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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,i just recieved a quote from my local hyundai dealer for a 09 elantra gls auto with the popular equipment package with sunroof.popular equipment pack includes fog lights,cruise,172 watt stereo with xm radio,lighted vanity mirrors ect.
    msrp is 18600.00 and dealer quote is 15,495.00 plus tax,tag,dealer this a good deal??
  • aksebnaksebn Posts: 15
    I am purchasing a 09 Elantra GLS with popular option package and blue tooth and floor mats for $11,200 on monday. msrp is $17,965 we are trading in a 2000 pontiac montanna with 105,000 miles on it and many problems. are we getting a good deal or could we do better?
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    is this a demo elantra or a brand new one?if it's brand new then you are getting a great deal considering the fact that i just got a email quote a few days ago for a brand new 09 elantra gls with the popular equipment package and sunroof for
    $15,500.00 plus TTT .you must have gotten some great rebates and a huge dealer discount to get to a price of $11,200.00..that's a steal if you ask me.
  • hontoyhontoy Posts: 13
    I think that you're getting a very good deal. I am still looking in the Seattle area - the best ballpark estimate I have gotten so far for Elantara SE is around 14,000 OOD price. WA state has nearly 10% tax, so the price before tax is around 12,800.
  • unclebauncleba Posts: 1
    Bought Elantra GLS 2009 / Auto/AC/popular package
    central ohio, yesterday
    6 miles
    manufactured January 2009
    MSRP 17965
    Invoice 17464
    Price paid 14588 after 1500 rebate and before TTT & doc.fee
    Hope it help
  • aksebnaksebn Posts: 15
    It is brand new 23 miles on it. we are in pittsburgh pa. the bowser dealership has about 200 of these and i guess needs to move them. i went to 2 other dealers who could not or would not beat the price. im sure hoping this will be a good car. this was our first time negotiating on a new car.
  • gak2gak2 Posts: 2
    We just bought an 2009 Elantra GLS automatic with the Popular Equipment Package for our daughter. Hillsboro OR, $14,188 for everything. MSRP with the options was $17,690 + registration, etc.

    I think we're pretty happy with this deal.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i just recieved another price quote from a local hyundai dealer for a 09 elantra gls with the popular equipment package inlcuding sunroof..msrp is 18,600.00 and quote is $15,000.00 plus T.T.T....popular equipment package includes 172 watt stereo with xm,cruise control,fog lights,lighted vanity mirrors ect.after reading all of the positive reviews for this car i am getting close to purchasing one.this dealer who gave me the quote seems really anxious to get my buisness.they keep calling me and emailing me non-stop which i guess is to my advantage when it comes to negotiating the best deal on the car.
  • hontoyhontoy Posts: 13
    Please provide the breakup for the $14,188 price you paid - thanks!
  • scdelanscdelan Posts: 10
    That's part of the car buying process - every dealer is going to go crazy trying to get you in the show room to purchase the car.

    The price they're quoting you is high. I've been monitoring this thread for the past month and checking prices from local dealers. You should be able to get at least $500 cheaper, maybe even $1k. Don't tell them the price you're willing to pay - that gives them a ball park number to negotiate with. Just tell them that whatever number they come back with is too high - go lower. Be prepared to wait a lot (my suggestion is when they walk away to just explore the showroom more). They want to wear you down so you eventually settle. Don't settle.

    Also, look at 08 GLS Elantras if they still have them on the lot. They have a $500 higher rebate and are pretty much the same as the 09's. You should be able to push for 13.5-13.75k on those. All this before TTT of course.
  • gak2gak2 Posts: 2
    OK, but the math might seem a bit squirrelly. And the alignment below is likely to be very squirrelly.

    MSRP for the Standard package 15120
    + Popular Equipment Package 1750
    + Floor Mats 95
    + Trunk Cargo Net 50
    The sticker also had a little addendum on it about the "Adjusted Market Value" of an additional $2000, but we didn't really discuss that. But that might be why the cash value below is only as low as $15970. Maybe I should have fought harder about that.

    The cash price they offered me was $15970
    - 2000 cash rebate 2000
    + License registration fee 113
    + Title fee 55
    + Title and registration processing fee 50

    Hope that helps.
  • 67gtx67gtx Posts: 9
    I am about to take delivery of of a black Elantra Touring with automatic and premium package tonight. The MSRP is 20920 and the price that I negotiated is 16455.87 plus tag and sales tax. What is everyone's opinion? It seems that this is the lowest price that I could get after having 10 dealers compete against each other. Included in this figure is the dealer's outrageous 699 dealer fee so the price without that fee is actually 15756. It just seems to me that I couldn't get much lower; I hope that I'm right.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Given that the rebates are not that big on that car, I think that is a good deal. But "the price without that fee" is really immaterial, since the $699 fee is part of the dealer's quote. Some offer a really low price but huge fees, some have small fees but a higher price. It's all the same in the end.
  • 67gtx67gtx Posts: 9
    The 16455 is the figure that I used as a comparison with the other dealers. I was just pointing out how outrageous some of these dealers are with their doc fees.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    dealer fee's can be negoitiated down if you play your cards right.because of the bad economy and slow auto sales dealers are starving for buisness.i went with a friend of mine recently who purchased a 09 elantra gls with the popular equip package and sunroof.the dealers fee's were 899.00 and he got them to come down to 500.00...he also got a great deal on the car as well.msrp was 18,600.00 which is for 09 elantra gls auto with the popular equip package and sunroof for $15,500.00.
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    I was wondering how you like the car.

    Also, would you mind if I asked the name of the dealership. I am in the market for an Elantra Touring and I would love to get one at a similar price.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46

    If you got the car for $15k why did your buddy get his for $15.5?. Did you get military discount? I am getting ready to trade my 08 Elantra on an 09. Dealer is having me wait a few more weeks as they think there will be another $500 dealer cash avalaible. Using your pricing to compare as I am getting mine in Southwestern PA. Paid $15.2 for an SE with premium package last year (including mats, mud guards, trunk mat and net) plus the tax.
  • 67gtx67gtx Posts: 9
    The car is great; it's my first Hyundai and I'm impressed. I wish it had more power though. It seems kind of gutless in comparison to what I'm used to but a good car none the less. I got it at Bob Dance in Longwood.
  • scdelanscdelan Posts: 10
    Received internet quotes of 13700 for 09 GLS w/PEP and 14500 for 09 SE model without packages today. Salesman said he'd be willing to drop a little more to make a deal.

    bob225, you think there will be more incentives available soon? $500 cash to dealer would bring in more bargaining room and is probably worth waiting for.
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    Thanks for the information. Hopefully I'll be enjoying my first one too. I'm in upstate NY, and hoping to have someone up here match or come close to their prices.

    Thanks again
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