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Hyundai Elantra Maintenance and Repair



  • I bought a 2002 GT a couple of months ago and have noticed something really strange. Occasionally when I first start the car, the speedometer will jump up and down (like I'm going 0-10-0-10-0-10 etc.) It doesn't seem to be affecting anything mechanically, but it is a little disconcerting. Anyone else seen this and have a solution?
  • hi all. my 2002 elantra is making what i would call a buzzing noise. i hear it whenever the air conditioner kicks on and recently realized that i also hear it when i use the driver side door lock to lock all the doors. it's sort of a short "zzzzzzt," and sounds like it might be electrical. only happens when the mechanisms switch on......not continual. any ideas?
  • I just bought a 03 Elantra and other than a rattle above my head closer to the passenger side I think - I love it. I had a 00 Elantra and when my check engine light came on and stayed on flashing I knew something terrible was wrong (the coil went) but it was obvious to just not drive it - the dealer told me when the light actually stays flashing as opposed to steady DON'T DRIVE IT
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    You probably already checked this, but the first thing I do when I hear a rattle overhead is check the sunglasses holder, and sure enough it's always my wire-rimmed sunglasses rattling.
  • I posted several months ago that I was experiencing the wind noise that many others are experiencing. Described as a sound similar to letting the air out of a balloon or blowing across a bottle. The sound makes you and your passengers feel uneasy(I am getting used to it, but not my wife)
    It is hard to describe where the sound comes from.
    My last post said that the dealer was going to seal the windshield. They sealed it, and the frequency of occurences has dropped a little, but not enough.
    Two of my visits resulted in the mechanics driving my car 30 to 50 miles per visit. A good tactic by the dealer to make me give up and not want to bring my car to them.
    Oh well, if someone knows a solution that really works let us know. I will eventually try a few things like duct taping suspected areas and maybe pulling off the hub caps.
    Otherwise the car has been great! Except for the gas mileage(22-26MPG) but than maybe I shouldn't be going 80+ mph...
  • Hello Everyone,

    I am still in the process of the lemon law complain, but I think everyone should know what happened to me today. So after a place to complain with the BBB, Hyundai contacted me to make an appointment with Loren Hyundai in Glenview, IL. where one of the repairs was made to show them my problem. So I made an appointment for today morning. I went to the dealership and asked for the service menager with whom I talked on the phone. He came over and said that I have made an appointment for yesturday and that I did not show up and he called HMA and said that the problem was resolved. I told him that the person who I have talked to must have made a mistake because, although he mentions about comming thursday, I told him that I couldn't and with both agreed to make the appointment for this friday. He answered with an attitude that it is not the other person that made a mistake but I have made a mistake and I have come in the wrong day when he only had one mechanic. (first) Then I told his that it only takes a few minutes to check that I have a problem with my squeeking clutch, and I can do it right there. So he made a face, and came to my car. You know what he said, that the squicking and rubbing is normal and that there is nothing wrong with the clutch. I asked him how come they tried to fix it if there the last 4 times if it was the same thing, but he had no answer (ofcourse because the clutch is broken again) and said that he does not know what they did before but this is normal. (second) Finally I told him that he should call the HMA and we have to straighten this out, and he said that I should call them myself, and when I asked him if he has the number he said that he wouldn't, and finally he told me that if I don't have the number I should call the BBB. (third) Finally I told him that I don't know what his is talking about, but the clutch is not supposed to sequeek or rub like that. I told him that my girlfriend has bought 2003 toyota corrolla and I drowed it many times and the clutch is butter smooth. You know what he said. That maybe I should get a Toyota, and that hyundai is not toyota. (fourth). I could not believe it. I went to the dealer where I got the car and ofcourse he said that the clutch was broken. I got the number for HMA there and I called them and made a complain there. I don't know if that is going to do anything though. Is there other place I can complain to so I can get this guy fired. It is kind of hard to get those guys since he is the service menager. This is ridiculus. Also HMA told me to make an appointment again with the other dealer, but when I call him he told me that he has nothing to do with is and I should contact HMA. (nice little cirle). So I'll call BBB on monday and make some more complains. Ohhh, and by the way, before I told you guys that I just wanted an exchange, no I just want all my money back with no subtractions, and I told that to BBB today. I am going to buy a Toyota like the guy told me. Maybe he was right :-). I will never buy Hyundai again. They are very nice when nothing is wrong and when you pay them.
  • i also am having the same sound as some others,a gravel-like or clattering sound,from the front-passenger side of the car, in the first 10 minutes of driving--temp. outside around 25 degrees. it sounds like maybe the lifters,maybe a wheel bearing,or possibly something else--i am not really sure. after 10 minutes,the sound is gone totally. only occurs upon ACCELERATION, not at idle. could this be something serious? just curious if someone knows about this sound,before i go to the dealer(2003 elantra gt---250 miles, owned 2 weeks. thanks, r.j.
  • I was drawn to Hyundai because of the unbelievably low price and warranty. I purchased the Hyundai Elantra new in 1999. I had taken it to the dealer three times because of the rubbing noise and they were unable to find it. Now there is an oil leak from the oil pan and no matter what I do my driveway always gets oil drops. I should have bougt a Toyota instead.

    What good is the incredible warranty if you always have to take the car to the shop instead of driving it? And if you drive it, it is never a pleasant, comfortable, noise-free drive.

    I can't wait to have some money to trade it in for a Toyota or Nissan.

  • n2vswn2vsw Posts: 11
    Your problem sounds more like it's the dealer's service department rather than the car itself. If, let's say, you took the car in three times for the rubbing noise and they fixed it every time only to have the problem return, then I would blame the car/hyundai. That's like saying you went to the doctor three times for a pain in your chest and he could'nt find anything, does that mean you have a defective body? or should you maybe find a different doctor? In regards to the oil leak, hey no car is perfect, not even toyota. I know a toyota owner who wouldnt own another one if it was the latest model given to him as a gift. Honda? Yeah check around and see how much grief people get on warranty repairs. After all it's a Honda and NOTHING goes wrong with Hondas so surely the owner must have done something wrong. My point is that every type of vehicle has problems (ask any Mercedes owner) the frequency and the percentage of owners who do is what determines a vehicles quality or design flaws.
  • n2vswn2vsw Posts: 11
    The speedometer on the Elantra is cable driven. I don't know where you live but most likely the cold is a contributing factor. There is grease inside the cable housing to lubricate the cable as it turns. When it's very cold the cable does not spin freely. Eventually this goes away because the friction created as you drive the car warms the cable. Lubricating the cable should solve it. You may want to check the cable routing and make sure there are no sharp bends in it, this will also cause binding and give you the same symptoms. Hope this helps
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    I couldnt agree more with your post #457.
  • i too, agree with you,post 457 & 459! just go to other boards and read their gripes?complaints! and they paid more!!have had my care ten monthes and really like it. just some paint chipping on the hood,and the car is going into the paint shop tomorrow! no hassle at all from the rep. none of this bull...t about bird crap,etc!....
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    It's possible the oil leak is from stripped threads on the oil pan. Was that checked? It's easy to do on an Elantra, and given that your dealer's service department hasn't been stellar on fixing the rubbing noise, it's possible they stripped the threads when changing oil. If that is the case, and the oil was always changed by Hyundai dealers, you can make a claim to Hyundai to get a new oil pan. Other owners have done this successfully, as reported in this board.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Please please please! Never overtorque the drain plug! If you tighten to ~10ft lbs and still get a drip, check/replace the gasket and make sure the mating surface is not damaged. Many oil change joints go with the gorilla method and end up pulling the threads in the pan. There is NO oil pressure in the pan, thus no need for massive amounts of effort on the plug. I have seen a lot of drips come from not replacing the gasket with the oil change. If the gasket has not been crushed, you may be able to use it twice, sometimes three times. But good grief, they only cost like $.50, so why bother?

  • Thanks....

    It was the protective cover over the wipers that was causing the noise, and not cleaning the window. I found it right after I posted my initial message. So, if you buy a new Hyundai, and the wipers make horrible noises and do not clean the water off the window. Pull off the protective cover that the dealer forgot.
  • I bought an 02 elantra and after about 1000 miles it developed a 2nd to 3rd gear shift flare. It was my understanding that the 01 models had that problem but were fixed. The 02's were not supposed to have this problem. When I took it to the dealer to have it fixed, the technician told me that there is a 3-month production period where the 02's do have a shift flare problem. I supposedly bought one during that 3-month period. He told me that Hyundai does not have a solution to fix this problem, so there is nothing they can do.

    The first time he put in a new throttle positioning sensor and it didn't help the shift flare. The second time they put in a new transmission control unit and this didn't help the shift flare problem either. The technician told me that when enough people complain about the shift flare, then Hyundai will have to find a fix for it. I am going to take my car back a third time, because you must take it three times according to the lemon law. I don't understand why I have to take it back again if Hyundai knows they cannot fix the problem. Does anyone else have an 02 with a shift flare problem and what did your dealer do about it? For those who do not know it, the Hyundai representative acknowledged that there was a three-month production period where there is a 2nd to 3rd gear shift flare problem with no fix available. Other than the transmission problem, I really like my car, but Hyundai is going to eat this one! Thanks for any input! Marty
  • Thanks for the help. I'll check the cable and see if it's twisted or bent. I live in Southern California, so I'm doubting it's the cold :).
  • mrvanmrvan Posts: 17
    What is a "shift flare"?
  • My 2002 elantra auto gt makes a sound like a tin can rattling under the hood when the engine is cold (first start of the day). When the car warms up a little the noise goes away.

    Anyone else have this?

  • Shift flare is a very elongated shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. It can feel like the transmission is slipping,or in my case,it is a very noticeable skip before it shifts into 3rd gear. Don't know how in the heck this occurred in certain 02's during a 3 month production period.....but it did. Like I stated before, hyundai acknowledges the problem.....but they currently have no fix.

    My dealer told me to be patient, cause sooner or later, they will come up with a fix. Patient?.....I don't think so. When I bought my car,a "second to third shift flare" was not listed as standard equipment. What if I wanted to sell my car today, and the buyer took it for a test drive? Not only that, but when the vin number is punched in a computer, it will show the car is problematic.

    I also had other issues with the transmission. It shifted erratically, downshifted when it shouldn't, constantly hunted for the right gear to be in, and my gas mileage was 18 mpg. (mixed driving) a new transmission control unit was installed and fixed all the problems except the shift flare. I now get 24 mpg.

    I'm taking it back the third time for the shift flare. If it is not is going to be the proud owner of a defective car, and they know it.

    Sorry for venting......but it's frustrating. - Marty
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