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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Prolly it's for the drivers door. If you look at the door handly, there should be a key hole there.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,629
    There is probably also a key hole inside the car, used for starting the car if the push button start fails. In some cars e.g. the Kia Soul it's in the glovebox. Check the owner's manual.
  • I was recently at LAX Hyundai in Los Angeles and they only had a few of the 2012 Elantra Limited, no GLS. There were a few pre-owned 2011 Elantra GLS's with low miles (around 16k) and the salesman wouldn't go below $20k. I went to another Hyundia dealer in the Valley last week and they also had no Elantras but when they come in he said they cannot negotiate the prices. I can't imagine what they'll charge for the 2012's out here. These cars are getting to be overpriced like the Civics.

    But I can see whey they are so popular; of all the cars I've considered (Corolla, Civic, Mazda3, Sentra), IMO the Elantra has the best looking interior, most comfortable seats and the best gas mileage (so we're told...not so sure now after reading the mpg thread).
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  • congrats on the new elantra!!!!was it worth the wait to get the car and also was it worth it to pay full msrp??if you said yes to both questions then you have a really great car....enjoy.....
  • Hyundai's warranty is already one of the best in the industry. The dealer would most likely push the extended warranty.

    Is it worth paying extra money for the extended warranty, ie. bumper to bumper for up to 10 years or 100K?

    Please share comment. Even better if anyone has past experience on this subject.
  • A used Elantra is a bad idea right now.

    They're bringing, wholesale, within $1,000 or so of original MSRP.... Heck, I've seen a few base GLSs (18400 msrp or so) cars at auction do upper 17s to 18.

    These are retired rental cars with 15k or so on them. Just not worth it IMO.
  • i guess this validates the elantra's great resale value....according to edmunds the elantra will hold 71% of it's value over a 3 year period which is better than the previous resale champ mazda 3.
  • After having the car for about two weeks now I must say this is one of the best cars I've owned. Paying MSRP wasn't something I've ever done, but I needed a new car and even at MSRP it was a good deal IMO. I've already got 700 miles on it (one reason for buying it was the advertised mileage). I have a pretty long drive, 44 miles each way, to work. Of that, 30 are highway miles. So far, after 2 tanks of gas I'm averaging about 33 miles per gallon. That's without the Eco turned on. So, I'm very happy with that. The NAV system is GREAT! My first. I'm still learning how to use it. Sound system is VERY good, but I wish it had a sub woofer. Don't know who makes the sound system, but it's very much like the Bose system I had in my 2003 Mazda6. MOST of the sound comes from the front speakers. Rear speakers are just okay and very low in volume when the sound is centered. Blue tooth works as advertised. Plenty of power. Steering is tighter on the Limited (mine) than the GLS. Back up camera comes in handy. The only thing that concerns me is there is NO ignition switch at all. If the push button start malfunctions, you're out of luck. Also, no spare tire. But I think that's becoming a new norm.

    All in all I LOVE this car. Again paying MSRP is a first for me. But with this car I think it's worth it. :)
  • It doesn't matter if the ECO button is turned on, that won't make a difference on your MPG's. When the ECO button is on, that just shows when you are getting the best fuel economy.
  • hi folks,i have had my 2012 hyundai elantra gls for a month now and i drove it last night for the first time at night time.(i work alot during the day).and noticed that all 4 window switches illuminate which is a very nice touch.both the front switches and rear switches illuminate includeing the back seat switches.the other cars that i compared such as mazda 3,chevy cruze,nissan sentra,and corolla didn't have this feature.
  • Are you sure? I thought I had read that the gear changes at different times. Am I dreaming that? In any case, I'm still pretty happy with the 33 MPG I've averaged in the first 700 miles.
  • @sarah2175: I think you are incorrect. The 2012's have an eco button that changes engine/transmission patterns to boost MPGs a bit. According to Hyundai, “The Active Eco System modifies engine and transmission control for improved fuel economy by smoothing out throttle responses. By selecting the Active Eco button, drivers can realize up to a seven percent increase in real-world fuel economy.”

    I'm sure it upshifts quicker at lower RPMs and is slow to downshift. Probably best to not be in ECO for spirited driving.
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    Have been looking for the past 3 months for an Elantra Limited with Tech Pkg either 2011 or 2012 but I have had no luck. Four local dealers have no (Limited with Tech) on the lots and are very hard to come by in the colors that my girlfriend wants it: Blue Sky Metallic, or Shimmering White.

    One of the dealers gave me a quote for $25,135 OTD BUT for one that is Gray not the colors she wantes, in other words she's not happy that it isn't the color she wants. Other dealer has Blue Sky Metallin in Limited with Tech (JUST how she wants it) for OTD of $26,235 with best at $26k even.

    Question is this: Is $26k OTD for this car too much? Given that it is such a hot seller right now (been trying to find one for the last 3 months) and on top of that in a color combo that is even harder to find.

    Please guys I need your input and experiences as soon as possible.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  • These OTD pricing comparisons are not apples to apples since everyone lives in different places with different taxes/fees.

    Really you need to put the prices before your local taxes and fees.
  • Got my white Limited with Tech package two weeks ago, here in ATL. I paid $23,515 plus $599 dest. charge, which is still about $500 over SRP. I THOUGHT I was paying SRP, but was decieved and found my mistake after the fact. I'll try to get that back, my I'm not hopeful. I just got lucky. I was in the dealership when a truck full of Elantra's came in. There was a White Limited with Tech package on the truck and it became mine! Right place at right time! Don't think I would pay MORE than that though. Some will show up soon. Just get in line for it. Put down a deposit on the white and you'll most likely wait about 4 weeks. Maybe less.

    I LOVE mine! It's one of the best cars I've owned! Better overall than my Mazda 6 (2003). :)
  • hey im_brentwood,

    I havea 2011 Elantra Limited, 10,700K. (not the one with the NAV) Do you have any idea what they are taking in for trade-in's or selling at auction for?

    I am considering an upgrade to a bigger car, want to make sure I dont get hosed at the dealer.

    Many thanks!
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    My wife test drove a mildly used 2011 Elantra GLS (18K miles) last night as the dealer had zero new 2012s on the lot. Based on the test drive she was very happy with it and it's dethroned the Cruze as the leading candidate to replace her 2001 GLS.

    As the dealer had nothing in stock and she wanted some features on the Limited, we reviewed upcoming dealer allocations. We have a quote for a Sky Blue Limited with Tech and basically everything (MSRP $23,655) but the HomeLink mirror for $23,300 + TTL or $25319 OTD. Of the $2019 in TTL, $1644 is sales tax. :cry: Frankly I'm surprised they came down from sticker at all considering they can't even keep 'em on the lot.

    We just have to finish up our test drives tonight before she makes her final decision. Left to drive are the Focus & Forte, though we may drop the Forte if time gets tight. On the Forte, some features she wants require the SE package which comes with the lower-economy 2.4L engine. While the 2.4 has lots of power, it would be overkill for her. Both the Cruze & Elantra have plenty of pickup with their sub-150HP engines.
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    The deal with me is that n dealers in the area are going under MSRP, they either are or are higher than MSRP. So far, best Ive gotten is:

    2012 Limited w/Tech Pkg in Shimmering White with Beige Interior

    Vehicle Price = $23,700/incl accessories
    College Grad Discount = -$500.00
    Trade-In = - $500.00 +- (subject to appraisal)
    Sales Tax = $1,808.00 (includes license and doc fee)

    Balance to be financed = $24,508.00

    Any opinions?
  • I'm not sure if they still have it, but I got an extra $500 because I'm a vet. I got my GLS in april, it's a 2011 w/nav.

    MSRP $20,300

    Trade in $500, Vet discount $500, Paid down $500 Financed $17200 + T $ L
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