or Sonata or are they different sizes? (I have only found 1 site with an 07/08 Elantra net part #, while most have tons of nets for the other models in Hyundai's line and wonder if they're really the same thing)

  • nareknarek Posts: 37
    I'm a little concerned about the lack of body moldings on my '08 Elantra. I love the lines, but there's no way I'm going to escape the parking lot car door/shopping cart dings for very long without something to help protect the car. Has this been an issue with anyones '07-'08 Elantra?

    I saw aftermarket body moldings for '07-'08 Elantras on eBay for about $130. They are painted to match and don't look bad at all in the picture. Has anyone installed anything like that on their '07 or '08 Elantra? Anything I should consider when purchasing or installing aftermarket side body moldings?
  • fargondfargond Posts: 23
    Tell me about it -- 10 days after I got mine, someone must have swung their door into it hard at the grocery store. First new car for me, and first door ding anywhere near this bad; of course :(

    2 little dimples in the bottom (that should cost $50 each to pop out) but a long folded metal dent in the top that scraped the paint. Estimate is about $200 or more on that one as the door will have to be disassembled, metal 'worked' and then re-clearcoated at the very least, hopefully nothing else.

    Comparing the deflection of the metal on the Elantra against our 05 Tucson, and it seems the Elanta is a thinner metal and much more apt to flex with a light touch as compared with the Tucson. Did they get cheap with this recently?
  • nareknarek Posts: 37
    Ouch. On a 10 days new car?? I think I'd cry if I had that happen!

    I'm going to order the side moldings I saw on eBay next week. My husband can install them. I just can't even think about that first ding or dent happening so soon.

    The Elantra metal doesn't seem any less sound than on my Honda Pilot. My wonderful husband dinged my Pilot within the first two weeks with a ladder he was using to wash the top. I still love him for washing my car for me, but I've been looking at that small ding on my driver side door for more than 4 years now. :D

    Still looking for anyone with experience adding side moldings to an '07 or '08. I'd like to read your story!
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    I have purchased the door body side mouldings on Ebay for my daughters 2008 Elantra however, I am still waiting for the shipment to arrive. I will post again later after installation.
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    Hi! Anyone know what a Hyundai dealer charges for the manufacturer mud guards/flaps and installation? I know they are $85 msrp per the website- not sure if they would charge anything to install them.

    I just don't feel like doing this on my own.

    Just wondering.

  • fargondfargond Posts: 23
    $85 MSRP is quite high. Then add labor on top of that.

    There are 2 Hyundai parts web sites where you can buy the OEM front pair and rear pair for $14-$15 per pair, plus $8-$9 shipping. Meaning about $38 total including shipping.

    Installation is really easy, and CAN be done by someone with no car knowledge but has at least assembled put-together-furniture :). I did them on my 05 Tucson and will be ordering them for my 08 Elantra SE shortly from one of these sites.

    The front is very easy, just twist the wheels to gain access and use a stubby philips screwdriver.

    The rear ones are a bit tougher as the clearance to the wheel is tight. However if you get a thumb ratchet screw driver you can easily do it without needing to remove the wheel.

    It's a 30 minute install assuming you have a small philips screwdriver. It really is easy.
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    good point about doing it yourself. i consider myself pretty handy. i think i'll try it on my own. i know once i buy them, i can figure it out, but just curious- do you have to drill holes for the screws or are they pre-drilled? i have no problem taking off the back wheels as well- will actually be good to get familiar with it if i ever have to change a tire.

  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    what are the sites? if they can't be listed here, can you pm me with them? is one preferred over the other?

  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Completed installation of Body Side Mouldings bought from Ebay. Installation was straightforward, easy however, the 3M double sided tape used seems to be a little bit thicker than the factory door mouldings I installed on my '06 Avalon. I say this because I could see some of the double sided tape betwwen the door metal & the mouldings but the color match was excellent. If interested on the Installation instructions, you can find it here
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