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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Where did you buy it? I am also in this area.
  • ykyyky Posts: 1
    I am very interest in Elentra GLS automatic.
    I am getting a deal: out of door price, $15.197 in CT

    Am I getting a good deal? I would really appreciate if you can give me an advice on this please.
  • Pohanka Hyundai in Marlow Heights, MD. I used Good luck.
  • n36078n36078 Posts: 3
    I totalled my 2005 Elantra 5sp hatch on Tuesday. It was a real nice buck before I hit him. Very few problems in the first 127k miles on that car.

    Local dealer that I have purchased two Hyundias through dealer swapped a 2010 Elantra Blue with option pack #2 (A/C, Cruise). It is set up like the last one except for not being a hatchback.

    His offer is 16,151 (taxable amount) - 1500 rebate - 1000 financing rebate for a price of $13651 + $200 Title/tags + tax. The last car I bought there was a 2009 Sonata for $800 under invoice, the 2005 Elantra that I wrecked was bought at invoice so I am thinking he is high by $300-500.

    How much room is there under invoice for the Elantra Blues?

  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    First of all, sorry about the accident BUT glad you weren't seriously injured!

    I checked out the pricing on several sites including Edmunds TMV and it looks like you should be able to haggle down the price another $400 or so. TrueCar had the lowest price listed as $13,223 using my zip code (Georgia) but when I used a zip code for Woodland Hills, CA (LA) it was only $12,919. Edmunds TMV price (using my Georgia zip) was $14,128 which only included the $1500 rebate. With the $1000 financing rebate, that would be $13,128, which is $523 less than the price your dealer has quoted.

    BTW, the special APR financing (3.9% for 60 months or 4.9% for 72 months) can be combined with the two rebates. Hopefully that's already part of the plan from your dealer...

    From your posting, I infer that the accident was your fault (correct me if I'm wrong). Either way, have you been offered a fair settlement amount for totaling the 2005 Elantra? In most states, you can add the sales tax expense of the replacement car to the amount the insurance company pays you for the value of the car you totaled. Just FYI.

    The Elantra Blue is a helluva steal, especially with current incentives. I'm sure you'll miss the versatility of your 5-door (I have a Mazda3 5-door and don't know if I could ever go back to a conventional sedan with a trunk), but the great deal will certainly help. Did you consider the Elantra Touring 5-door? A 2011 Touring GLS model is running around $14,100 at the moment according to TrueCar.
  • n36078n36078 Posts: 3
    The accident was a 100-150 pound buck that I met at about 55 mph. I am in western NY and the deer population is nuts. After 36 years of driving here my luck finally ran out.

    I hadn't considered the touring as this is just a commuter. I buy a new one and run it until the wheels fall off. Then I dump it and get another. I will check the touring out though. A manual tranny is important to me for driving in snow.

    The financing rebate was part of the deal. I only found one other rebate so I was at $2500 in total incentives.

    One interesting thing that I found was the pricing. By using the zip codes I zeroed in on that dealership at just under $13,000. I am guessing that after buying two cars there they think that they have a loyal customer.

    I didn't know about the sales tax thing. I will check on that with the insurance company. I expect the call tomorrow or Monday telling me that it is a total. I took out the hood and the radiator and AC condensor were pushed into the block with lot of broken plastic.

    I'm thinking that I am going to call them and tell them $13,000 after rebate + tax and title. They did a dealer swap based on me calling and expressing interest.

  • You may want to look closely at your price. I bought an Elantra SE based on the price in late September and the price did not include the $1000 financing rebate (the price is supposed to be guarananteed, so they can't include the financing incentive in it since they don't yet know if you will qualify for the financing). Since I qualified for the financing, the price I ended up paying was actually $1000 less than the price.
  • The lowest I've seen In So. Cal for the "Blue" is $10,000. Log into the "Orange County Register" and view car deal section that shows many different dealers and their weekly sale ads. I'm from Central California and will never buy a new car from this area again unless a local dealer is willing to match a "real sale price". We bought a fully loaded Kia Sorento SX for $1600 under invoice, $4100 under invoice with rebates this past September. Local dealers and even some in So. Cal couldn't touch that price!
    The reason I'm on this forum is because I'll be buying a new Elantra this winter as a commuter car for me. We bought an 07 Elantra for our daughter (new) and that car is well built. We haven't had any problems, high safety ratings and it gets 33 mpg! Nice.
  • jjeonjjeon Posts: 1
    I am in Northern CA.
    Price I paid for 2010 Elantra manual (blue) with comfort package 2
    15300 -1500 -1000 -400(college) = $12,400
    Plus tax, dmv, doc ...=14,1xx.

    I showed dealers quote and gave me $12,790 initially.
  • Hello, My daughter has a beautiful dark red Ellantra with cloth seat
    covers and recently got a bad ink stain on the drivers seat. She has
    been talking about seat covers and I was hoping you would share the
    name of the company and any contact info where you had them custom
    made. Her birthday is coming up and I thought it would make a great
    Thanks so much for your reply,
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Many years ago my dad had the driver's seat bottom cover on one of our cars replaced because it had damage. He went to a local upholstery shop, and they custom-made a vinyl (that's what the original was) cover that looked just like the original, except the original was two-tone and my dad decided not to go to that expense. And they installed it. I am sure you could get the same thing done today from a custom upholstery shop in your town. Not sure how much it would cost, might depend on what quality of material is used and how close a match you want to the original.

    The low-cost option would be to buy a slip-on cover from an auto parts shop or discount store, and just use the bottom part to cover the damage. Wouldn't look as good as a custom job, but would cost a LOT less. You might be able to find a slipcover that matches the color of the Elantra's seat. If you go the slipcover route, be sure it does not cover the side airbag on the outside edge of the seat back.
  • OTD price from North NJ dealer for Elantra 2011 Limited with Premium Package (fully loaded, wheel locks and floor mats) includes all taxes and fees $23,725.00.

    I'm considering 2010 Chevrolet Cruz and new 2012 Ford Focus. I think Hyundai dealer was oohm :cry: c'mon this is compact car. Please let me know your prices and experience with new 2011 Elantra.
  • $23,784 out the door for the same car with an 8.75% sales tax rate in California. Took three weeks to find one with navigation in a decent color due to limited inventory!
  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    Best price for me in Missouri.

    2011 Elantra Limited in Indigo Pearl Blue, Limited trim

    MSRP: 20,800
    Final Price:19,500

    +8% MO state and local sales tax, tags, and admin fee. Final OTD including all that will be 21,250 or so.

    I got a pretty good discount through my USAA membership, made the deal that much easier. I went to 2 dealers, one offered me 19900 but then would never give me a final number, and was throwing the entire pressure sales book tactics at me.

    So we went with smaller, nicer and easier to deal with dealer. First price was 19,900, lowered to 19,500, which is way under TMV and truecar price.

    I might have been able to get a few hundred more off with the bigger dealer, but they annoyed me greatly. Here's an idea guys, when I tell you I am coming back and want your final, no BS, no more haggling number, and you still wont give me a figure, then I am out of there. It was interesting comparing everything they were doing to the Edmund's Confessions of a New Car Salesman story.
  • $21,500 plus tax, license etc.... for Limited with navi, carpets, cable and wheel locks in California. Cars hard to find with navi....MSRP was $22,880!
  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    I think you and I got pretty much the same final price, before you added the nav package for the 2K. I'm feeling pretty darn good about the price, especially this early in the model's run.

    What color did you get? All the dealers in MIssouri have are the White, Pearl Blue, Black, Bronze, and Silver. No reds or dark grays yet. Supposedly the factory is ramping up production and no one has seen those colors yet. Curious if that is just here
  • You are right on about the price and colors! Other dealers wanted $22,400+ for the same car without any inventory! Costco auto program was no help either! My first choice was white with beige interior but we ended up with Desert Bronze with the beige interior. Glad we did!
  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    I really liked that Desert Bronze, if they hadn't had the one Indigo Blue with the gray interior in the area, I would have gone with the Desert Bronze.

    From looking at a couple of other dealerships in the STL area, most of them have received only small amounts of cars so far, and inventory now is down to a few of the black, a bunch of white, and a few silver.

    Signing tomorrow and picking up, I'm pretty excited. Congrats on your new Elantra!!
  • Good luck with your new car too!

    Other than the dealer not turning on the mode switch in the fuse panel, I have observed no issues with the car. Got 40 mpg on my first tank of gas (~85% highway miles).
  • What California dealership did you get this great deal from?

    I live in the Los Angeles area.
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