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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,my girlfriend and i have compared these 2 cars rather closely since these were 2 cars she has been thinking about getting and she will decide which one soon.however,here are the facts about these two hot selling cars right now and which one is the better value..both the cruze ls and the elantra gls have msrp right around the same $18,480.00 give or take 100 bucks either way..however,the elantra gls smokes the chevy cruze as far as standard features go..this is what the elantra gls has over the chevy cruze LS which as i mentioned already are priced about the same...elantra has standard cruise control,4-wheel disks,more power 148 vs 136 in the cruze,power side mirrors,and better warranty and gas milaege as well.
  • bigdogbitubigdogbitu Posts: 39
    The Elantra is becoming more popular and thus the demand has increased. The dealers know this and everyone else is in the same boat.

    I got lucky and found a Limited with nav back in December for $21,500 plus taxes and registration. However, the Corolla I sold back then is now worth $800 more! Enjoy your ride since you bought the right car!
  • miranda200miranda200 Posts: 15
    Hi Backy - Thanks for the reassurance - you're absolutely right.
    And my lil sis says her Cruze is being recalled for a couple things.
    I guess we just like to think of ourselves as "good negotiators".
    Let it go let it go let it go.....
  • miranda200miranda200 Posts: 15
    Hiya bigdog -
    Good foresight getting your Elantra early on! Too funny - my previous car was a Corolla too - but I sold it to my son. Compared to me you got your nav for free, so next time you use it say, "well done, me".
  • atlanticoneatlanticone Posts: 19
    There is no such thing as ordering from Hyundai. The dealer is just trying to hold onto you as long as possible, so you don't shop elsewhere. Do you have a Vin# yet? If you don't have a Vin#, then you aren't getting the car anytime soon.
  • atlanticoneatlanticone Posts: 19
    Hyundai is now guaranteeing your resale value. It is part of the new Assurance program they are running. If you trade in your car between years 2-4, then they will guarantee the trade in value of your car at that time.
  • Take the warranty into consideration to help you make your decision. Piece of mind down the road when your car loses that new car smell.
    I've purchased three new Hyundai Elantras in the past 10 years, 2003, 2007 for my kids and a 2011 for regrets.
    Good Luck.
  • 07740774 Posts: 8
    You are not stupid; the free market sets the price. All you did was meet the market.
  • 07740774 Posts: 8
    Only way someone is truthfully (?) buying 11 Elantra under invoice is if dealer stole the trade. There is for now a nationwide dearth of 2011 Elantras. Buyers make the market not sellers.
  • 07740774 Posts: 8
    In my experience, it's always first and foremost about gas prices when someone asks to see Elantra.
  • 07740774 Posts: 8
    So just hop a flight to BWI, don't call or fax or email any dealership in advance in Washington Metro region to agree on price, APR, closing costs, etc, and then just walk into any Hyundai dealership in the region with the checkbook and "have your way" with the owner?
    Folks, if some of you try that strategy, let us know how that works out for you....
  • postnobillspostnobills Posts: 43
    I don't know why you find this hard to believe. Go to overstock or any other zag site. Put in zip code 22202 (Arlington VA) and you will find two different dealers in the Maryland suburbs, one who will sell a GLS for $450 under invoice and another who is $400 under. And in MD, by law, dealers are capped at $100 maximum for dealer documentation and other fees. Three weeks ago when I bought my car the zag discount was $900 under invoice, so even here in the DC area demand is catching up with supply, and prices are creeping up.

    I live in the DC area and had no trouble beating the zag price. Just walked into my closest dealer who was a zag participant, made them an offer a bit under the zag price, told them they could sell me the car at that price without my printing off the zag certificate, which meant they had no commission to pay to zag, or I'd go home and print off the certificate, in which case they'd have to pay their zag commission. They accepted my offer in less than 60 seconds, which tells me that the extra discount they gave me was less than the commission they'd have to pay zag. To be honest, it was one of the easiest new car buying experiences I've had in 35 years of car buying!
  • miranda200miranda200 Posts: 15
    I'll definitely keep Zag in mind when we shop for my husbands new car. I tried American Express auto buying and had a print out of $20,300 for an Elantra Limited w/out nav. The dealers wiggled out of it cuz the AmEx fine print says its for cars already on the lot and no one has any actually "on the lot."

    Thanks for sharing your tips.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,675
    AMEX and ZAG are the same program... fyi...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • buffy43buffy43 Posts: 3
    This is actually re: a GLS pref. package and for a lease but same dealership; Hardin Hyundai. I have NO experience with buying or leasing a car whatsoever and would like to know if what I experienced today was normal and if I'm getting an ok deal. Thank you greatly for any advice/suggestions. I contacted this dealership after seeing a "True Car" price for them. I wanted the GLS w/ a leather upgrade which they said they could do for $1000 more. We "negotiated" all through email - True Car price of 17,058 + 1000 for leather. I was told my monthly payments would be $238.33 + $549 drive off which they said included my first monthly payment +DMV+ reg. I asked if there were any other inception fees and if so, were they being rolled into the lease payment and the response I got was "nope, thats it". Today I went in to sign the paperwork and was told they could not honor the True Car price because that price was for a "regular" GLS, those simply don't exist anywhere, and all I could get was a "preferred package" which would be $500 above the True Car price. I said "no thank you" and for the next two hours we went back and forth with numbers and two different salesmen walking in and out over and over until we came up with a price of 18, 120 (that includes the leather upgrade) + the drive off for a total of $18, 669. Then we argued some more because one of them decided for that good of a deal, he would not secure the color I wanted (something we had also haggled over previously but that he had finally agreed to) a car which is to be shipped in two weeks. Rather, I would need to pick from something on the lot. I said no and he finally agreed I could get the one I want that isnt yet on the lot. Then he asked for a deposit. He had told me $100 over the phone but now it was $500. I said no and he kept saying "I wont cash it, I wont cash it". I got him to agree to $100 and wrote him a check. Then he showed me a page on his computer screen with the details of the car (VIN, color, etc) and I asked him to forward it to me with the figures we agreed on and he said he couldnt do that. I finally got him to email me the VIN but not the figures we agreed upon. My questions 1) Was I haggling too much and am I being ridiculous in my "demands?" They were so incredibly frustrated with me and it was really uncomfortable. 2) Is it normal that they wont email me the numbers we agreed upon? Can I insist on these numbers or tell him no deal? Can he cash my check? 3) Where does tax figure into all this? Its obviously not in my drive off and I couldnt get him to answer my question about whether it was rolled into my monthly payments. 4) How do my monthly payments relate to the final sale price we agreed upon? It was the sale price, NOT the monthly payment amount that they were giving me such a hard time about. (I have read LOTS of tutorials in an effort to understand this, because I know the information is out there but my brain just cant rap my head around the figures - if someone can help me understan I would be so grateful.) 5) Lastly, how does the financing I get affect what I will pay? They ran my credit and I qualify for the "best rates" but they wont tell me what those are. Do they know what they are and are keeping it from me? I asked them what happens if I cant get financed and they said "dont worry that wont happen" Is there a way for me to verify that my financing was approved and again, can I ask them to send it to me in writing? Ok, for anyone who made it this far and has any suggestions at all, thank you so much for your time!
  • peace5419peace5419 Posts: 6
    buying a car is one of the most stessful experiences. compounding it now is the shortage of small cars due to fuel costs and the problems in japan. the dealer doesn't want to send you the information because he doesn't want you to go to another dealer to compare the price with hard copies of the deal. he will give you the VIN number and you can call Hyundai directly to verify that the car is what you exactly what you want. 1-800-633-5151. he should have given you an 'on the road' price including all options and fees. did he tell you when the car would be in? did you use invoice prices to negotiate? i have already walked out of dealers because of the back and forth with pricing. we were there one time for over three hours and I walked and bought the car somewhere else. are you a member of any credit union because most of them have buying services to help you. hope that helps. good luck. i have been trying to buy a GLS with manual transmission for over a month and none exist on the east coast.
  • alan80alan80 Posts: 1
    Folks, no one should EVER pay MSRP for a car. I went to my local Hyundai delaer, and yes the Elantra was flying off the lot. When I told the Sales Manager I never paid sticker for a car, he said, "there is a first-time for everything." Well, as you can imagine, I left, and began getting quotes on the internet for an Elantra. I found a dealer that was willing to sell me a fully loaded Emtra Limited (w/Premium Package, MSRP $22,900 for $21,700. Not a great deal, but better than sticker. When you compare a comparably equuiped 2012 Focus or Civic, you are getting a great value.
  • buffy43buffy43 Posts: 3
    Thank you Peace! I will definitely call that number to verify the car. I believe the sale price I negotiated was below invoice. Edmunds lists invoice as 17, 879 for Elanta GLS + pref and the price I negotiated was 17, 120 + 1,000 add on for leather upgrade so 18, 120. The gave me an estimated date that the car would be arriving and said if it didn't come by then they would let me drive a free rental until it does. I got them to put this in writing for me yesterday but as of yet they will NOT give me a drive off price. I am now going to email them and tell them I will walk if they wont give me a written drive off price. I am not trying to haggle it down any further (thank you for explaining to me why they are so reluctant, now I understand), merely want to understand what I am paying for and know that they will honor their deal. Thanks again for your explanations and the #, you were very helpful to me. Good luck in your own search as well.
  • peace5419peace5419 Posts: 6
    So glad that I could help. Please let us know when you do get your car. I am being realistic and doubt that I will end up with an Elantra. I may try for an Accent or the new Veloster because I can't get a manual transmission on an Elantra. Though I may run into the same problem trying to get a manual. I really want to stick with a Hyundai but I am really turned off by this. My husband has a four year old Azera and absolutely loves it. He would like me to get a Sonata (they are available here on the East Coast with manual) but I prefer smaller cars. Again good luck!
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,iam in orlando visiting for a few days from my home in hallandale beach,fla and thought that maybe i could get a better deal on a elantra up here than the quotes i have been getting from where i's even worse up here..they have added a $2500.00 ADM mark-up of the 2011 elantra gls with the preffered package to the msrp of $18,480.00.which total $20.980.00 and the dealer would not budge from this price with the ADM...salesman said that this is a dream car right now and that i have to pay for that dream.....what a [non-permissible content removed]...
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