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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    edited January 2012
    I found the Hyundai I 30 touring Elantra. It looked excellent. Blue with white leather.I must say a pretty rich interior.I'd Like to know if I could get one with heated seats and a lumbar supprt. I'll have to check the touring limited sedan. Thanks Puffin
  • Hi all,
    I could use your input. Please help.
    I'm haggling over the price of a 2012 Elantra GLS PZEV with the preferred package on with a couple of dealers.
    1st dealer started at $19070 and came down to $17,600 = $19,430 OTD
    2nd dealer started at $19360 and came down to $17625 = $19,450 OTD
    Are these poor, fair, good, great prices? What should I really be paying?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I bought my 2010 elantra gls auto in sept 2010 for $14000 +ttl. The prices on the hi mpg cars now are much higher (2012 elantra gls auto for $18500+?).

    I'm getting prices on 2012 honda civic lx auto of about $16800 +ttl (including doc fee etc). This is about what it has always gone for (in southern ohio)

    I'm sorry but an elantra gls isn't worth $18500, (a focus $18000?) a chevy cruze $16xxx?. I understand the Elantra winning awards this year but your going to have to pay up for it.

    Honda is coming off a bad year, supply disruptions from Japan etc and seem willing to deal.

    A Chevy is a Chevy, a Ford a Ford , and the Honda the same great quality it has been for the last 20 years.

    I'd like to go with Hyundai again but even the Accent and Kia Rio seems to be $16000+

    So I am seriously cosidering the Civic.

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Um... you may have to clarify what OTD is (taxes inc?). Taxes can vary from $1800 - $100 depending on state. A doc fee of 400 is just an addition to the price.


    1st dealer started at $19070 and came down to $17,600 = $19,430 OTD
  • sb123sb123 Posts: 5
    Looks good to me cuz i paid 17450 for GLS without preferred
  • Offer Ppice of 17,600
    Plus: Title/Registration: $291.00
    Reflectorized License ...: $1.00
    Air Quality Management...: $6.00
    Alt Fuel/Tech Smog Fee: $8.00
    Smog High Polluter Rep...: $6.00
    Fingerprint ID Fee: $1.00
    County Service Authori...: $1.00
    Original Smog Abatement: $6.00
    California Highway Patrol: $22.00
    Registration: $31.00
    Alt Fuel/Tech Reg Fee: $3.00
    Abandoned Vehicle Fee: $1.00
    Auto Theft and/or DUI ...: $1.00
    Vehicle License Fee: $204.16
    Tax & Total
    State Sales Tax $1,540.00
    Estimated Total $19,431.00
  • Please help! I am in Tampa Bay area. Want a Elantra Limited without nav. Best price I can find is MSRP $20,445 and dealers cost is $19,584. Dealer adds $150 advertising,$775 for freight and handling. Total $20,909 plus TTT. OTD $22,777. This is"preferred pricing", but believe I can't mention with what co. NOT happy about extra dealer charges. Other 2 dealers charging $20,705 with $530 processing charge, excluding TTT. Can't get these dealers to remove extra charges. Trying for 3.5 weeks! Is this good/fair?
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    me and a friend of mine recently looked at the same car for him down here in hollywood,fla.2012 elantra limited without nav.msrp was $20,445.00 and the dealer would not move an inch from the price saying that these cars are selling like hot-cakes now.i guess the fact that the 2012 hyundai elantra was recently voted the 2012 north american car of the year will make getting a deal on the elantra that much harder to come brother lives off of dale mabry in tampa also.
  • I bought my 2012 Elantra Limited in OCT ... went to two dealers ... knew what I was willing to pay but was not happy with the features (cargo net, wheel locks, ipod cable, cargo tray, floor mats). Regardless, I paid $21,320 OTD. Have not installed the wheel locks and the cargo net is bogus ... but I LOVE my car.
  • eweinereweiner Posts: 36
    Everyone wants to know if a dealer offer is good or not and thats not the approach I would take.

    When you find the car you want, give the sales person your offer. Calculate Invoice for the car + frieght, add $100 and submit.

    Also give them your information (be sure you can qualify for a loan) and then leave the dealership. Tell the sales person to call you when they are ready to sell at that price. Understand that they will call you at some point with an offer. Hear it out. Have some additional concessions in mind like free mats, or service etc. Counter or be firm.

    The goal is to have them persue you. Note that you are bidding on a popular car so there are plenty of folks willing to pay full price. Your call may not come immediately. Be patient.

    If you need to move more quickly pay a service like "Washington Checkbook" to find you a deal. Let them negotiate.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    Why make a firm offer at $100 over invoice? In many cases, there are incentives available to the dealer that bring their cost far below invoice.

    IMO it's best to buy low, sell high. So an initial firm offer to buy should be lower than my target price. Also likely lower than the dealer will sell for. But you never know until you ask. They can always say "no", and counter-offer. But they might say yes, or their counter-offer might be lower than invoice.

    But if you aren't comfortable negotiating with a dealer, by all means find someone else like a buying service to do it for you. Or buy from a "no hassle" dealership, if you like their price.
  • Why should I pay freight charges? I think it is their cost of them to do business? Same with advertising junk fees. They are adding $400plus for mats, cargo net, etc. which I believe is bogus. I have to agree with guy who posted after you--they have other incentives. I just want to be fair too. I'll pay even a little over invoice, but not these crazy fees! HUGE volume membership co. pricing was the worst--they can't even negotiate. Is it Florida?
    Help!! I am doing what everyone says, but all 3 dealers aren't moving!! Going to Toyota and Honda today. Need car this week.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    If you still want an Elantra after shopping Honda and Toyota (and check out the Sentra, Focus, Mazda3, and Cruze also, good discounts available there), take your best offer from the other dealerships to the Hyundai dealer and tell them they need to at least meet the other offer or they will lose a customer. Most dealerships don't like to lose a sale to a competitor. It might encourage them to make you a better offer.
  • Just a note. all manufactures , regardless, GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, TOYOTA, all of them charge frieght. They have to pay mostly contractors to deliver the cars to the dealer, so they add the freight charge, which stays the same, don't matter if it's 2 blocks up the street or across the country, the frieght charge is the same. As far as the other accessories, they can be negotiated. Plus with Hyundai, you get a tank of gas, and gas varies across the country. So, you might feel your getting ripped off, but I doubt very seriously if you are, also when I bought my Elantra GLS, whatever I put down, the dealer matched, and that wasn't advertised, so I got a $20,250 with nav.(2011) for $17200 an it came with floor mats, wheel locks installed an I-Pod cable. Just depends on the dealer. I got mine in April and love it.
  • Please help! Got an offer from dealer for a color I've been waiting for here in Southern California for two months. It's not the cheapest advertised price, but considering no dealer even has the white Elantra in our area, I think it's okay unless I want to wait even longer.

    Should I move forward or wait for a better deal and how much better can I realistically get? Have no idea if or when more colors are coming. Mostly just silvers, grays and blacks here.

    MSRP: $19,070 (only want mats, other stuff is junk, don't even want the bumper applique)
    PRICE: $18,305 ($250 under invoice)
    TAX: $1,600
    FEES: $285
    OTD: $20,190

    Pre-ordering with a deposit. Thanks for any input!
  • I paid @$22,500 OTD for Limited in Clearwater,FL. Not thrilled. MSRP $20,445, but bottom total price $21,700. Add ons--not sure legitamite, but . . . Went to 4 dealers. Tried for 3 wks, buit needed a car.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
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  • Very similar pricing for last 2 months in Phoenix. I tried end of the year and today again. Can't get them to remove a $400 documentation fee.

    Will pass.

    Elantra GLS w/ preferred package plus mirror, mats, net, tint
    E-quote $18,250
    Doc $398.75

    Tax $1638.38
    Plate $306.75
    OTD $20,593.88
  • goose56goose56 Posts: 9
    edited February 2012
    I went to Mass, Conn and ended up in my home state in RI. I have been waiting for a month for a silver gls w/ preferred pkg I got a price of 17,600 w/ 16 " alloy wheels.I want to know did I get a good price and should I ask for mud flaps and carpeted mats for the wait? The price includes destination and documentation fees.
  • Here's the price paid, $19,200 OTD in NJ area for Hyundai Elantra GLS + preferred. Took advantage of the 1.9 % loan for 3 years. Car has carpeted floor mats+cargo net+mud gaurds+window etching. Didn't specifically ask for any of the add ons, as its on the car sticker they have to give it with it. Started off from $18,500 OTD for the dealer quote of $21,600 OTD. Did the test drive and then the negotiations started, took a good 5 hr to drive off the lot with the car finishing all the formalities.

    here's the approximate breakdown, price of the car $17,395 with 7% tax of $1217 + taxes titles and documentation to overall $19,200.
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