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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 116
    A question, with 0 percent financing why put $3,500 down? With a 0 percent interest rate it is free money. Not often do we get free money. Putting a large amount down actually reduces the benefit of the 0 percent APR.
  • optipopoptipop Posts: 2
    gub34, Thank you for your reply. A straight-forward buying experience is very good thing.
  • I live in Georgia. I just bought a 2013 Elantra GLS with prefered package, auto dimming mirror with homelink, mud guard, first aid kit and carpeted floor mats.
    OTD price was $17,400. So far so good. I like it! For a budget car have a lot of features, nice design and decent Mpg.
  • rjm0925rjm0925 Posts: 4
    edited September 2013
    Just purchased a 2013 Elantra GLS with Preferred Package, carpeted mats, mud guards, and wheel locks for $16,000 even! 3 hour negotiation which got pretty ugly. Tried to charge me destination after it should have been included in the quoted price plus tried to charge me $300 for glass etch at the very end. Out the door with NJ taxes, doc, and MV came to $17,814. Nice car for the money but it didn't go smooth.
  • I have a question. Did you a $500 off incentive for being military, previous customer, etc. in order to reach the $16,000 price? Also what was the dealer's doc fee?

  • No, I didn't qualify for the $500 military discount, doc fee was $249.
  • Hi! That sounds like a great price! What was your asking price? Also do you mind sharing what dealership you went to??
  • Can anyone tell me what money factor they have been getting for a recent 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS Lease. I am looking for a 36/month lease and I am not sure what money factor I should expect. Thanks if advance.
  • haggardhaggard Posts: 63
    Can you tell us the name of the dealership?
  • NY_MaverickNY_Maverick Posts: 26
    edited October 2013
    Westchester County, New York

    Just sealed the deal on a 36 months /12K miles lease for 2013 Elantra GLS with Preferred Package.

    My opening offer: $162 month, $0 down, excl tax.

    based on:
    $17,192 net cap cost*
    62% residual
    .00065 money factor

    Agreed upon payment: $178/month incl sales tax (7.0375%)

    Up Front:

    $490 Bank Fee/Acquisition Fee
    $300 DMV/Title
    $178 First Month Payment
    $400 Accessories

    Sales contract had a bit of alchemy in arriving at the monthly payment, but I was too tired to question things since the figure was within my range. Ultimately, the deal was a lot better than national promo of $159/month with approx $2000 down, plus fees.

    * $17,192 this was the best price I could get competing dealers to volunteer over the phone. Most were reluctant to even give me a number over the phone. MF of .00065 can be extrapolated from national promotion.
  • podpropodpro Posts: 3
    Anyone have the rates (money factor, etc.) on a Elantra GT lease this month. Best rate I can get is $299 sign and drive for 36-months 12k with Style package...but that seems a bit high. Thanks!
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 3,136
    edited October 2013
    Your price sounds very good for this vehicle. Have driven a few but on yesterdays trip across Southern Florida was the first time my back really hurt after the 2 hour drive, the first time this has happened in an Elantra and I have probably driven about 20 of them this past year. I am chalking it up to the vehicle having almost 17k of rental driver miles on one knows how many big butts have used this seat since it was placed into fleet service, and believe me, the public really trashes rental vehicles. You would not believe the crap people have left inside these vehicles so I can just imagine how hard these vehicles are abused!
    Hyundai has done an excellent job with the Elantra and its looks are top notch. I am interested in the Limited model for the power seat it includes...a rreal shame that can not be a stand alone option. Which dealer in Westchester did you use?

    The Sandman

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • Sandmand, it was New Rochelle Hyundai
  • I have been quoted from $17,000 to 17,500 for GLS with PP after deducting $ 1500 financing rebate. Tried Costco buying program, Carwoo and Amex car buying program.

    Can anyone from my area share the best they have paid

    I am in Northern Virginia and can buy from any neighboring states - MD, Delaware

    Thanks a lot
  • Hello,

    I am about to make a deal and would like to make sure it is a good one.
    2013 Elantra Limited Tech
    0% for 72 months 0 down

    $327 per month
    Total OTR: 23,544

    Should I make the deal or how much lower can I get.
    I have negotiated over email with 5 dealerships and gone into one to try to get the best price.
  • nick_funnick_fun Posts: 6
    edited December 2013

    I paid $18.1k OTD for a 2013 elantra GLS with Auto dimming mirror and floor mats as the only add ons. Was it a decent deal. I am in AZ where we have about 8.3% sales tax.


  • Despite the really nice rebate ($1500) or 0% financing on the remaining 2013 models, I assisted a family member who really wanted a 2014 "SE" (used to be called GLS with preferred package) in Titanium Gray; This was in San Diego:

    MSRP: 20145

    Invoice: $19582

    Taxes: 1512.96

    Doc: 80

    Title/License: 245

    Final out the door price(all included): $19,900

    Not a great price, but not a horrible anal probe either. Same dealership would have done about $1700 less on the 2013, or $18,200 out the door.

  • Got a quote of 2013 Elantra GLS with Preferred Package with $16200 + TTL.
    Is this a good price?

  • Negotiated in writing for $16,000 "out the door" price for 2013 Elantra
    GLS Auto Trans. w/Standard Package (MSRP $18,970.00)
    in northern Va./MD area.
    Price includes $2000 in rebates, (Va.) dealer processing fee,
    local Va. county tax & 6% MD sales tax, title, tags & registration.
    Can anyone do better?

  • 2013 Limited - automatic, tech/nav package, leather seats and that package, had a spare, taxes, plates, and documentation fees. My registration is $260.93 and that's what I have to pay for the car - not the dealer. Out the door price was $23k. I thought it was pretty high even with a spare. Needless dealer add-ons (standard any place you go) were put on for a total of $1800.

    I didn't see any negotiating. The salesman brought out something with his best offer. I tried to get it down $600 more and the man in charge said no. A manager showed me the invoice (another day). I asked where their holdback was and he bogusly pointed to shipping and items like that. That wasn't the holdback of 2%.

  • whiteshadowwhiteshadow Posts: 1
    edited March 2014

    $2000 in cash rebates now + the $500 loyalty/competitors/military coupons

    Despite MPGate, would a base Elantra GT under $18k be a good deal?

  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277

    you got scammed. you shouldnt be paying dealer processing fee or PDI.

    @Consiglieri said:
    Negotiated in writing for $16,000 "out the door" price for 2013 Elantra
    GLS Auto Trans. w/Standard Package (MSRP $18,970.00)
    in northern Va./MD area.
    Price includes $2000 in rebates, (Va.) dealer processing fee,
    local Va. county tax & 6% MD sales tax, title, tags & registration.
    Can anyone do better?

  • I got a 2013 GLS for this:

    1500 Rebate
    1000 Trade (when in reality it was worth less than 200)
    Free Remote start

  • I purchased a 2013 Elantra gls with pop package and love my car. I'm in northern NJ and was referred to my dealer. I paid 16k after rebates plus tax, doc and mv. I never felt pressured and had a easy negotiation. Great Dealer (Towne Hyundai) and Great Salesperson (Tom). Highly recommend

  • builder2builder2 Posts: 6
    edited June 2014

    2014 Elantra SE MSRP $20480 $17950 after the only rebate qualified for of $750 in Hillsboro, OR

  • bchoibchoi Posts: 3

    2014 Elantra SE Automatic Transmission + Floor mat MSRP $19315 (incl. destination fee)

    $15666 (excl tax & fees) over Memorial Day sale - didn't need it but needed to fiance portion of the price dealer to make some $.

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