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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    $14,500 for base Elantra GT with automatic transmission. Purchased June 15, 2001 in Little Falls, NJ. Sticker was $15,394. TMV shown as $14,300 at the time of purchase.

    Called four Hyundai dealers in three counties before we found the GT we wanted. Yeah,...I might've paid a couple hundred too much but I still got a fair deal considering the lack of availability. Went to the dealer and drove out 2.5 hours later in the car. Smooth buy.

    Love the car, too!
  • I'm sure most of you have seen my posts for the price I've paid, but here it is again:

    Orlando, FL Market
    Elantra GT
    Color - Pewter (Silver)
    Moonroof/no ABS
    $15,000 = Includes all dealer/destination fees. Does not include taxes.

    Great car. Do yourself a favor and go buy one, that is if you can find one. As cjacceta stated above, it's a little hard to find what you want. It took us three weeks of looking before I found the package that we wanted.

    Good Luck!
  • ebekinsebekins Posts: 21
    Just to keep this ball rolling, I'll put here what I paid. I don't know if it's a good or bad deal, but you all can then compare with what you got.

    2001 Elantra GLS
    Package 3
    bought in National City, CA (near San Diego) [Frank Hyundai]

    Price: $13,916
    less $500 rebate, so call it $13,416. I did no negotiations. I went in having made my first contact through my CostCo membership, and I got that price. Maybe I could have done better through negotiating, but at the time that price was right on Edmunds TMV, and the salesman was a nice guy to deal with, so I went with it. The F&I guy did try to sell us on some additional stuff, but it wasn't real high pressure, and we got what we were happy with.
  • grr02grr02 Posts: 6
    Well I just bought my GT a week ago for $16,100+tax & Lic. Automatic w/ package #7 which consist of 4 wheel disc w/TCS and sunroof. The dealer didn't offer any rebates or special interest rate since it's a new model. Oh by the way I live in San Jose/CA.
  • rbeaudinrbeaudin Posts: 14
    I am ABOUT to pay 12,900 for a GLS 5 speed, w/package 5, carpets, mud guards. That includes destination charge but not tax. Is it my imagination or is that a really good price?
  • steveb70steveb70 Posts: 15
    $12,900 sounds like a solid price with Package 5. Package 5 is the ABS/Traction control package, correct? Does that price include the $500 rebate?

  • rbeaudinrbeaudin Posts: 14
    Yes, Steve, that does include the rebate. I'm picking up the car on Saturday..can't wait!
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    I've heard that a few people got the package 5 automatic for $13 flat. Your 5-speed deal sounds good....perhaps it could be better.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Make that $13K flat. Minor technicality.
  • rbeaudinrbeaudin Posts: 14
    Yes, perhaps I could have done better if I had been willing to take a model off the lot, but since I wanted a particular package/color (5/champagne/mud guards), and it had to be located, I was somewhat thwarted in my plan to use the "you're never gonna get rid of that thing, especially with the IIHS report!" line. I got the car yesterday, and it looks great...very happy, good value; at least I came in under invoice, according to Edmunds info.
  • dbrowdydbrowdy Posts: 5
    I just bought one yesterday. 2001 Elantra GLS, 4 door, automatic, package 2, mudguards, carpets, net, silver (couldn't find grey OR black :( ).

    In Portland, OR at Thomason Hyundai through their internet department they give some good deals. I paid $12,188 (after rebate). That's about $1000 under invoice. I had a great experience there and definately would recommend them (assuming you go thru the internet dept!) to anyone.

  • billrubinbillrubin Posts: 10
    Just bought a GT tonight. Automatic transmission, Package 7 (Moon roof plus ABS and traction control), overpriced carpet mats (although they are nicely padded), California emissions (now also required in New York). Sticker price was $16,700 or so, I paid $15,300 (plus tax). The salesman started the negotiations at $1000 above sticker because the GT with ABS (package 7) is almost impossible to find and he said his manager makes him do that. Fortunately, I had printed out the Edmunds page and when he asked what it would take to get me to buy the car tonight I pointed to the invoice number, actually I added $69 for the mats which I did not have on my printout to round it up which was a little high but I wasn't going to begrudge him an extra $10 :-). Much to my surprise, they took the offer. I think it had a lot to do with my being there the next to the last day of the month and telling them I'd pay and pick it up tomorrow so it would be closed in July. Apparently the salesman's salary is based more on number of cars sold than the price he sold them for. He was bitching and moaning about them letting a hot car get away for nothing, but I tried not to shed a tear. Interestingly, they showed me their invoice price on their system (the guy who had the sheet was not in) and it claimed the price they paid was $15,700. I am not quite sure how this can be different than the Edmunds price by so much, can someone explain?

    He originally thought there might be a rebate but I told him no. Maybe I should have let him think that there was! I assume someone would have corrected it if he had written it up as having one.

    I ended up getting it in Cardinal Red. I really wanted Cobalt Blue but no one has seen one in these parts. The GT with package 7 is almost impossible to find so I decided to take it since the deal seemed rather good :-). He said if I came back next week, I would not have gotten nearly as good a deal.

    Oh, I am in Westchester County, NY.

  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    Elantra GLS - Automatic + Mats & guards and Pkg #2 ($400):
    Sticker Price $14,332 + 6%tx ... Total: 15,192
    Dealer wants $14,025 total including 6% sales tax.
    Counter offered $12,971 including sales tax.
    I am still waiting.
  • dbrowdydbrowdy Posts: 5
    I got the same car you're looking at for 12,188. I know the fact that I went thru the internet was really helpful. Have you tried putting something up on Autoweb and letting them call you?

  • Tb88 -- what is the invoice price on the car you made the offer on? Remember there is a $500 rebate on the GLS...

  • billrubin....WOW. Sounds to me like you got a great deal on your GT. Good job!!!

    I bought the same GT as you except in Pewter--Auto Transmission, Package 7 (ABS, TCS, and Moonroof), CA Emissions, and Carpet Floor Mats. I bought mine in mid-June and paid $15,830 + title, tax, & license.

    The dealer's sticker was $17,441 because they had added their "desert paint protection" and tinted windows. I SWORE to myself that I would not buy from a dealer that tried to pull those antics, but it was THE only Pewter Automatic GT w/ ABS in the Phoenix area. I told them straight out I had no intention on paying for these add ons. The first offer they gave me was for $16,847. I literally laughed in the salesman's face and told them that he was now at MSRP where the other dealers started.

    The sales manager then comes in with the invoice and asks me to pay invoice ($15,700) + 2% + $130 for the tinted windows (they were asking $199). I still wouldn't do it. I finally agreed to pay invoice + $130 for the tinted windows.

    I wasn't thrilled, but the finance guy at the dealership doing my back-up contract seemed VERY impressed with my negotiating skills. He told me several times that I did a great job and then looked in his file and said the dealership only made $80 on my deal (which tells me the cost of the tinted windows is really $50--I don't know where else they could make any additional money).

    Anyway...that's what I paid thanks to all the research I'd done on, including reading these message boards religiously. I truly think this is a great site. Thanks everyone.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    >>Tb88 -- what is the invoice price on the car you made the offer on? Remember there is a $500 rebate on the GLS...


    MSRP: $14,332

    Invoice: $13,524

    Rebates to: 7/31/01 $500 which brings cost down to: 13,024 since dealer keeps it.

    Holdback 2%
  • With Package 6 (couldn't find a 5 speed with Package 7). Paid $15,368 out the door, including tax. This was in the Orlando market.... Good deal?
  • $12971 including sales tax sounds like it's over $1000 under invoice. What reason do you have to expect that they would even consider it? What did you base your number on? BTW, you really should post the pre-tax prices to make it easier to compare here.

  • I paid for this new car 2001
    Yeap very happy with this car
    Happy no more Ford! I drove my TownCar for over 300000 miles and i was tired of driving this car.

    Love The Sonata V6 Gls
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