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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Have quote for $13,795 +TTL for 2010 automatic with sunroof. This is including the financing incentive from Hyundai.

    What do you think about the price? Good, great, or keep shopping?
  • I would love to find out what dealer that is. How could i find that out? shoot me an email with the name please!
  • I just picked up an 11 Elantra black/gray auto, pref pkg, mats and can't believe how nice a car you can get for such a cheap price. In Central Jersey I shopped at Brad Benson - they would not give a price and were completely arrogant and high pressured on 2 phone calls to them, Lester Glenn - gave me a good price and were polite on the phone but bait and switch when I went there ($17,400), Global with Costco pricing was $17,300 - would not go lower and the best BY FAR was Sean C. at Towne Hyundai in Denville for $16,500 +tt. Not sure if the end of the month had anything to do with it but I will refer everyone I know to him - low pressure, up front with all costs. Email me if you have any questions owassa at yahoo dot com.
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  • Hello Brrzer86 thanks for the info.
    I would love to get some more info from ya.
    shoot me an email at jakob.arvid.m at gmail dot com.

  • Wow, I am starting to feel like i Got Royally screwed when I bought mine. Maybe it was stock issue in my area.
    Either way, I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The lowest anyone would go for a GLS, preferred option was 17900. Only 500 hundred off! I purchased it late Dec. a few days after X-mas. At the time I purchased mine, it had only been in dealerships for 10 days and stock was down to only 2-3 per dealership with a couple sold out all together.
    I am very happy with the car so far. Gas mileage wise, if I drive freeway only, I have gotten as high as 45mpg, however there is tons of snow and even worse rush hour, so I am averaging only 32mpg. Still better then my old one which in the winter avg. about 24 in the winter.
    I could not be happier with my purchase, but feel a bit bummed out that I couldn't get the kind of deal everyone else is getting or has gotten.
  • You probably got the best deal in your area.

    We bought our limited with navi just after Christmas. Supplies were tight but we still got a good deal about $500 below invoice. Still have not seen any 2011 Elantras on the road yet in our area.
  • Update.... According to motor trend, I paid avg for my area so far. Knowing that does not make me feel so bad about not getting the SUPER discounts that some have been getting.
  • jtuongjtuong Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I'd just made my first purchase of a car in Manassas, VA - Feb 01. It's a showroom car with only 8 miles on it, which also includes Hyundai's pinstripe. Was wondering if I ended up good deal or had been ripped off. Greatly appreciated if I could get your opinion, thanks.

    MSRP: $19,980
    Sticker Price: $20,795

    Sale Price: $18,935
    Out the Door: $20,000
  • Best deal I have heard of so far!
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    the invoice price for a 2011 elantra gls with auto and the prefered package with hair-pod cable is $15, your 16,500.00 that you paid is about right depending on the area as well also....
  • Best deal I've seen. I paid 19500 for the limited before tax/ tag, so I'd say nicely done
  • Interesting - Edmunds says $17,739 for the invoice (w/o Ipod cable). That is quite a discrepancy.
  • forcelessyoda, how is the snow/ice traction on the 11 Elantra with OEM tires? I'm also in the Twin Cities and thinking of buying one, but I know several previous generation Elantra owners who were so alarmed by lack of traction that they invested in snow tires & rims...
  • foogsfoogs Posts: 2
    2011 Elantra Limited with floor mats and iPod cable

    MSRP: 20,830
    Invoice: 20,218
    Quoted: 18,218

    Also two years of service (oil changes & tire rotations) no additional charge

    $0 Down - 391/mo for 60 mo @ 3.9%
    $0 Down - 336/mo for 72 mo @ 4.25%

    What does everyone think? I'm thinking I might pull the trigger this weekend.
  • The total cost is pretty damn good. Dealers are willig to
    Deal more now than in december. I paid 19500 for my limited, so it seems good
    Not sure on the financing part though.

    What color and where are you at??
  • foogsfoogs Posts: 2
    Thinking about white and I'm in NJ. Maxon Hyundai on Rt. 22 in Union. The financing checks out. I came up with the same figures as they did. It would be $0 up front, so everything would be rolled into the payments. I don't know if I should push my luck and try to get something else thrown in or if the deal is sweet enough as is.
  • cant hurt to ask another dealer or two in the area if they can beat it, but for a new model year 2K under invoice,seems pretty good. (of course im jealous, i paid more)
  • We all paid more especially if the car was purchased in December. Mine was $21,500 for a limited with navi but that was good in December for a cash sale. Terms are a bit different if financing and or a trade is involved. Prices are loosening up now!
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