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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I would like to know more about the Hyundai's MSRP and how it is that the dealer can raise that supposed MSRP.
  • I went to a Hyundai dealership last night and felt like sweating throughout the whole ordeal. The salesmen were like a pack of flies descending on a dead rat. My main salesperson was fine, but everybody looked as if they had been through the wringer. It was not a quality experience. But I'm not in a hurry and felt that whatever his "bottom price" was, I was going to sit on it for a while. of course they tried to rush me into signing last night and for a while I was almost going to. I got the finance person down pretty low but I had so many questions that i felt rushed through the process. And as you said, the invoice and explanations with the baloney discounts are ridiculous. The more I pressured him, the lower the price got. Amazing. And finally he said to me: "What price do you want it for?" I knew he wasn't kidding, lol. I quoted him a price so low that after he said he'd "talk to the General manager," (the usual excuse) he came back and I think the GM didn't like me and I didn't really care so he said he'd lose money if he sold it to me at that price. Good. Gave me more time to think it over.
  • cindi, that's AWESOME! Way to go. The GM sitting there means you are in the ballpark!!! I had the same thing happen to me back in the summer during the "Cash for Clunkers" circus. Probably similar to your end-of-year circus. Sales guy promised me the ol' "We'll beat any price!" blah, blah, blah over email/phone. Come to find out, when I actually went in to my local dealer who claimed this, couldn't be done...after all the smoke, mirrors and time honored ritualistic raindancing around the automobile showroom of course. The GM finally slammed fist on poor sales guy's desk after 'rastlin' with me for the "LAST TIME!" and stomped off in a huff when I told him my offer from the other store down the road was in fact real and was better than his. Long story short, bought my new Elantra SE from the store down the road...and with the $4500 from Uncle Sap (for my 22 year old pick 'em up truck probably valued in the hundred bucks range) - whadduh deal!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep hangin' with 'em girl! Happy New Year to all!!! :shades:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    MSRP means "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price." Note the emphasis on "Suggested". The actual price is set by the dealer. If they want to try to sell a car for more than MSRP, that's their prerogative. Just as it's the buyer's prerogative to look at the more-than-MSRP price, laugh, and walk out the door.
  • Thanks, joegiant. Glad you got a good deal, can you imagine my clunker Toyota '95 which is all worn out and beat up didn't qualify for the cash for clunkers program by one mile, hahaha. It supposedly gets 19 miles per gallon, one mile over the limit! :-) I think I have that right, but I remember it was one mile over. Anyway, at this point I'm thinking to look for a good used car. Tell you why: (Oh, by the way, I used to sell pianos so I know the process and was ready to be tolerant and wait for them to go through their steps, but I also knew there is lots of room for leverage) I'm afraid my new car will either be stolen or in a crash. OK, those are my fears, not quite like the fear of getting on an airplane...maybe similar, I'm not sure. Even if those two things don't happen, my insurance rates will go up. That will definitely happen. Soooo, I'm thinking to get a good used car for thousands of dollars less. That way if it's in a crash or stolen, I won't have lost all the money. Plus my insurance will cost less. OK, that's how I'm looking at it. I guess when they surrounded me in the store I was a little off-key and told them off. Maybe I should have been sweeter, but "I" was under a lot of pressure, too, and told them to back off. :-) Thanks for your nice post.
  • OK, backy, you're right. I did a little research and found that the dealership can either raise the MSRP or lower it, depending on circumstances. Of course, I'm not eager for anyone to go out of business in particular, so I wouldn't deny a little margin for the dealer, naturally that has to happen. I'm not looking for the dealer to let it go at a loss, but then again, that might happen and it's up to the dealer to figure things out, not me. But I understand what you're saying and thank you for your input.
  • tommieztommiez Posts: 11
    Looks like Hyundai is no longer offering cash incentives on the Elentra, as of l/5/2010, as well as well as rest of the Hyundai lineup. I wonder if this will stick or will the cash rebates come back soon. What do you think?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Go back and look--the new incentives are posted on now, including a $1500 rebate on the 2010 Elantra (at least that is true in some states).
  • Here's what I think: the economy is not taking an upturn any time real soon. And I was looking at a Hyundai and liked it, but am not ready to spend the money for a new car right now, for various reasons. But ... I think that they may re-offer incentives because (1) the economy is down, and (2) the economy is down. I figured, though, being that I lost the tax rebate as well as the incentive by not buying before Jan. 1, that possibly buying a used Hyundai later on might make up the difference. Best to you. Or I might buy a Prius, my jury is out.
  • tommieztommiez Posts: 11
    Whoops - right after I posted the no incentives Hyundai announced them!
  • tommieztommiez Posts: 11
    The new $1500 cash rebate is slated to end Feb. 1st - what are the chances that it will be extended and/or increased?
  • smesusmesu Posts: 7
    Bought a black w/gray 09 SE w/mats, mud flaps & trunk liner in July (1st week C4C) for $10,000 (after C4C) + TTL+dealer fee. Really didn't need a new car at that point but the Van had 140K and a leaky trans-so I guess I did. My criteria was simply, most safety for the best price- and of course I had to like it. After the $4500 for the $500 Van I put down some $ (from a small settlement-which wouldn't even have been if the person were not such an A**-screw me screw you) the remainder with a 60 mo.4.5% from a credit union which takes out $25 a week via EFT. I gave up Starbucks and have a free car. Actually I am in the plus column considering the mileage this car gets. This car has more safely features then my old MB 300SD, which was my FOREVER car (68,000 on a diesel) until one of my kids parked it into the back of a pick-up. In this economy the new status is value, and this car has it in spades. My son has a 09 G35 and this car has more room- the comparison ends there but what do you expect at a price of 2 ½ to 1. Did I say my wife loves it, especially after I had it tinted. Me-I really like the car-LOVE the deal. Black Pearl, bearly legal tint, 16" alloys with wider tires & fog lights--sweet. BTW, yes they hit me with dealer fee but after the price I paid I had no complaints, everyone has to make a buck.
  • My son's father signed for him to have a car to attend a local university last July, 2009; now we're in the middle of January, 2010 with only 1,400 miles on his 2009! I read "Consumer's Report" books June, 2008 about what his dad could buy and wrangled for a 2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS for HIM (long story).

    They didn't have "Cash for Clunkers" 2008, but I used the factory website's rebates of $2000 + internet contact before auto dealership visit for $500. The factory makes a person think it's only good for that month only that whole year! Each month they change it up or down but usually go up to $2000.

    I was only able to get him an $18,500 new car 2008 in July 2008 down to $16,000. I know to never pay the "MSRP" nor the "factory invoice price" (come near it...or try to be ridiculously low the 2nd year around for my son). Then I was smarter in 2009 for my son's 2009 Hyundai Elantra GLS car. I utilized "Cash 4 Clunkers" for my much older 1985 Ford Crown Victoria needing lots of work; it's engine was ready to blow! I was able to drive it there. Price was $18,900 for the same car...2009 on July, 31, 2009 Hyundai Elantra GLS (but doesn't have that electronic stability control which I don't know the difference in drivability) in metallic gray color.

    "Cash 4 Clunkers" gave me $4500 for my 1985 Ford Crown Victoria, internet $500 to dealership down the road, wanted to charge $13,500 and not $18,900 which I said TOO MUCH! The sales person didn't look happy dealing with me, again, a year later as he said he had to talk to the GM. The GM told the salesman to ask me to write down a figure I wanted the car to be. I wrote $10,000!!! Salesman and GM had a fit over that one!

    I was ready to leave though I knew my son needed the car and mine wouldn't get him and I home 3 miles plus needed a car for college nor probably not start. I had placed lots of money in fixing with new parts that year figuring it was going to get crushed with my spending $1500 on her with these new tires and electronic components (battery related on down) and needed other things. Then they said OK to the $10,000!!! I was so happy for my son. His dad lives further away and is paying on it.

    This senior citizen misses my car, but that's okay. I sold my other 2 broken down Crown Victorias we 2 needed the money and not have to look at 2 broken down Crown Victorias while thinking of mine. All I knew and drove was 1982-1987 Ford Crown Victorias for 17 years and low miles or high highway miles.

    I learned to NOT buy "GAP" insurance from the dealership as it's 1/2 the cost from my auto insurance company. My auto insurance said even the 2008 being a year old could have had the GAP placed on it being a year old. Someone told me I could have saved on the factory warranty going elsewhere, but I don't know about that and was too afraid to not take their warranty at the dealership. I was refusing the lady in her office various things not necessary who specializes in those factory warranties telling her "no" to different things as the price could keep tickkering up! She did the same thing as the year before on the 2008 using scare stories about a teen's death and such peoples accidents being disabled from not having certain things. I feel I got a nice deal for my son, his keeping his mileage down with mixed driving of town and interstates, and not having to have a warranty visit at Precision Tune, yet. We get lots of coupons from the website and the lady at the counter $10 off when I had my cars.

    The 2008 belongs to his dad having 36,700 miles with his traveling for his jobs (non-reimbursed), living somewhere else, and coming to visit his son at our apartment.

    I wrote to ask a question here about his dad's 2008 as it takes away from my resources when he has car visits for his warranty with all the miles on it. He won't care or think about being underwater with high mileage before he can pay it off. I do as it affects me financially.

    Again, I really learned alot and enjoyed comments 3268-3278. I didn't check out the rest. The one with the tinted windows and alloy wheels Hyundai sounds nice.

    Enjoy your cars!
  • According to info I read on Edmunds, the $1500 rebate is good until March 31. Also, if I read the Hyundai offer correctly, if you finance with Hyundai, you get an additional $1500 rebate. I got this offer on email from a dealer in the Boston area. I plan on buying a 2010 Elantra (assuming my test drive goes well), and a $3000 rebate will definitely help me take the plunge. Any comments on these rebates?
  • tommieztommiez Posts: 11
    I would definitely take advantage of the $3000 rebate - it's a very good deal. I live on the west coast and am unable to do this. For some reason they have the rebates set up differently depending on your zip code. And was disappointed to learn that here in California they only offer one $1500 cash cash rebate and it cannot be combined with the $1500 financing rebate. .
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    According to, you cannot combine the $1500 customer rebate and the special financing offer.
  • I'll have to check into this further with local dealer. It does sound like it's too good an offer. But $1500 is still a decent rebate if they keep it thru March. Thanks for the info.
  • Someone needs to tell the DEALERS this because they are ADVERTISING ALL CASH BACK INCENTIVES/REBATES to advertised prices IN PRINT! How frustrating to go there and find out that NO you can't get the Elantra Sedan they posted in their ad for now $11,999 because you do not qualify for ALL of the incentives.

    $1,500 Rebate - from Manufacturer - nothing to do with the Dealer
    $ 400 Military
    $ 500 College Grad (within 6-months of graduating or graduated 6-months ago)
    $1,000 Cash/Trade (this was explained to me in a funny way - it was told to me that's taking in consideration of $1,000 cash down on the car). Again - I was not born yesterday - but the way I read it is $1,000 cash for your trade-in, another dealer confirmed my thoughts.

    Check out the fine print in the paper - you'll see the price reflects the discounts (ALL OF THEM BUNDLED - which you'll not receive). READ READ READ! We may head back to the Honda Dealer now over this mix-up. :mad:
  • The Hyundai USA web site states that the $1500 Elantra cash rebate expires on Feb 1st but the Edmunds TMV pricing report shows an expiration date of March 31st for this rebate. I am planning to purchase a new Elantra toward the end of March and am wondering which date is accurate. I'm sure if I ask a local dealer they'll say it expires Feb 1st to get me to buy now. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this discrepancy and which date is correct. I guess I could call Hyundai HQ and ask but I'm not sure if that will explain why Edmunds has a different date. Any thoughts on this?
  • I hate to say it, but there are many dealers that post similar ads. BRAND NEW VEHICLE (insert name) only $15,000. (Then the fine print - with $5000 cash or trade) So it doesn't apply to only the Hyundai dealers. Yes even the Honda places do it too.

  • :confuse: :confuse: What worries me about the push for the GAP warranties is that - what - they don't believe in their product??? Didn't give me a warm fuzzy after purchasing a vehicle to buy GAP insurance. We declined and may try our insurance company to see how much it is - since we have a year to decide.

    Right now ad in paper says you can get a base model Elantra 4-door for $11,900 but that's including all the rebates no one (but perhaps a handful of people who are in military, and just graduated from college) can get. Still think it's shady how they group all discounts into the advertised printed price even though one didn't apply to the Elantra at all.

    You got a great deal @ $10,000! Way to go. I suspect our deal on the E/T would have been much better if the cash for clunkers was still in effect. I applaud your good deal! Nice to hear some people do so well. :shades:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    What worries me about the push for the GAP warranties is that - what - they don't believe in their product???

    No, more like the dealers believe in padding their profit margins. ;)
  • I'm cracking up. Thank you for the morning giggle! ;)
  • Any new vehicle you buy will likely drop in value when you drive it off the lot (hence the need for gap coverage). Granted, some vehicles depreciate faster than others, and some folks know how to wrangle a better deal than others, so it's not always necessary, but not a bad idea to get.

    That said, it only works when you finance the car -- not buy it outright.

    Last time I made the mistake of purchasing gap coverage was when buying a SUV (non-Hyundai). Paid $450 from the dealer... Realized I could get it cheaper online (~$250), and even cheaper-yet via my auto insurance (something like $6 for every 6 months). Needless to say canceled the coverage with the dealer (although it took FOREVER to get a refund).

    In my case, the auto insurance route was the lowest cost... But even my credit union (which I found out offers gap coverage for vehicles they have loans on) offered it for ~$200.

    Bottom line: Don't buy gap coverage from the dealer, period.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,336
    A large down payment can also eliminate the need for gap coverage since it's less likely you'll ever be upside down on the loan.
  • I went on HyundaiUSA web site this morning to look for new rebates and incentives starting Feb 2nd and it said no special offers available. The $1500 Elantra rebate and other rebates ended Feb 1st. I'm wondering if they just haven't posted new rebates yet or if they will not be offering any rebates this month.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    It usually takes a couple days or more to post the new rebates. Keep checking the site.
  • Just picked up a 2010 Elentra SE 4 dr sedan with premium package for $16,700 plus tax and license (this price includes the $1500 rebate). Extras on this car are bluetooth, mudflaps, and carpets. The sticker price for this car is $20,200 - so I think I got a real good deal. The car was purchased from Manly Automotive in Santa Rosa, Calif. and I worked with sales mgr. Robert Trompeter and his asst. Barry Silk.
  • Son's girlfriend is about to sign a contract for a 2007 Elantra with under 25k miles automatic, heated seats - loaded I'm told. Dealership was asking $13,000 (laughing - I know) she has talked them down to $10,000 but I think she can do better - anyone else have input? In a hurry - she's waiting for insurance check for her totalled vehicle to arrive to finish the deal - she only has a $100 committment.

  • smesusmesu Posts: 7
    At $8500 buy it, assuming it is an SE. These are great cars but you are looking at a 3 year old econo car which dealers aren't paying much for and with a value that will take a fair hit with the arrival of the 2011. The new re-designed Elantra will have a longer wheelbase, larger engine, 6 speed trans and new sheet metal. If you can hold out until the end of the year there will surely be substantial incentives on these great 2009/2010 cars. Although in SE trim the Elantra is as good as a Civic EX-L, the 2007-2010 Elantra is a car to be used and kept because the real world resale value just isn't there.
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